Think you are ready for what’s coming?
You will, hopefully, not have to find out.

* * * *
Outward and inward, inward and outward.
Which is which when the which-which of it is not.

* * * *
So much absurdity to wade through in this tarnished world,
And to what end ever the insoluble question.
Live and learn, die anyway.

* * * *
Best not to rubberneck in dangerous situations.
Peeking out from behind the rock may get the head blown off.
Duck and cover is a well-documented survival strategy, as is getting out of Dodge.

* * * *
Usually best to wrap your head around the way things are.
Expecting anything to be other than what it is
Only tends to make for wacko.

* * * *
For a certain portion of life, especially during the younger years,
We must all experience first-hand to understand how things work,
But at some point, the distillation of intuition tends to cover the bill.

* * * *
It is less about what anyone thinks than what you think they think.
The challenge is not to fabricate undo havoc upon yourself
For no reason other than a shadow’s passing.

* * * *
Meaning and purpose are nothing more than vain notions
To which self-consciousness has subscribed since its origin.

* * * *
Whatever words are used to label the mind’s perceptions,
It is the nameless actuality that must be daily endured.

* * * *
Any game works smoothly and cheerfully
Only as long as everyone follows the same rules,
Or quickly recognize the new ones in play.

* * * *
We are all witness to the eternal Way.
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.
Equal participants in this game of charades.

* * * *
Yes, there’s no doubt God created this infinite universe
So that so many could be unimaginably stupid about it.

* * * *
Impossible to undo anything once it is done.
Whatever time may or may not be,
There is no going back.

* * * *
Yet another case of “Believe what I say, do what I say, not what I do.”
Hypocrisy, an innate facet of the monkey-mind’s self-protective shield.

* * * *
The quantum matrix is witnessed within and without,
They being but concepts about that which is neither.

* * * *
Is love truly real, or merely another smokescreen of the mind
Founded upon the neurological underpinnings of the body?

* * * *
To disconnect your Self from nature,
From the rules of the game board,
Is to separate from that which is true.

* * * *
God forbid the human pandemic ever gets off this planet
And does to other gardens what it has done to this one.

* * * *
Do not beg forgiveness
For every ill thing you have ever done.
An earnest apology will do.

* * * *
Why would anyone be at all interested in working up the food chain
In some hierarchical, bureaucratic, so-called spiritual corporation?

* * * *
We are talking stark and logical and practical irrationality,
Not warm and fuzzy, comfortable, light show mezmorabilia.

* * * *
Vanity really being all there is,
We would as well just slit our throats,
And save ourselves the bother.

* * * *
Of humankind it can be said:
So much potential, so much obliviousness,
Too bad, so sorry, so it goes, oh well, shall we try again?

* * * *
Across the world, across time, Mad Hatters babbling resolutely
About every sort of nonsense, about every sort of absurdity,
To what end at best the duration of a Cheshire Cat's grin.

* * * *
Them that can't hear these words,
Them that can’t see past one conviction or another,
Well, give 'em a piece of gnat dung to chew on until it sprouts wings
And carries them to the greater heights.

* * * *
Depending how many siblings there are,
You are probably one of the most expensive lays
Your parents ever had.

* * * *
Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is a coating
Of that which has its way all the way through.

* * * *
And on the eighth day,
God woke up, grumbled it "was" good.
Another flood long overdue, likely this time without a Noah.

* * * *
Om, om, om … peace, peace, peace:
Tranquility, peacefulness, restfulness, calmness,
Serenity, repose, quietness, stillness, undisturbed, untroubled.

* * * *
The human species is in a wings-of-wax
Accelerating exponential flight into the sun,
Rest assured, Icarus, the fall will not be pretty.

* * * *
It is much less important who said it than what was said,
And then only what the given listener is prepared to hear.

* * * *
The back-and-forth of a spontaneous one-on-one discussion
Can be much more far-reaching than any lecture
Because there is but one ear to knead.

* * * *
What do geezers and crones have left to be vain about
Without a fair dollop of barefaced delusion
At the helm of wishful thinking.

* * * *
What is death but the end of a dream of existence in one container or another,
A structure the ultimate you never really more than donned for a brief while.

* * * *
Curious how so many spend their lives evading the aloneness
They truly are, have ever been, and will ever be,
In this inexplicable singularity.

* * * *
More of the same old indelibly, pathetically wearisome human bullshit.
Some may be able to play it in some delusionary cheerleader mode,
But we who do not abide blinders, must, alas, see it for what it is.

* * * *
What is the known universe but whatever you consider it to be?
Imagination, ephemeral wind that it is, is as narrow as it is wide.

* * * *
Sanity, rationality, stability, soundness, lucidity, reason, poise, steadiness,
Is relative to the facet you are playing in the crest-jewel of consciousness.

* * * *
Do the math, do the words, do the music, do the whatever,
They all double-double-toil-and-trouble down to the same eternal nothingness,
The least common denominator of the most excellent Great Nada.

* * * *
Unless the odds are too terrible swift for it to even matter,
Conflicts of any hue, tint, shade or tone are generally best won
By knowing the ill-starred adversary better than s/he knows himself.

* * * *
Touch your nose down to your toes,
But for imagination’s assertion,
Does it really feel like you?

* * * *
Too much knowledge is just more to forget.
A busy mind is not necessarily a fertile mind.

* * * *
Does thinking something ever really make it so?
Is imagination so powerful as to make anything more than it can ever be?
Is cotton candy, puffy as it appears, ever more than spun sugar?

* * * *
What is a day in the nothingness of eternity?
And would seven of them really be any more?

* * * *
It took awhile for the seed you call you to evolve,
And when it runs out of steam, where will you be?

* * * *
Despite all the moral outrage of these modern times,
One can only wonder how much mind-altering substances
Contributed to the ascension of the human paradigm.

* * * *
Far more arrogant to assert something you cannot possibly know
Than it is to simply not pretending anything you know you do not.

* * * *
Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
Heavened if you do, heavened if you don’t.

* * * *
Nothing forward, nothing behind, nothing when, nothing where,
The wake of time nothing more than the imagination of mind.

* * * *
What is courage but a composed indifference to personal safety,
A state of mind caught in even the bitterest wave of the given moment.
Existence is, after all is said and done, only a body, only a life, only a dream.

* * * *
So many concerned about saving and changing humanity
When they cannot even begin to save or change themselves.

* * * *
Stream of consciousness, stream of imagination, stream of mind.
Call it what you will, it is the same eternal mystery
Playing out however it will.

* * * *
None can long thrive against Mother Nature.
She will have you sooner or later,
No matter your pride.

* * * *
Way too much bother to off everyone
Who does not agree with your prescribed view.
Likely a very big pile of bodies, indeed.

* * * *
What is the simplicity of rational, balanced thinking:
Lucidity, clarity, precision, intelligibility, transparency,
But a tranquilizing endorphin for the seething mind.

* * * *
There are no experts, there is no mastery,
Once you realize there are only beginners
With minds full of more insights than most.

* * * *
Giving your way to another without qualm or regret,
Is a combination of esteem and compassion,
A recognition of the namaste vein.

* * * *
A candle only passes on the flame to another.
It is for wick and wax to sort out the details.

* * * *
The attitude to which you are most attached
Is the well from which you daily draw water.

* * * *
Who were the first of our kind
Before the fabrication of deities and dogma?
Or has fallacy and fear always run this monkey-mind show?

* * * *
Impossible to go through this mortal existence
Without raining on many parades along the way.

* * * *
What is any authentic scientist but one who feels beckoned
To explore his fleeting patch of dreamtime to an nth degree.

* * * *
Exposed to any deity, prescribed any creed, condemned to any hell,
What is there to do, really, but laugh at the endless vanity of it all?

* * * *
Hard to get caught if you do not do it,
Or perchance have the flawless plan
And the backing of some vain deity.

* * * *
Galadriel, Lady of the Golden Wood: The world is changed.
I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air.
Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember.

* * * *
To debate for or against some deity,
Some idolatry born of mind, some mythology born of time,
Is to miss the godness of the allness of it, aloof from all theatrics of the human genome.

* * * *
Who, what, when, where, why, how, are you,
But a set of temporal attributes that have no actuality
But through the quantum vibration of light and sound and form.

* * * *
As infinite on the outside as it is infinitesimal within,
And not even a point, a line, a plane, an object, between.
The imagination of consciousness is the origin of all creation.

* * * *
What is the difference between rape and brutal rape?
Between murder and a cruel or vicious or inhuman murder?
Where is the line between metaphors when assault is the real issue?

* * * *
Another legend in his/her own lizard mind.
Any insect would no doubt think the same.

* * * *
All other creatures great and small still abide in the Garden of Eden.
We are the ones who left, who stopped seeing it.
We didn’t get kicked out.

* * * *
The political mind evolved through the group dynamics
Bred into the species over millions of years.
We are literally political animals.

* * * *
To discern the eternal life, the myriad binds of mind must be undone.
Cut the Gordian Knot of consciousness to discern the freest state of mind.

* * * *
What you really are cannot perish.
How can that which was never born ever die?
It never has, never will.

* * * *
We all give our greatest attention to things we want to experience,
And the rest must abide in the “Boring” and “Very Boring” files.

* * * *
Whatever it might be that you feel called to create,
What others think should be of little concern.
Create for creation’s sake; process is all.

* * * *
The sponge absorbs fully, wipes away, squeezes out.
So too life’s weaving journey from newborn to corpse.

* * * *
Live and learn, die anyway,
Full of whatever has been gleaned from the worldly universe,
All lost and gone forever as memories languish,
And the final breath wheezes away.

* * * *
Do not make things more complicated that they are.
Yoda:  Try not.  Do, or do not.  There is no try.

* * * *
Are you really as curious about things as you once were?
Or is that just what giving everything full attention is?

* * * *
The universe has always swirled before the senses,
Parts of which you are drawn to attend, or not.

* * * *
We are a species that does not tolerate differences well,
Which rarely if ever bodes well for individual thinking.

* * * *
Yet another itsy-bitsy nuance
That means little if not nothing
To even the most earnest layman.

* * * *
Here we all are, each and every moment,
All playing our imaginary selves,
All alone, all together.

* * * *
How many zeroes is it to infinite?
How many to infinitesimal?
And of what concern to the many
Who cannot be bothered to count that far?

* * * *
Jesus was attempting to modify Judaism; Buddha, Hinduism;
And instead both got new religions named after them,
And on and on they too splintered ad infinitum.

* * * *
It all has to end one someday or another,
So you may as well do whatever you need to do
To go out without too many regrets in your bucket list.

* * * *
The speeding bullet is but a moment away.
How you react is the essence of your story.

* * * *
Attachment is a state of mind.
It is not really you “doing” all this and that.
To be merely witness is nothing more than a flick of the switch.

* * * *
Every age has it conscious witnesses whose artistic endeavors
Leave behind many creations in thought and deed
For as long as subsequent times abide.
Some quickly disappear,
And others become great burdens.

* * * *
The awareness upon and within which consciousness skates
Is an unfathomable mystery prior to and beyond all measure.

* * * *
That any given windfall or disaster is construed as some deity’s will
Shows the depth of absurdity to which the monkey-mind is capable.

* * * *
The inexplicable expanse is as much within as it is without
When the line between inner and outer in awareness dissolves.

* * * *
When even more beyond counting ever leaves it unsatisfied,
How can a monkey-mind ever but bemoan its discontent?

* * * *
From the eternal eye of awareness
Through the sensory plays of all existence,
An infinity of universes are created.

* * * *
The sovereign moon orbits absolutely, indivisibly, inescapably indifferent
To all the vanities playing out on the spinning dust ball
With which it has long danced.

* * * *
If you seek a personal relationship with some deity,
Then get to know your one and only Self
At whatever level you aspire.

* * * *
Once the course of any stream or river is set,
Its path is not easily changed much less undone
But through Mother Nature’s most diligent efforts.

* * * *
In the streaming course of human events,
Time tends to do more things with a lifetime of creation
That the lifetime itself could ever hope to attain.

* * * *
What a cruel, absurd joke it is
To be recognized or acclaimed for anything.
The intrinsic is the highest order.

* * * *
What to do when you no longer want anything from this world or any other?
Why, nothing, of course.

* * * *
Every living thing from great to small
Imparts a teaching, a vision, a totem, a talisman,
To any with eyes to see and ears to hear.

* * * *
Call it chance, call it fate, call it destiny, call it what you will,
Every existence is fashioned by a never-ending series of flukes.

* * * *
Just because someone is foolish enough to promise the future
Does not mean you have to be foolish enough to believe it.

* * * *
Imagination imagines itself real, but it is not.
It never has been, and will never be,
More than figments of mind.

* * * *
This entire playground, this entire universe, is but fodder, chaff,
In the discernment of this kernel of awareness, this ultimate Self.
To discover you are the entire ocean in one drop is the brass ring.

* * * *
All creatures great to small are born of the same mysterious source,
And, in that ultimate reality, all are quite equal in this mortal fray.

* * * *
Treat your Self.
Be here now.
Bliss out.

* * * *
Ooh, ooh, mystery.
Ooh, ooh, brain freeze.

* * * *
Who cares, really, what happened in some way-back-when.
Here you are, right now, take a break from time, be free.

* * * *
Once you quiet, once you calm, once you still, all the many notions,
What is there but awareness free of any sense of other.
Anything less is just singularity knocking.

* * * *
Sometimes great genius is noted in its own time, sometime later, often not at all.
The whimsy of consciousness is unending in the passage of time born of mind.

* * * *
What is birth but the beginning of a dream, and death its end.
And ever the great and powerful Quantum of Oz
Before and after and between.

* * * *
Joy, bliss, ecstasy, heaven, nirvana, paradise, insight, illumination,
Delight, elation, harmony, rapture, happiness:
Yours for the seeing.

* * * *
Time streams toward its inevitable expiration.
Insects will not be caring about such things.

* * * *
The joy of youth is taking so much for granted.
The challenge of aging is watching entitlements evaporate
Like a dewy morning giving way to the afternoon sun.

* * * *
How much desire, how much fear is ignited by the chemistry
Invoked by the tension of poor breathing, of oxygen deprivation.
Unleash your Dragon: Breathe fully, breathe boldly, breathe aware.

* * * *
Has anybody liked me? … Must … check … phone …
Has anybody liked me? … Must … check … computer …
Has anybody liked me? … Must … check … phone …
Has anybody liked me? … Must … check … computer …
Has anybody liked me? … Must … check … phone …
Has anybody liked me? … Must … check … computer …
Has anybody … anybody … anybody… anybody… anybody…

* * * *
What does it take to waylay the conditioning
But the momentary attentiveness called by some eternal life,
That which is prior to the mind-body, and the dream to which it is so attached.

* * * *
Every existence will at some point be extinguished,
And all the while, the matrix absolutely indifferent.

* * * *
Rest assured all ye who would envy and resent them,
The one-percenters and their minions are just as prone to pooping
And peeing and heartburn and lunacy and suffering and dying as everyone else.

* * * *
The horror, the absurdity, the futility.
What world is worth saving were it even possible?
What can any detainee in this madcap monkey-mind asylum do
But find what serenity and contentment they can in the empty squalor of it all.

* * * *
Young-juicy-sweet becomes old-shriveled-tough.
One is good for stew, the other for gnawing.

* * * *
Given a reasonably vigorous body, an intelligent mind, and a certain fearlessness,
You may well be able to experience an agreeable statistical sampling
Of everything possible within the human paradigm.

* * * *
Can you ignore the pain, the slings and arrows of aging and dying?
Can you rest easy in the ever-youthful fountain of awareness within?

* * * *
From the serenity of your mother’s womb,
You big-banged into your expanding universe.

* * * *
Will you turn off the switch of your mind-body existence for your Self?
Or will it be shut off for you in some inescapable serendipity?
Only Mister Grim and his handy-dandy scythe know.

* * * *
If there is no other, then what matter what any think of you, or you of them.
Learn whatever you wish, experience whatever you want,
But it is all for naught by winter’s end.

* * * *
Show me some supreme being that does not include you,
And I will call it just another hollow absurdity born of mind,
Another idol to whom one tithing or another is likely due.

* * * *
Yet another war created by chicken hawks, agencies out of control,
And a foreign policy that blows willy-nilly in winds of greed and self-absorption.
And a nod to Hunter S. Thompson’s quip about the music world: There’s also a negative side.

* * * *
The Way is simplicity its Self.
Only you perceive it complex.

* * * *
To be at peace, to be immersed in the ultimate awareness
That this mortal dreamtime offers in each and every streaming moment,
What greater quality of mind could there be than the intangible brass ring of eternal life?

* * * *
Curious how so many work so hard to help others who will not help themselves.
How many times do you pick someone up before you realize gravity is stronger?

* * * *
Martyrdom tends to raise the departed to far loftier heights
Than their intrigues could have ever dared hope
Had they remained mere mortals.

* * * *
Worldviews are like assholes, everyone’s got one.
Sometimes they work out fairly well,
And sometimes they don’t.
So it goes.

* * * *
A so-called spiritual experience,
No matter how comforting, how reassuring,
Does not for indelible truth make.

* * * *
Pure awareness, agnostic, totally attentive,
Fully absorbed in the eternal moment,
Is the highest state of beingness.

* * * *
Exceedingly challenging to hold on to something as ephemeral as nothingness.
To be or not to be … requires an acumen far more artless than most minds allow.

* * * *
Were you not so attached to all the perceptions about your imaginary cosmos,
Of the given existence it could doubtless be asked: Did it ever really happen?

* * * *
Sticky wickets at every turn, in every nook and cranny.
Vanity’s rainbow casts a net far and wide and deep.

* * * *
All the pretty boys and girls always touting their good fortune,
Until they, too, inevitably join those less favored by the lottery.

* * * *
Listen to all the birds, and realize their little brains,
Doubling-doubling-toiling-and-troubling in bird consciousness,
Are in actuality not all that different than your own.
We are all cousins of the same puddle,

* * * *
To the ultimate witnessing, the awareness prior to all dimensions,
It has never even once mattered who-what-where-when-why-how about anything.
That has always been, and will ever be, for the dream of consciousness to sort out, however it wills.

* * * *
What here after or here before can there possibly be,
When there has never been anything but here now.

* * * *
Is there really such a thing as a soul?
Or is it merely the same quantum awareness,
The same nothingness, equally permeating everything?

* * * *
You are the same awareness, the same oneness,
That has witnessed all eternity and its countless creations.
Only imagination lost in vanity pretends otherwise.

* * * *
Hell, as some quotable once said, is in the details,
And there always seems to be more than a random few
Wandering about in the here and there of the every where.

* * * *
Despite being the inexplicable infinity of all potentials great to small,
You must abide the capacities and limitations of the given vessel.
In the words of Quintus Arrius: You are all condemned men.
We keep you alive to serve this ship.  So row well, and live.

* * * *
What bounds can there be in the ultimate that you truly are?
We are all playing out the conditioning of the given mind-body
In this ever-changing dreamtime born of sensory perception.

* * * *
How long someone will stay around
When you offer little more than good will and fellowship
Is the defining mark of genuine friendship.

* * * *
One of the most detrimental things parents can do to their children
Is imbue them with too much entitlement.
Discipline and grit
Are handy out there in the real world, such as it is.

* * * *
No deity on high is going to resurrect your silly little identity
And its ever-changing mortal meat machine.
You are doomed to oblivion.
So it goes, deal with it, get over it, move on.

* * * *
For the young, a long, winding road ahead.
For the elderly, a vague meander looking back.

* * * *
There is an absoluteness,
In which neither within nor without,
Nor any other distinction of consciousness exist.

* * * *
It is all nothing, and no something, no matter how enticing, no matter how convincing,
Will long detain the earnest seeker from discerning that which is beyond all doubts true.

* * * *
The many memes of groupthink are cementing consciousness
Into a wide range of extraordinarily contorted assumptions,
Baseball caps, cowboy hats, chewing tobacco, not excluded.

* * * *
You cannot save anybody, much less everybody.
The dream has been doomed from the get-go.

* * * *
A big factor in mortal existence is your ability to endure your own suffering,
And your response to the suffering throughout your translation of the world.

* * * *
You compose your own chronicle every day.
Wretched or sublime, it is ultimately the same.

* * * *
Is civilization really any more than a utterly futile attempt by men
To help women feel secure, stay clean, and perchance be happy?

* * * *
And the quantum spun itself into everything, ever timeless, ever absolute, ever indifferent.

* * * *
As awake as you well might be, is reconfiguring the programming even remotely possible?
How else will you act out your day-to-day, but in the format you have in time acquired?

* * * *
Everyone has their own sojourn
To either meander wherever they feel beckoned,
Or blow whatever direction the tempests of dreamtime sends them.

* * * *
Your egocentricity is really no different than the sun gods of ancient empires
Building grand monuments, erecting imposing tombs, contriving divine legends,
Flailing as you do at the impermanence to which all things every moment succumb.

* * * *
If others cannot see it, there is absolutely no reason
To debate, argue, or get all uppity or furious about it.
The many-are-called-few-are-chosen rule applies.

* * * *
What is a sail but a compass to the wind.
What is the mind but a universe to awareness.

* * * *
So many so caught up in one dogma or another – so conditioned, so habituated, so brainwashed –
That it would likely never occur to them they are not at all free and clear in their imaginary prison.

* * * *
What is any thought but the drip-drip of consciousness
Coming and going, condensing and evaporating,
As does the ephemeral vapor of any cloud.

* * * *
Who did that?  What happened?
When did it take place?  Where did it take place?
Why did that happen?  How did it happen?
Who is the who, who is asking?

* * * *
For anyone perceptive enough to take notice,
The Yellow-Brick-Road serendipities it has taken
To reach this here-now are long-and-winding, indeed.

* * * *
So many countless ways to look at everything.
So many filters of every size, of every hue,
Of every fashion under any given sun.

* * * *
Approaching it all as nothing
Instead of the something the senses deceive you into believing,
That’s the key for those born to see.

* * * *
From the innocence and optimism of youth, to the distortion and skepticism of old age;
Through it all we must mindfully cultivate our garden, and sow whatever time allows.

* * * *
Clinging to anything too intensely is like clenching your teeth.
It only gets more stiff, more painful, perhaps even harmful.

* * * *
Such devices we have invented to dispatch ourselves
And every hapless creature in our juggernauting path.

* * * *
Awareness is simply awareness, without any attributes whatsoever.
It is only consciousness which conceives every variety of distraction.

* * * *
What need to believe in anything, really,
Once the eternal beingnesss of awareness
Resumes its default position at the helm.

* * * *
Mind-altering substances across this magical world are the gift of eternity to its Self.
The challenge, given their hedonistic potential, is a certain level of moderation,
And how well you utilize them for right purpose, at least once and awhile.

* * * *
Be that totality, that absoluteness, that solitude, that quietude,
Where there is no within, where there is no without,
Where there is no where but here now.

* * * *
There is an innocence to any first-time experience that cannot be replicated,
No matter how unblemished the mind, no matter how unsullied the eyes.

* * * *
What universe do you perceive but the one you project
Through the frame of reference you imagine yourself to be.

* * * *
All sense of time, all memory, even of just a moment ago, is unreal,
Naught but a figment of imaginary duplicity,
A lie unto thy Self.

* * * *
The facelessness through which all perceive their universe
Draws many a Narcissus to one reflective pool or another.

* * * *
Pass what may, the mortal conclusion is at some point assured.
The veil cloaking the sensory mind is but a momentary dream.

* * * *
It is more often than not an error
To think you are the smartest guy in the room.
Arrogance is one of pride’s surest ways to fall fast and hard.

* * * *
Is any religion, any belief system, really any more than contrived philosophy

* * * *
If everyone stayed the dogma of their ever-wagging tongues,
We would all be quite equal in our little dreamtime worlds.

* * * *
Some would wake up happier than a tick on a vein every day studying the nuances of gnat wings,
And others to a lifetime of gypsy-like wandering, reaping experience after experience.
What cause generates the specialist in some and the generalist in others?

* * * *
Life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.
So it goes, deal with it, get over it, move on.

* * * *
How long can you listen in absolute stillness
To a babbling brook or crashing ocean waves
Before the restless mind reasserts itself in time?
A challenge beyond measure, indeed, indeed.

* * * *
There is no authority, much less a higher one.
To say you are author of your consciousness is as close as it gets,
And then only for the briefest of temporal whiles.

* * * *
What is history but the recycling of monkey-mind patterns bred in the jungles of long ago,
Regurgitated daily with new permutations and technologies seasoning the feast of dreamtime.

* * * *
What more could there possibly be than this ever-present existential moment?
All else is nothing more than the smoke and mirrors of every imaginable distraction.

* * * *
Imagination is bound only by the limits of any given dimension,
That set by the quantum mechanics regulating the groundwork.

* * * *
We each discern clarity in our own unique way.
No point looking back once you are in free fall.

* * * *
Live and let live, live and let die, die and let live, die and let die;
Choices you may well decide a time or three in any given day.

* * * *
The world, the universe you have been interacting with all your so-called life,
Is all in your head, an ephemeral dreamtime entirely imagined from the get-go.

* * * *
Why so many feel such inclination to shackle others in some sort of dogmatic prison
Is the story of power, fame, and fortune, of greed, of every imaginable pleasure,
Playing out the same patterns over and over and over like a broken record.

* * * *
The cosmos is rumored by many thinkers
To have begun infinitesimally small indeed.
Such is the nature of all things imagined.

* * * *
To inflict pain and suffering for overacted, overplayed theater,
What is the point but more unnecessary, often pathetic drama.

* * * *
You know what you did, why you did it,
Why do you need any recognition or reward?
Why care what anyone else thinks about you, really?

* * * *
How astounding all the creativity that humankind has wrought,
And to what happy-sad endgame will it take us before it is over?

* * * *
So many badly written plots out there in the wide world
That could use a few more rewrites to skew things aright.

* * * *
An unseen force, in which all existence rises and falls,
An ocean churning for whatever time eternity gives way.

* * * *
Some familial connections
Seem like little more than a vague rumor
That you were perchance brought up in the same dwelling.

* * * *
The limits of the mortal container are not the limits
Of the quantum awareness witnessing the field of view.

* * * *
More people might be more content
If they tried relishing their given madness
Instead of conforming to some therapeutic mold.

* * * *
Not everyone wants to exist in this world or any other.
What is suicide but someone saying they are no longer interested
In the hullabaloo of their imaginary version of the world.

* * * *
And why would you need to keep kissing some deity’s derrière,
Because he/she/it, without your knowledge or consent, created you?

* * * *
In the relativity of all things human paradigm,
There are likely many, many, far worse rolls
Than the one about which you are whining.

* * * *
Is the difference between night and day, dark and light,
Anything more than bearing of the lamp and set of the room?

* * * *
The you that you play is but history.
The you that you really are is eternal.

* * * *
You are not, have never been, will never be,
The you that you imagine your dream to be.

* * * *
Every mind-body has its capacities and limitations.
Exploring those limits are the adventure life offers.

* * * *
Nature-nurture is a fluid dance
Between mind-body and the winds of time,
Together weaving a dream of existence unlike any other.

* * * *
Some other here, same now.
Some other now, same here.

* * * *
One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
And in the awareness bind them.

* * * *
Indifferent to all pasts, indifferent to all futures,
Indifferent to any and all assertions,
The awareness you are,
Simply is.

* * * *
When your time is up, your time is up,
And a fair amount of pain and suffering
Between the many snippets of pleasure.

* * * *
Pretty amazing how much can very quickly transpire
To those so ill-fated as to exist in interesting times.

* * * *
What you imagine you are is quantum stardust.
What you really are is far older, far younger,
Than anything that can ever be conceived.

* * * *
Everybody has their ethical bubble sheening in the light of their given time.
There is a lot less grief not expecting others to sheen in the same way you do.

* * * *
The world, the universe, exist only if you give the mind
Over to the sensory feed and the thoughts it inspires.

* * * *
What is any dogma but mindless regurgitation
Of things that have never mattered,
Of things that never will.

* * * *
Some monkeys get so crazed and violent, so postal,
Because their anguish, their anger, become so all-consuming
That consequences –penalties and costs – lose all meaning, all concern.

* * * *
Hard enough to transcend your own dogma,
Much less abide the crush of everyone else’s.

* * * *
The joy of youth is ignorance of all the agonies and ecstasies
That lie in wait on the long and winding road ahead.
You never know what you had until it is gone.

* * * *
Sometime you do, sometimes you do not.
Such is the nature of the weather, too.

* * * *
Everyone pooping their vanity
For everyone to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell.
Such a yummy-yum-yum world.

* * * *
Speculation is not truth.
It is all speculation.

* * * *
As touchy-feely as it ever seems, it is but a dream,
In truth, no different than one in the depths of sleep.

* * * *
You are a prisoner to your desire
Until you click the Ruby Red Shoes,
And sincerely discern it when you say,
"There's no place like home."

* * * *
Scientific objectivity is flushed down the drain
When funding dictates a self-serving outcome.

* * * *
Yes, you answer to this name or that,
But you are not, have never been, and will never be
What any sound, any concept implies.

* * * *
Most anyone can bring a child into the world,
But are all capable, worthy of parenthood?
Is really the only question that matters.

* * * *
The play of the body-mind
Is but a three-dimensional dream
For you to alone witness,
Nothing more.

* * * *
The mystery spawned you,
And you created a vast universe,
A partnership of senses and imagination.

* * * *
You are the field flowering
In every sensory form imaginable,
All together playing, dancing out Eden’s fate.

* * * *
What is the existence you would lead
If your pile of gold was beyond any need or want?
That is the state of mind in which those who see clearly dwell.

* * * *
Place a near-infinite variety of containers,
All unique shapes and sizes, into a vast ocean of water.
In what way can the liquid within the seemingly individual boundaries
Ever be separate from the indivisibility of the ocean?

* * * *
There must invariably be conscious witnesses
Wherever, whenever the original nature
Has manifested consciousness.

* * * *
Suffering is the consequence
Of identification with the mind and body.
In truth, you are the awareness
Prior to consciousness.

* * * *
All mortals are shaped
By the forces of time and space
As figurines are by molds.
Free will?  How so?

* * * *
Afraid to embrace the all within and without?
Oh, what the heck, dare to give it a go.

* * * *
This awareness of the oneness is the capstone,
The distillation of experience and knowledge into wisdom,
The eternal insight into the immortal essence
Of a mortal existence well spent.

* * * *
If something is truly calling you,
You will do whatever you need to do
To bring about its manifestation.

* * * *
The universe is a vast matrix
In which all things dance
In every manner imaginable
Within the limits of the paradigm.

* * * *
Collapse of the so-called modern world
Is nearer with every passing moment.
What precarious times await the future.

* * * *
Humanity has imagined so many possible futures.
But which will time’s continuum actually harvest?

* * * *
It is all the vain, mortal assumptions
That continue pulling you back
Into this imaginary dream.

* * * *
The sensory play is created
Through the mystery of consciousness
To witness an infinity of dreams.
Thou art a drop of That I Am.
How could this not be the Truth?

* * * *
It is not some other who defines you.
It is your own imaginary musing
That creates all thoughts,
Both good and ill.

* * * *
Consciousness will play out
As consciousness will play out.
That I Am is unconcerned.

* * * *
Challenging to play your self and your Self, too.
To eat your cake, or not to eat your cake,
That is, indeed, the question.

* * * *
What is all this accumulation, anyway?
This incessant gorging of the mind
With every sort of trivial pursuit.

* * * *
The consequences of the many choices we made, or were made for us,
Shape each and every existence, each and every mind, in ways beyond counting.
Causes spin into effects spin into causes spin into effects spin into …
And on and on the finite play of human consciousness
Swirls and whirls and slices and dices,
A paradigm unto its Self.

* * * *
See the indivisible,
Hear the indivisible,
Smell the indivisible,
Taste the indivisible,
Feel the indivisible.

* * * *
If this indivisible mystery is indeed formless, boundlessly infinite,
What are all the scientists, mathematicians, linguists,
And other conspirators of the mind to do?

* * * *
What is the difference between pleasure and pain,
Between right and wrong, between good and evil, between love and hate,
But a variety of chemical, electro-magnetic responses,
Some agreeable, some not.

* * * *
Within every detail, a collection of nuances.
And within those nuances, a few nuances more.

* * * *
To be as a child is to return to that indivisible state of pure, eternal awareness,
Prior to the smoke-ridden consciousness to which time requires subscription.

* * * *
All humankind is caught up in one mythological set or another.
They are all very much the same, really.
Tribal formulations that the given group holds in common,
And perchance get along well enough for the genomic coding to survive and pass on.

* * * *
If all is that which is truly godness, then what is good, what is evil,
But an alliance between consciousness and its Self.
And you, the source, the witness,
Just pop in who, what, where, when, why, how, you please.

* * * *
It is the mind that divides; the mind that unites.
What is free will but the choice between duality and unicity,
The choice between what is real, that which is choiceless, and what is not.

* * * *
If you always do your best, if you always strive in a mindset of quality, of excellence, of virtue,
Then succeeding or failing is only of cursory consequence, a relatively negligible detail.
Process is all, and goals merely imaginary pauses along the eternal journey.

* * * *
And what is the raison d'être of always growing, growing, growing?
Always developing, always expanding, always snowballing,
When the biosphere underfoot is rapidly becoming beyond-the-pale unlivable?
How far will we take it before the web that maintains life as we know it becomes all but undone?

* * * *
It is a more-than-well-documented-very-historical-across-the-game-board fact that the multitudes
– Crowd, horde, throng, pack, flock, herd, mass, host, gang, mob, rabble, call it what you will –
Can be easily manipulated to, with extreme enthusiasm, go along with just about anything.

* * * *
You are that which is mystery, that which is unknowable, that which is eternal,
That which is prior to all attributes, all properties, all characteristics, all components,
That which is prior to all the divisions, all the dualities, all the dichotomies, born of consciousness.

* * * *
To all critics: Please go away.
Find something real to do with your existence.
Is it not obvious to you that what you think is of little or no concern
To those who embrace the great solitude, whose lives are streaming with its creative force.

* * * *
All groups, all cultures, since the origin of language,
Have used their natural environment to communicate their world.
The sun, the moon, the planets, the stars, the weather, the geographical features,
The myriad fellow creatures from great to small, all play parts in every mythological paradigm.
In these our modern times, we use our own creations to decipher the universe about us.
Technologies, politics, religion, business, media, personalities, ad infinitum.
Every conceivable mind-made, artificial, contrived invention
Has all but usurped the relationship with nature.
The rules of the game are ever the same,
But ignorance leaves us deaf and blind and dumb
To the one and only reality that all creation is eternally interwoven
At such an indivisible level as to make any part absolutely inseparable from anything else.
Imagination, and all its fabricated notions, all its dualistic concoctions,
May believe it can control this biosphere, this cosmos,
But it cannot make-believe for long,
Much less forever.

* * * *
From the unassailable inner eye of the one witness,
Prior to consciousness, unmoving, uncommitted, indivisible, all-seeing,
What is there to crave, what is there to consume, really, but sensations of the mind and body,
That ephemerally pass ever-changing from one streaming moment to the next.
Nothing more than smoke drifting through the awareness,
Like clouds moving across in the sky.

* * * *
To live fully in the moment requires that every moment be immediately perceived and released.
Life eternal is an ephemeral quality of mind, a state of unconditional detachment,
In which the you that is the timeless awareness prior to consciousness
Observes without giving weight to the incessant vanities
Of the fictional me-myself-and-I that you imagine your Self to be.

* * * *
What is any thought, any idea, but the thunder of a lightning strike in the quantum mind,
And a creative or troubled mind, a flashing thunderstorm, one ecstatic, the other agonizing.

* * * *
Perfect detachment is a state of stillness, of pure awareness,
Prior to consciousness and its ceaseless state of consumption.

* * * *
You drink a cup of water from your tap, and then you take a whiz.
The wiz travels through pipes, and washes into the river and down to the sea,
Little land critters and little water thingees drinking at it all along the ever-streaming way,
And in they in turn whiz away, and their whiz joins your whiz down to the sea.
And in the sea, more water critters drink and whiz back into the sea.
And the radiating star high above the sea sears its surface,
And the whiz slowly evaporates up into the air sea.
And the air sea drifts and flows this way and that,
And draws the whizz up into the pinnacles of the air sea,
And the whiz joins other whiz and forms into drops into clouds,
That move back over the land towards the mountains where it sprinkles
And drizzles and rains and pours and hails and snows back to the ground below.
And on the ground it moves to creeks to rivers above and below the ground,
And slowly the whizz moves down from mountainsides to the valley,
And to the well, where it waits to be drawn back into pipes,
And from the tap, poured into cup, for you to drink.
It is an indivisible, an inexplicable journey,
To which you are ethereal witness.

* * * *
The predators, the vampires, the parasites, the scalawags,
Will always find a way to dominate, to control, to thieve, to pillage, to debase,
The prey, the quarry, the victim, the mark, the dupe, the fool.
At the most essential, primal level, Mother Gaia
Ever remains a Darwinesque saga.

* * * *
Explore your world, your universe, to your own satisfaction.
There may be nothing new under the sun,
But it is new to you.

* * * *
Though all that is, is of the totality of the great quantum,
Few are drawn to discern the unborn-undying state.
Many are called, few are chosen, fewer still swallow the red pill.
And why would anyone ever choose to endure this inquiry into the unknown.
The hollowness of ignorance, of believing your universe authentic, is its own form of bliss.
Alas in that way-back-when, that you could not help but notice something askew,
That you could not help but ask that first question, take that first step.
Red pill, blue pill, was there ever really-truly any choice?

* * * *
The rabbit hole be deep and dark and every-which-way coily-roily.
Save your Self the bother, enjoy the bliss of ignorance, take the blue pill.
You will never know what you missed, for, in truth,
There is nothing to know anyway.

* * * *
Never too late to take the red pill, but once you do, there is no going back,
Though you may fall into a hole, or get caught in briars along the winding way.

* * * *
As long as you believe it all real and true,
You will enjoy, you will suffer, the ceaseless passions of existence.
The timeless, ubiquitous, prior-to-consciousness state
Is a tranquil sea abiding neither.

* * * *
Who-what-where-when-why-how is one who enjoys?
Who-what-where-when-why-how is the one who suffers?
Imagination is indifferent to the agonies and ecstasies it inspires
In the ubiquitous quantum sea through which it larks.

* * * *
What you might want from one who sees this,
You must discern within your Self.
It is a timeless journey, an epic lifetime quest,
Which you must make, step-by-step, breath-by-breath, utterly alone.

* * * *
It will likely not be until humankind
Is on the harsh, cutting rocks of its mind-made creation
That it will perhaps, just perhaps, finally discern the unatoneable error of its way.
And even then, how many will call it god’s will and pray for salvation,
Or blame anyone and everyone else but themselves?

* * * *
Suspension of rational thought,
For hope, for belief, for faith, for superstition, for idolatry, for dogma,
How is that even remotely possible?

* * * *
Thought is the stagnancy in which the mind harbors the notion of existence.
Only in awareness is the quantum essence playing at the cutting edge of dreamtime.
Thought is death, awareness, life eternal; the conceptions of consciousness merely vibration,
Waves crashing upon neuron shoals, naught but imagination confabulating sensory perception real.

* * * *
Breathe in … relax … breathe out … relax …
There is nothing to know, there is nothing to do, there is nothing to be.
Give your Self credit for space-time served.
Breathe in … relax …

* * * *
Nobody can ever know what you have gone through, what you have experienced,
What you have perceived, what you have endured, in your trail of agony and ecstasy.
Nor can you more than guess at any other’s version of their world, their universe.
We are all as alone together as ships passing in some nebulous moonlit night,
Only as known as any given insight, any frame of reference, might allow.

* * * *
Where is any god, any deity, but in the innate primal recesses of imagination’s origin,
And its need for there to be some meaning and purpose for this inexplicable existence,
As if the inexplicable existence, the existential fray, is in itself not raison d'être enough.

* * * *
There is a limit to all the finite pretenses of knowledge.
The unknowable must forever remain unknown.
Science, despite all its heady determination,
Can only claw away so much at the quantum mist.

* * * *
What can you know about anything, really,
But the fabrications of mind concocting the sensory play of time,
And what does that signify but arbitrary concoctions,
No matter how well-cloaked in objectivity.

* * * *
All identity, all identification, is nothing more
Than the wind of imagination playing impromptu make-believe.
And when every mind is doing it, it becomes a synergistic collusion we brand humanity.
Nothing more than confabulated delusion from the illusory get-go.

* * * *
How attentively can you listen, and for how long,
To a babbling brook, to a roaring river, to a crashing wave,
They who babble and roar and crash ever eternal.
The no-mind, the mind without mind,
Is a mind full of eternity.

* * * *
The human drama has no solution, no resolution.
It will carry on in its dysfunctional wayward journey
For as long as the genre meanders this world or any other.
So the trick is to endure and enjoy the ride as best as ye are able
In the ever inexplicably mysterious so it goes of it all.

* * * *
A mystery far too incomprehensible, far too enigmatic, far too ambiguous,
To ever more than nibble, scratch, plumb, and ponder.
All any can really do is be it,
As the corollary of dreamtime allows.

* * * *
The rare few who begin to earnestly look within and without, prior and beyond,
At the universe their senses proffer, are those to whom the world less and less matters.
They are the world-weary, they are those who hear the call no words can fathom.

* * * *
Concoctions of sweet, of sour, of salty, of bitter, of umami,
All built of the same quantum mystery, all dancing upon the quantum tongue.
Each of the five sensory organs – eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin – and the brain to which they link,
Are wormholes to their conditional, their arbitrary, their temporal, rendering of a universe.
You daily travel time, you daily travel space, you daily wander, in the dream of mind.

* * * *
There is truly only this ethereal moment
Which none can never really touch or grasp,
Only perceive through and imagine happened,
Play out whatever assumptions the sensory-mind,
Through its filters of conditioning, perchance gleaned.

* * * *
Regarding the so-called supreme being worshipped by many and known as God:
For being an absentee landlord, and very dubious even at that,
He/she/it sure gets a lot of credit for things
To which only assumption and hope give weight.

* * * *
In order to survive, to abide, to thrive, justifiable or not,
Every vested interest embodies its purpose, its mission, its raison d'être.
In every conceivable way, through every conceivable means,
For as long as capacity and limitation allow.

* * * *
It is unlikely the account, the saga, the legend, the myth,
The self-imagery anyone has playing over and over in their minds,
Would, much less could, ever resemble the one history would carve into stone.
Assuming, of course, that some chronicler would ever even be inspired to scribe anything.
Ultimately, all forms are but anonymous, vaporous ghosts in the mists of time.

* * * *
There are some things for which there can be no proof,
Some things that are not subject to the finite boundaries of mind,
Some things for which any answers are too large or too small for any question.
Some things that must remain forever unknown to the ceaseless conjectures of imagination.
So it goes, deal with it, get over it, move on.

* * * *
Walk through it as you would a dream, detached observer, ethereal witness.
Inscrutable, enigmatic, unfathomable, mysterious, impenetrable, unreadable, unknowable,
Indecipherable, inexplicable, incomprehensible, sphinxlike,
Yet transparent all the while.

* * * *
Each of us with our own unique universe, each of us with our own unique world view,
Each of us with our own unique set, our own unique frame of reference, that we all deem normal,
Each of us perceiving through the untold filters of our time-bound nature-nurture matrix,
Each of us forever here now, forever absolute, forever indivisible, forever alone.

* * * *
Where do you think your wit comes from if not the ever-present, indivisible, quantum essence?
Of course there is intelligent design at the helm of this inexplicable mystery.
And of course it is indivisibly you, and you indivisibly it.
There is nothing to get all vain about,
Because everyone and everything else is, too.
All notion of duality is but delusion of the sensory mind.

* * * *
What universe does a bat perceive?
A tiger? A dolphin? A bird? A cockroach? A tree? A flower?
Surely,  you are not so self-absorbed as to believe it is ever, can ever, be the same as yours?

* * * *
A garden world chock-full of two-leggeds,
Many believing they are the pinnacles of normal,
All judging their naughty-nice translation from on high.
Who can ever measure up for long, if at all?

* * * *
Awareness is the eternal purity, the eternal clarity, of all dreamtimes.
The silky smooth elixir, the cosmic brew of those rare few
Called to discern, to witness, the only reality.
Source to all, source to none.

* * * *
Human consciousness is really nothing more than imagination
Playing an eternal game of hide and seek with its imaginary self.

* * * *
What difference between the current in waves crashing,
And the heartbeat simultaneously pulsing in your veins?

* * * *
We are all caught, we are all bound, in the truths and lies,
The paradoxes and ironies, the agonies and ecstasies,
The joys and sorrows, the glories and absurdities,
All built by space, all built by time, in the maze of mind.

* * * *
All your busy-ness convinces you that you exist, that you are truly living,
But are you really any more than yet another persona,
Destined to be quickly forgotten
In the human paradigm’s fleeting dreamtime.

* * * *
How many waves did you hear, how many birds did you see,
On that distracted-lost-in-thought wander along the shoreline?
Give attention to your life; it will be gone before you know it.

* * * *
Exploring existence, exploring reality,
Why would anyone in their right mind
Give themselves over to such absurdity?

* * * *
No new technology can more than offer brief respite, brief reprieve,
From the consequences of its accelerating exponential.
Fingers can only plug any dike for so long
Against the indivisible vibrancy of eternal nature.

* * * *
Every mind a solitary journey, a mortal epic in the dream of time.
The challenge is getting past the enticing lure of loneliness,
And clearly discerning the unfathomable aloneness.

* * * *
The digitalization of the human paradigm
Will likely prove a huge black hole for chroniclers
After technology’s inevitable,  likely not too distant collapse.

* * * *
Discard all the overlays of your conditioning:
You are the quietude of the sovereign mystery.

* * * *
Mind and body, and the world, the universe, they create,
Are a laboratory in which we are all observers
Exploring whatever we imagine.

* * * *
Pay attention, so many often exclaim,
But to what are you meant to pay attention?
Whatever draws it, grasshopper, whatever draws it,
And perhaps, if discernment’s edge razor-sharpens enough,
The draw may at some point be to the awareness, the source its Self.

* * * *
The senses invoke the make-believe of time, but without them where would you be?
What happens to a mind evolved in time when locked completely alone in a dark, still chamber?
Who can long abide sensory deprivation without tumbling into unutterable madness?

* * * *
If you hope to withstand the harsh winds of the world,
Cherish and nurture and share the given innocence.
It is always there if you will the time to discern it.

* * * *
Everything of consequence bell-curving in an ever-accelerating up-and-up exponential.
How far toward the indifferent sun will the human paradigm soar
Before wings melt, and x’s and y’s stall and fall?

* * * *
Any child only knows what they are told,
And if they are told a lie, then that lie becomes the truth,
And will remain so until they perchance develop the wit, the vision, the insight,
To distinguish beyond their origin, beyond the origin of all things,
And perchance someday even set themselves free.
It is, indeed, a long, long row to hoe,
With no guarantees of any yield, whatsoever.

* * * *
Be the formless, be the awareness, be the nothingness,
Be the you that is really not, has never been, will never be.

* * * *
Without fanfare, without assertion, without warning,
Mother Nature is judge and jury and enforcer and executioner,
For all who are not mindful, for all who do not heed, her unwritten laws.
Ignore the indelible, ignore the way, and suffer the consequences.

* * * *
Lives ripple through all the lives they meet: friend, acquaintance, foe …
And through all the lives they meet: friend, acquaintance, foe …
And through all the lives they meet … And through …
For as long as memory holds fast against the tides of eternity.

* * * *
Do not for even a second believe your ancestors, even way, way back when,
Were any less intelligent just because their tool-making and other abilities
Had not achieved the ever-expanding bubble of these-our-modern-times.
That is a step-by-step evolutionary process, as is any creative enterprise.

* * * *
Those who frolic mindfully in the waves, the currents, of space and time,
Know to dive into them, or give way to their trajectory;
Never to stand proudly against them.
To bend, to lean, to bow, to give way, without breaking,
Is the sovereignty any blade of grass, ebbing, flowing, knows without knowing.

* * * *
Awareness is both the least and greatest common denominator.
The underpinning of consciousness, of all things known and unknown.
The quantum indivisibility through which duality cavorts the mortal ground.

* * * *
Good and evil are the concoctions of consciousness,
Of imagination, of the mind born of time.
The garden itself is blameless.

* * * *
The matrix universe, an unfathomable quantum sea, swirls on and on and on,
Oblivious to cause and effect, to consequence, to destiny,
To any and all notions born of mind.
Time and space are but figments of imagination,
Inspired by the senses in the processor to which they are wired.

* * * *
Whether or not there is some all-mighty deity observing your every move
Is about as significant as you watching an erratic ant.
Of passing interest, at best.

* * * *
What would it be like to never see another human being ever again?
To have no voice filtering through your mind but your own?
How long could you abide the solitude, the aloneness?

* * * *
That you existed even a moment ago, or will even a moment hence,
Is nothing more than imaginary, illusory, delusional, notion.
This moment, this here now, is the one and only reality,
And no thought can infiltrate its timeless nature.
All consciousness can do, can pretend to do,
Is play out its make-believe, its dream of time,
In whatever way the patternings, the memes allow.

* * * *
The awareness you really are is but eternal witness
Bound in one form or another, trapped in one patterning or another,
For as long as there is a manifest theater, a matrix, for dreams of consciousness to wander.
The inexplicable universe is but a quantum playground in which you will act out
Whatever agonies and ecstasies the given patterning allocates.
There is no escape; you are a captive of time.
Enjoy or suffer; attitude is all.

* * * *
Only the limitations of the senses persuade you, convince you,
Condition you, mesmerize you, hypnotize you, blind you,
Into believing you are at all separate from anything.

* * * *
The other is but an apparition in your mind, an imaginary presence that does not really exist,
But is always upon your shoulder: watching, advocating, imposing, judging,
Your every thought, your every action, your every everything.
To discern there truly is no other, that you are in reality all alone,
Is an insight few have the wit, the strength, the audacity, to ascertain.

* * * *
I do not need you,
And you likely do not need me,
And why would there be a problem with that?

* * * *
Understand the union, the merging, the yoga,
Is not about the mind-body about which you are so vain,
But the you that is the eternal awareness in the all and nothing of it.
The inexplicable cannot be made any more explicable.

* * * *
The quantum essence is formless, shapeless, indefinable.
Forms are the inexplicable weavings of patterns.
To warrant them the inexplicable creations
Of some even more inexplicable deity
Must surely include the most inexplicable you.

* * * *
The point of symbols, icons, totems,
Is to determine they are in you, they are you,
For you are the many-faced god, the quantum undying.

* * * *
How fiercely many a mind does slash and tear and scratch and gnaw its imaginary self.
Conquering the universe, building great empires, saving any and all,
Are much simpler than calming the inner beast.

* * * *
Natural selection is what got the world to this point,
But it is unnatural selection that is taking it to a level
Only conceit and greed and ignorance can confabulate.
What will bloom in Eden after our fall is anyone’s guess.

* * * *
What is the stock market, what is globalization, what is this massive consumerocracy,
But so many people whipping each other and themselves
Without even realizing it.
We are all slaves of one caste or another.

* * * *
Excess is always debilitating in any given long run.
Austerity breeds a hunger for the upside of any bell curve,
While overabundance inevitably sets in motion the road to decline.
Discipline, gumption, grit, individually, collectively,
Are the gauges of any rise and fall.

* * * *
Break down existence into its many parts,
And what is it you have not seen and done
More than enough many times too many?

* * * *
How many ways are there to die?
A list that technology daily lengthens.

* * * *
The fruit of the garden is really nothing more
Than imagination unleashed upon its own creation.
Not banishment as much as self-imposed exile.

* * * *
Is it free will to play out the only part you could have played?
It all seemed so unknowable, so unpredictable, so challenging, at the time,
But have you ever really been anything more than genomic coding,
Awareness witnessing the mortal program it was bestowed?

* * * *
We are all bits and pieces of our lives in our minds.
No one else can know all that it took for you to reach this here, this now.
Existence is for each and every one, no matter how great, no matter how small, an epic journey.

* * * *
Paying attention, being somewhat cautious is not paranoia; paranoia is caution unsprung.
The world is still a jungle, whether it be lions and tigers and bears,
Or Honda’s and Chevy’s and Ford’s.
No need to hide in a closet; just pay attention when wandering about.

* * * *
The world is changed. You can feel it in the water.
You can feel it in the earth. You can smell it in the air.
Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it.
All bell curves collapse, and where will you and yours be when the dominos really begin falling?
If you have not already begun taking steps, it is time to think hard, prepare strong,
For a when-shit-hits-the-fan rough road in the times rapidly unfolding.
Batten down the hatches, lock and load, watch and wait.
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
May sound trite, but it be true.

* * * *
Judgment is the attribute of a mind making every effort to maintain its universe supreme.
Be and allow, unwritten companion to the Golden Rule, is only grasped
By those who discern the invisibility of the relativity.

* * * *
No pattern abides forever; any given seed blossom but once.
But that of which all patterns are made … that indivisible quantum essence …
That which creates … preserves … destroys … that is immortal …  that is godness … that is you.

* * * *
That destiny, that fate, that kismet, that karma, you vainly believe you somehow just changed,
Well, friend, understand that destiny is really nothing more than the result,
The synergy of all the choices, of all the consequences,
That rippled in thought and deed.
Nothing uncanny or supernatural about it.

* * * *
All combined, the many-faced other has thought everything of you,
And you, in many times, have thought everything of them.
And what matter, really, once it is discerned
That you are every other, and every other is you.
The many differences are but the theater of dreamtime.

* * * *
What if the Messiah that comes down from on-high to save you
Is not even close to what you truly believed s/he would-could-should be?
What will you do then, Faithful Pilgrim?  Keep waiting, keep praying, keep hoping?
Or perchance awaken to the reality is that any saving is in the realization of what you truly are.
Yes, you are immortal, once you discern the paradoxes and ironies
Within and without all things manifest,
And that heavens and hells are only states of mind.

* * * *
What is existence but oblivion wandering consciousness,
And non-existence, oblivion non-wandering unconsciousness.
The mystery’s definitive on/off state, the byte of life, so to speak.

* * * *
To the indivisibility, a gazillion gazillion universes
Simultaneously transpire in one gazillionth gazillionth of an instant.
You are that, I am that, we are all that, no matter the attributes,  no matter the contrasts,
Imagined by consciousness in any space, in any time, in any dimension.

* * * *
The fate of those without great doubt is to wander in the miasma of time.
The only thing that can save any from such a temporal destiny
Is if they possess the eyes that see, the ears that hear,
The many clues, the many tips, the many hints,
That surround each and every one in their daily wander.
It is a many-are-called-few-are-chosen-fewer-still-volunteer endeavor.

* * * *
Can you exist in the moment, totally here now, without any sense of self-imagery,
Any thought of the personal idolatry, in which a lifetime of conditioning
Has brainwashed you to be in a constant state of ever-becoming.
A Gordian Knot to which there is only one blade-of-discernment solution.

* * * *
The bubble of consciousness in which the awareness you are resides,
Is nothing more than an imaginary invention, the convoluted consequence,
Of insatiable desire and its every moment tango with the abiding fear of not being.

* * * *
Everyone has their own version of this hellish heaven.
It is random, subjective, arbitrary, and capricious from the get-go,
And the price of admission is a payable-on-demand exit
Back to that from whence all things come.

* * * *
There is nothing right about not knowing, there is nothing wrong about not knowing.
It is the reality that the mind, in all its differentiations, has difficulty acknowledging.

* * * *
One must somehow realize a certain sense of irony and paradox,
A certain shade of doubt, of disbelief, of qualm, to see at all clearly.

* * * *
The streaming dreaming of consciousness sometimes enjoys, sometimes endures,
Its ceaseless jabbering, its mesmerized affirmation of all things manifest.
A quantum universe playing real in the rainbow of imagination.

* * * *
There are consequences to everything you do, to everything everyone does,
Sometimes good, sometimes not, sometimes very much not,
And your life, and the lives of everyone else,
As well as every other creature from small to great,
Is all about surfing the ripples in whatever relativity they abide.

* * * *
All sorts of things you do not know,
All sorts of things you have not experienced,
And does it when-all-is-said-and-done matter, really?

* * * *
You cannot do what you cannot do,
And you likely have difficulty not doing what you can.
You are your capacities, you are your limitations, in this relatively brief dream of time.
Do not hesitate to investigate all things as thoroughly as inclination allows.
What greater regret can there be, than a stone left unturned?

* * * *
What is the raison d'être of a puzzle, a riddle, a brainteaser, a koan,
But to sharpen the wit for whatever adventures may come.
It is the playing ground, the training ground, the doubting ground,
Of the critical thinker, the pessimist, the skeptic, the cynic, the seeker of truth.

* * * *
From nothing to something, from something to nothing,
All things emerging, all things disappearing, all things forming, all things dissolving.
The ocean, the source, ever tranquil, ever indivisible, ever absolute,
The many patterns nothing more than appearances,
Winds blowing, currents flowing.
All attributes nothing more than vibrating elements,
The primal chaos creating-preserving-destroying, the synchronicity of eternity.

* * * *
The many sorrows of the world
May be less about needing fewer heroes,
Than it is about needing more intelligent plebeians.

* * * *
Very obvious, very clear, very true, to the relatively few.
And to the many others: blindness, miasma, illusion, delusion.
Many may be called, but few are chosen, and fewer still volunteer.

* * * *
What your mind-tongue craves and what your body needs
Are likely way too often very, very different things.
Be mindful, your future health hinges on it.

* * * *
There have been billions of dreamtimes in the evolving monkey-mind,
As have there been in every genomic line across every time,
In this Gaia-induced musing of the quantum kind.

* * * *
Vanity is nothing more than the mind’s attachment to the senses,
And the thoughts they conspire of the body in which they stream.

* * * *
The Lost Tribes: Is it really just about some ancient desert peoples forced into exile?
Or could it be about the unique few whose inexplicable destiny it is
To someday awaken to what they actually are?
A Tribeless Tribe, so to speak.
As with anything, as with everything, it is what you make it.
What is any history but a means to bolster the given cultural mindset.

* * * *
The insights, the revelations, of eternity are for any
With the wit, the calling, to discern its timeless truth.

* * * *
What desire, what fear, what confabulation of mind,
Can ever touch that which is untouchable by naught but imagination,
And then … and then … and then … only in imagination’s whirling mind-bound reel.

* * * *
Pure observation without measurement, pure awareness without movement,
Without ripple, without wake, without time, without space,
Is not that the highest form of science?
Is not that the way to discern the reality of the eternal
Within and without the within and without that has never really existed?

* * * *
Believing you know is but a false security to which most minds cling.
To a be as a child, alone and free; to be this instant, unborn and undying;
Is to be the mind realigned with the eternal moment and its inherent insecurity.

* * * *
The challenge is to get back to the timeless garden, the eternal Eden,
Of which no other animal on this spinning orb has ever lost vision.

* * * *
The religious mind lumps the great unknowable into a concept called God,
And then dreads and worships and dogmatizes the idolatry that comes to mind.
What is the point of mind gorp based entirely on arbitrary, dualistic imagination?

* * * *
Why would a dog ever need to conceptualize it was a dog?
Or a whale it was a whale? Or an ant it was an ant?  Or a tree it was a tree?
All creatures, all life forms great to small simply play out their given nature as the moment calls.
Only we hapless two-leggeds are lost in a time-bound sea of self-imagery,
And the agony and ecstasy it endlessly weaves.

* * * *
How did the mind and senses evolve from that puddle of origin
But through an incredibly laborious, haphazard selection process,
In which countless unknowable universes were created and destroyed
Before humankind’s little window of space-time spawned into being.

* * * *
What is ego but the fear, the dread, the post-traumatic stress disorder,
The self protective veneer, the fortress keep in our imaginary fiefdom,

* * * *
Why is any groupthink, any mindset, any meme, so earnestly asserted,
But to sustain, to multiply, its corporate nature in the weavings of mind.

* * * *
What is this deity so many fear and worship and call God by one name or another?
Is it a he, a she, an it, a not-it?  Is it everything, anything, nothing?
Is it any more or less a figment of imagination
Than you or anyone else?

* * * *
Do not fool yourself that it was anything but vanity
That brought Jesus to Jerusalem and cast him into history.
Whether innocent or calculated, his demise was as predicable as any
Who brashly, foolishly, fly in the face of the powers that be.
Might has always made right, and it always will.
To accept it as some deity’s intention
Is a mortal game of thrones
To which no one ever need subscribe
If they have the wit and courage to stand alone.

* * * *
The only difference between any you and me is a different set of eyes,
Wired into a  different central processing unit,  programed with a different frame of reference,
Wandering different matrices born of imagination: all alone, together.
We call it life, existence, but what is it, really?

* * * *
The world is changing, so quickly changing, into something
Not nearly as attractive as it once-upon-a-time was.
So it goes, deal with it, get over it, move on.
Consume anything, everything, squander the inheritance.
The future is not your problem; screw your kids, and their grandkids, too.
Live high, live large, play out this Ponzi scheme to your narcissistic, hedonistic heart's content.

* * * *
Consciousness weaves into concept
An exalted perfection that can never be.
The horse that is but an imaginary conjuring,
Is a horse that never was, a horse that will never be.

* * * *
What is natural selection?
An evolution of sexual discrimination?
The attraction of likes?  The loathing of dislikes?
Of intellect?  Of whim?  Of spontaneity?  Of happenstance?
Of brawn?  Of beauty?  Of claw and fang?  Of stone?  Of wood?  Of steel?
Of alliance?  Of intrigue?  Of deception?  Of tyranny?
Of irony?  Of paradox?  Of absurdity?
All of the above, and more.

* * * *
How much time can any creator afford to allow themselves
To peruse anything that distracts them from their calling?

* * * *
Words, numbers, notes, and other symbols are all equally unable
To do more than describe, point out, the mystery that they serve.

* * * *
An itsy-bitsy bit of nothingness becomes and itsy-bitsy quantum
Becomes an itsy-bitsy molecule becomes an itsy-bitsy form become an itsy-bitsy life form
Becomes an itsy-bitsy fabrication of imagination, of comprehension,
That one day fathoms the nothingness,
The awareness, it is, has ever been, will ever be.

* * * *
It is perchance time for those rare few who are truly done with the world, truly complete,
Those rare few who are content to artlessly be the most essential timeless state,
To let go of mind, to return to that which is prior to consciousness,
To that awareness which is Eden’s greatest potential.

* * * *
Everything is absolutely simultaneous in the indelible indivisibility of the totality,
But you, you must eyes-wide-open wander down the unfolding trail,
Oblivious to whatever is around each and every bend.
Free will looking forward, fate looking back.
The agonies, the ecstasies, the tragedies, the comedies,
That you play out upon your Self, are unending and beyond all pales.

* * * *
What will this world, this universe, this unfathomable creation, be like in one year?
One hundred years?  One thousand years?  One million years?  One billion years?
One trillion years?  One quadrillion?  One quintillion years?  One gazillion years?
As if a year, a single trip around our puny star, really happened in the first place.

* * * *
Nature is process, an artistic force each and every moment creating,
Absolutely indifferent to beginnings, to endings, to goals, to outcomes.

* * * *
What is this mystery but pure awareness, pure intelligence,
Playing out every potential, every possibility it aspires to manifest,
To dream in whatever dimension its infinite dynamic ordains.

* * * *
It is not about belief, it not about idolatry, it is not about groupthink, it not about dogma,
It is not about tradition, it is not about rituals, it is not about symbols,
It is not about becoming anything or anyone.
It is simply about being
What you are, have ever been, will ever be.

* * * *
Desire and fear have been dynamic, intertwined forces in the human spectacle.
What is it to be without desire,  without fear, and is the mind even capable of it?
Needs research; every scientist his/her own experiment, his/her own laboratory.

* * * *
You are herein introduced to your Self.
From your Self to your Self, so to speak.

* * * *
To what are you ultimately attached but the conditioning
Of a mind each and every moment consuming, translating, a sensory feed,
Through the filters of a time-bound frame of reference inspired by the given nature-nurture.

* * * *
Lamenting any loss, any change, what point, really,
When nothing even for a moment stays the same.
In the hologram matrix of this grand mystery.

* * * *
You are not the you that identifies with this corporal body
Or this life or this world or this universe or any fragment of the great unknown.
You are the indivisible oneness, and that ethereal quantum state
Is enough for any earnest seeker turned seer.

* * * *
The witness, the awareness, the youness, indivisibly permeates all consciousness.
The other, the otherness, is ultimately naught but a fabrication,
Naught but an imaginary, dualistic notion
Of quantum design.

* * * *
Where will believing the best or worst of others take you?
Into what adventures, what rabbit holes, will you tumble?

* * * *
The fixation, the obsession, the mania, the passion, of any given delusion,
Requires a steadfast detachment that relatively few can willingly muster.

* * * *
You need not accept anything that is not legitimate or meaningful
Just because some hypnotized meme-ish alliance espouses it,
Or because some renowned name or title is attached to it,
Or because it is a product of the fermentation of time.
If something does not stand on its own inviolable merit,
There need not be any wavering about putting it behind you.

* * * *
The flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today,
And their seeds the flowers of the tomorrows after,
And on down the line in the long and short of it.

* * * *
There is no middleman between you and the mystery you are.
There is no need to endlessly agonize over questions that have no answer.
There is no need to believe, to worship, to follow, to pray, to grovel, to tithe, to dogmatize,
To dread judgments from an on-high, to quake over imaginary heavens and hells.
You are That I Am, you are that which is unborn, enduring, undying,
As untainted and free as you allow your state of mind to be.

* * * *
What are the senses but readers of the indivisible quantum energy,
And the mind the corporeal, finite neural processing unit
That organizes their steaming input into a world,
Into a universe in which you wander alone
In the ever-churning midst of dualistic otherness.

* * * *
That I Am.
Of which untold seers,
In every time, in every geography,
Have quested, discerned, affirmed, proclaimed:
That I Am, it is you and you are it,
There is no other.

* * * *
We have a very challenging time facing the fact
That this three-dimensional existence is but a touchy-feely dream,
That absolutely nothing is permanent, that forever is nothing more than an idle concept,
A sound whose only reality is but a insignificant vibration in the indivisible,
That has no binds to time, no commitment to form, whatsoever.

* * * *
Any seed is but a one-time blueprint, which may or may not manage to reproduce,
And cast its temporal patterning a bit further in the streaming dream of space-time.

* * * *
Still the busy mind, and without giving anything any thought, simply be the awareness.
Give full attention to each of the senses: the eyes that see, the ears that hear,
The tongue that tastes, the nose that smells, the flesh that feels.
Pay attention to the momentary now, ever-streaming
Through the neural network to the central processing unit.
Where is your world, where is your universe, without the given mind
Projecting, reflecting, through the byzantine filters fabricated of imagination?
All creation is but the ceaseless patterning of nature-nurture set in motion some long ago.
A handiwork that has never been anything but an indivisible quantum matrix,
Never more than an inexplicable dreamtime of unknowable origin.
And the eternal unborn-enduring-undying awareness,
Witness to it all, you are it, and it is you.

* * * *
Is anyone ever all one thing or another?
We are all the multi-faced monkey-mind.

* * * *
All laws, all principles, all canons, all decrees, all rules, and all other such things,
Are entirely born of the arbitrary, dualistic minds of humankind.
There has never been any deity but nature,
And its indivisible dynamic
Is witness, judge, jury, executioner, as needed.

* * * *
What you discern, what you glean, from your world, from your universe,
Is but a reflection of the frame of reference, the filter, doing the translating.

* * * *
There is no part, no fragment, there is only the indivisible whole.
The divisible is but the fabrication of imagination,
And its relentless notions of duality.
Play the part, become the whole,
The nameless, prior to consciousness,
And it countless designs born of limitation.

* * * *
Feel the burning sun warm against your face.
Feel its power, its radiation, permeating your being.
Feel its perpetual capacity to create, to preserve, to destroy.
Is it any wonder that the peoples of old worshipped it,
And that the dominant imagined themselves gods.

* * * *
There it is again, beneath all the interminable facades of conscious design,
The essential as-real-as-it-gets youness, right here, right now,
Eternally present in an ever-timeless sort of way.
You are the irrefutable awareness.
There is no other.

* * * *
Look at all that the agonies and ecstasies
Of your ephemeral, very mortal existence have taught you,
And know that it will all be lost when the glimmer of that last electrical signal dims,
When the body and mind to which you are so habitually attached,
Turns off the light, and without further ado,
Quietly exit the dream.

* * * *
You are the mystery of you, the wonder of you, the eternity of you.
Only sensory perception, imaginary notion, separate you
From that most inescapably authentic reality.
Realize it, grapple it, know it, be it.

* * * *
The crippled beggar in some gutter
May be the richest man in all of human history.
And the Midas with castles of gold across the globe, the poorest.
What is enough, and what is not enough?
Attitude is all.

* * * *
To awaken to eternity, you, the inexplicable awareness,
Must doubt everything to such a great degree
As to be able to shake off the mind and senses entirely.
To become so inwardly at peace as to be neither mind nor body.
A state of timeless beingness for which few have either capacity or inclination.

* * * *
What was it that evolved the human ego?
Was sense of self formed by the competition over mates,
Over hunting grounds, over fishing holes, over resources, over possessions?
Was it the interplay of the given group, the many reflections of others judging this, judging that?
All the dynamics, all the relationships, all the struggles, the array of manifest time,
Gradually sculpting the mind into the one through which you gaze.

* * * *
To discern your own mind, to discover the portal to the unknown,
What other point could there truly be to this rather mundane play?

* * * *
Even as quickly as sensory news travels through the synapses to the brain,
By the time it filters, by the time it registers, in the given mind,
The ever-present now has indivisibly streamed on.
As immeasurable as it may seem,
Even eternal life cannot keep up with reality.

* * * *
The filters of any given monkey-mind, in its imperfect frame of reference, are all about measuring,
Estimating, summarizing, evaluating, calculating, labeling, stereotyping, judging,
But it is the choices made in action and deed that sculpt the day.

* * * *
Male and female are merely long genomic strands of an evolutionary process
Designed for relationship with nature, relationship with each other, relationship with our selves,
That the ever-changing epoch and all its technologies have in every way usurped.
We are all suffering, we are all struggling, to find our way.

* * * *
What is always ironically droll is how the scientists measure,
And measure and measure, again and again, and nothing really changes.
What futility to believe our egocentric genus will ever evolve beyond its paradigm.
Imagine the vast collection of books and videos and photos and graphs and … and … and ...
That the aliens will discover in the scar tissue of this garden when they finally arrive.
Or maybe they already are here, watching us play out our narcissistic game.

* * * *
Best to always be mindful that some little thing you do today
May well come calling with your death warrant tomorrow.

* * * *
What fun is it just to drive the vehicle if you have no idea
What is going on under the hood and between the wheels.

* * * *
Are you really any more than an imaginary notion
Inspired by the dream into which you were cast?

* * * *
Yes, you have learned so much, figured out so much,
Yet here you are, right here, right now, really no less ignorant
Than you were as a newborn babe swaddled in cloth in the given manger.

* * * *
A certain genesis, a certain cosmos, a certain star, a certain world,
A certain distance, a certain whirl, a certain tilt, a certain evolution,
And voilà, here you are, playing out a mortal dream in space and time.

* * * *
The unfolding history of every generation
Sows the seeds of both agony and ecstasy
For the progeny, and the unborn beyond.

* * * *
When you get down to the nitty-gritty-brass-tacks gist of it,
You are really nothing more than the clear space of awareness
With a way long list of ever-changing imaginary assumptions.

* * * *
Consciousness is really nothing more
Than the lightning strikes given meaning and purpose
Along the neuron trails of the brain.

* * * *
There is an uncertain amount of irony and paradox
About rationality when it is marinated in emotion.

* * * *
The real pandemic for humankind will likely be starvation,
And that could take place very quickly given the glacial melt-off
That is accelerating far more exponentially than the algorithm designers
Can wrap their minds around to scribble their meaningless code.

* * * *
Awareness is a dimension without limits, without boundaries, without attributes,
Filled only by the vaporous notions of consciousness, its absorption with, its adoration of,
Its interminable permutations, incessant convolutions, never-ending frivolities, of imaginary origin.

* * * *
What is a degree, what is a certificate, but a piece of paper
That confirms you have learned how to think
In some well-established box.

* * * *
If you are so fortunate, so privileged,
As to attain the “self-actualized” ethereal of Maslov’s Hierarchy,
If you are able to rise above the temporal, the mundane, worldly tiers of the “physiological,”
Of the “safety,” of the “belongingness and love,” of the “esteem,”
Count your Self blessed,
For if this human epoch has any real meaning,
It is in the transcendent, creative mind, in which it contentedly dwells.

* * * *
To be agnostic, to be uncertain, is to explore for your Self,
No direction known, no answers sought, no conclusions made,
Is to be as eternally present as consciousness in space-time allows.

* * * *
So subtle as to be ever obscure,
So esoteric as to be sought by the rarest of the rare,
So inexplicable as to stand alone, no matter the time, no matter the space.

* * * *
History as it is unfolding is less about academics than it is reaction to the given moment.
It is only as the gaze broadens to the larger context that perspective
Begins the slow process of reflection,
That will one day harvest a footnote in some chronicle.

* * * *
What is the difference between a flake of gold and a grain of sand,
But a level, a degree, a magnitude, an intensity, of quantum vibration.
The appraisals deigned by consciousness are naught but imaginary notion.

* * * *
Where anyone takes the quest for truth
Is entirely a subjective reckoning.
How far and wide any seeker travels to discern
That it was all within and without from the very beginning,
Is the chronicle, the saga, the myth, the epic, that all must alone navigate.

* * * *
What is any modern world, any current era, any contemporary timeframe,
But the timeless present kaleidoscoping within the relativity of any given mind.
It is only as real, as tangible, as imagination, inspired by the sensory feed, ordains.

* * * *
So many failures, so many errors, so many flaws, so many imperfections, so many mistakes,
So many blunders, so many trespasses, so many brutalities, so many desires, so many vanities,
So many regrets for so many things, for which you must first and foremost forgive your Self.

* * * *
Why believe anything, why fear anything, for which there is no rational proof?
To fear the irrational is to dread what is really nothing more
Than the imaginary dross born of mind.

* * * *
What is it in the timeless course of space interwoven with time that stimulated the human mind
Into becoming so ingenious at tool-making and countless other disciplines?
What a phenomenal whodunit the evolutionary aspect
Of this unfathomable handiwork.

* * * *
Most life forms exist in a choiceless eternal vulnerability
That knows neither birth nor death, nor any measurable notion.
Instinct is the patterning established in all though the Darwinian shaping
Of each and every genomic strand over millions and millions of years of evolution.
Consciousness, as the human ego fields it, assumes an invulnerability that is utterly fictional.
The assumption of free will, of choice, despite all illusions to the contrary,
Is every moment shackled to the instinctual roots of origin.
To suppose that you are truly and completely free,
That you have reign over your choices,
Is a dubious assertion, indeed.
The ultimate truth of it is,
That in any manifest dreamtime,
You can no more alter the given part you play
Than any other living thing acting out its minute function
In this inexplicable, indelible, indivisible, immutable, cosmic hologram,
Born in the vapors of imagination moving to and fro in the clear space of awareness.
To give over to the vulnerability you in reality ever are, is a reflective view to which few are drawn.

* * * *
Whether or not you chose to manifest in this dreamtime,
Is prior to all knowing, and need not be even the barest of concerns.
The point in fact is, you are here, you are now, and for perhaps no reason at all,
Which means you have the opportunity to play around a bit in whatever way may call you.
There will be consequences, there will be agony and ecstasy, there will be death.
Ultimately all smoke and mirrors, but certainly real enough at the time.

* * * *
The quantum cosmos, a hologram matrix of creation, preservation, destruction:
Rising, falling, ebbing, flowing, ever-churning through the stillness of awareness.

* * * *
How can the here-now, the ever-present moment, ever be born, destined to one day die?
How can that which is without attributes, that which is indivisible, ever exist?
How can there be light or dark?  Sound or silence?  Right or wrong?
How can there be any this, any that, in an indelible mystery,
In which time is not, has never been, will never be?

* * * *
In one quantum, all quantum; in all quantum, one quantum.
One for all, all for one, in the one and only indivisible there is.

* * * *
What is there but awareness.
To call it infinite or infinitesimal is meaningless.
To give it any purpose, to slather it with any attributes, is irrelevant.
To even brand it truth is a beyond-the-pale absurdity.

* * * *
Life is an ever-changing universe, a convoluted maze with many, many doors.
You wander through the halls of your mind’s translation, your imagination’s rendering.
Some doors open, some do not; some open easily, some never at all; some open now, but not later;
Some are locked now, but open later; and some, many, most, never will.
Each mind has its fate, but only looking back.

* * * *
The weight of the world is but imaginary notion.
Still the mind, ignore the senses, waylay all the desires and fears.
Attend the awareness prior to consciousness, and, poof,
The world disappears in the mists of eternity.

* * * *
The sexual compulsion, and the continuation, the proliferation, of the existence for which it evolved,
Is really nothing more than an instinctual, hypnotizing, overwhelming, primordial force,
A directive from the innermost reaches of every genomic strand across Gaia,
Striving to survive whatever “forever” the mortal faire allows.

* * * *
Nothing mattered before the beginning, and nothing will matter after the end.
And what is everything between but a stream of every sort of imaginary notion.

* * * *
The horror! The horror!
The absurdity! The absurdity!
The bother! The bother!

* * * *
Stop believing all the deceptions the conditioned mind endlessly weaves.
You are the eternal awareness: nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *
What a desolate conception of god has emerged in so many human minds.
How can any abide any vision that is not all-inclusive, all-accepting?
Any view that is cloaked by every imaginable dogmatic absurdity?
What is the point and purpose of all this incessant, nonsensical conflict
Over what is, and has ever been, nothing more than fictional confabulation?

* * * *
What does any timeless, immaculate moment become but a snapshot in memory.
A marker encoded in the filaments of the neuron trail.
Imagination does the rest.

* * * *
The malevolence of resentment, envy, distrust, spite, suspicion, protectiveness,
Covetousness, bitterness, greed, jealousy, and hatred are not easy passions to resist.
Cultivate benevolence whenever possible if you hanker for peace, both within and without.
And, if not, well, there are indeed any number of boulevards to murder and mayhem.
There is, after all, a certain serenity, a certain equanimity in self-righteousness.

* * * *
Human consciousness is a vortex of desire and fear
And every variety of passion they foster,
Which will draw you in as far as you cannot resist,
With all the flesh and mind delights of Power, Fame, Fortune,
And the Seven Deadlies: Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath, Greed, Sloth.

* * * *
How desolate the lives of those whose soul meaning
Is counting the coins in their mound of false gold.

* * * *
Any personal god is nothing more than an imaginary illusion-delusion.
You are the only thing personal wandering about this quantum mystery.

* * * *
No philosophy can ever more than point and sally at truth.
None can dictate more than piecemeal injunctions and futile remedies.
Language can never be anything more than barren distraction
From the inherent mystery peering out from within.

* * * *
Mother Gaia is becoming an ill-tempered, impatient dragon
At the unrelenting mismanagement of her elemental quantum nature
By the countless two-leggeds foolish enough to assert unrestrained dominance,
Over a mystery which can never be known, much less mastered.

* * * *
The clock hands go round and round and round, and you ever the same.
Whoo-hoo for eternity playing out the dream of space and time
In the awareness of your most thunder, perfect mind.

* * * *
You were told you were this, you were told you were that,
And now you meander the ever-present dream of space and time believing it all true.
A make-believe meme, a conditioned pattern, an autonomous invention,
Woven into the ceaseless chatter of the consciousness
Each and every moment streaming
In the clear space of timeless awareness.

* * * *
Regarding the contemporary destiny of this garden world,
Humanity seems intent on learning a very harsh lesson of balance
In a most strenuous, most convoluted, most painful manner.
Earth will abide, but as to whether life will or will not,
Has the jury waiting and watching a tad longer.

* * * *
Fabricating deities and grand complex schemas of heavens and hells and purgatories between,
Is really nothing more than a elaborate way of declaring how clueless you truly are.
Much more delusional, much more bothersome, much more absurd,
Than just being quietly, simply, honestly agnostic.
How much more profound it is to neither know nor care.

* * * *
How can the immaculate awareness you truly are
Ever be more, ever be less, than what it is right here, right now?
What is this fleeting corporal existence but a timeless dream, unborn, undying.

* * * *
Who-what-where-when-why-how are you,
But vain attachment to a sack of bones and goo,
A collection of filtered perceptions, of vague memories,
A meme, a recording, a scratchy record going round and round,
The same song playing over and over until breath and beat do you part.

* * * *
You are the witness, the arbiter of your version of this sensory-created mystery.
Even if you subscribe some well-established mindset, it is ever your interpretation.

* * * *
Using the tools of rhetoric to enhance empty agenda,
To embellish middling intelligence or emotional quotients,
Only undermines the power of reason in the pursuit of veracity.

* * * *
How could the timeless awareness you truly are,
That which is without attributes, that which is absolutely singular,
Ever be in any way different, or in anyway separate, from anyone or anything else’s?
There is no divisibility but through the imaginary notions of consciousness.

* * * *
What is heaven, what is hell, but potentials of mind given over to equanimity or volatility.
What more can any ask of their dreamtime than to have a mind at peace with its Self,
A mind that is content, a mind that is serene, a mind that is eternal unto its origin.

* * * *
Life is a long and ever-streaming swim.
Will you stay in the shallow end, the deep end,
Or wander back and forth as time calls?

* * * *
Chances are that the pain you are feeling so deeply is all in your head,
And if it actually is of the body sort, well that is not a forever thing, either.

* * * *
You are the mysterious unknown, peering out into a universe,
Entirely conceived by an organized collection of neurons.
Some sort of quantum be, quantum see, kind of thing.

* * * *
There is only the timeless instant, the eternal moment.
There is only right here, there is only right now.
There is no yesterday, there is no tomorrow.
In the ever-present hereness-nowness of the indivisible ever is.
There is no past, there is no future, there is no ever was, there is no will ever be.

* * * *
What is the universe of a crow, a tuna, a rat, a cockroach, a microbe?
How vain to believe yours any more real, any more important than theirs.

* * * *
In the ocean of indivisibility, the ocean of awareness, the ocean of consciousness,
In which all things in synchronicity move hither and thither, to and fro,
Existence is nothing more than a habit, a pattern, a recording,
A dream in which the nature-nurture of every seed
Plays out its timeless, inseparable part.

* * * *
To be aware each and every moment that none of this is ultimately real,
To not be mesmerized by the mind’s conditioned responses,
Only the rarest of the rare attain, or so they say.

* * * *
Taking personal responsibility is the foundation of all suffering.
What is the point of being responsible, being liable, being accountable,
For a universe, a world, an existence, you had no say in creating.

* * * *
The mystic does not conquer, subjugate, or annihilate,
But through surrender of the personal mind
To that which is total and absolute.

* * * *
How can anyone who has any wit, any savvy, any keenness, whatsoever,
Not doubt, not question, not think critically, is perhaps the greatest mystery.

* * * *
To recondition the mind into being timelessly ever-present,
Rather than being lost in time-bound imagery,
That is the eternal challenge.

* * * *
If you must hope for anything of this existence,
Hope for a quick, unexpected, painless death.

* * * *
Awareness is the timelessness through which consciousness fashions space-time.
There is naught but now, in which imagination casts itself hither and thither
Like a wind that cannot decide whether to be a zephyr or a hurricane.

* * * *
You have never seen your own face.
How could your frame of reference
Ever be the same as anyone else’s?

* * * *
Maybe you have got it, may you have not, but what is there to get, anyway?
You are awareness, you are absolute: nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *
Everyone wandering hither and thither,
Each with their own uniquely eccentric soap opera,
Ebbing and flowing to and fro in their vain little monkey skulls.

* * * *
God, Brahman, Allah, Quantum, isness, oneness, absoluteness, totality,
And the infinity of sounds by which it might also be known,
All fluid words used interchangeably herein
To give homage to that which is prior to all names.

* * * *
Ain’t it amazing how much you do not know,
And yet the first and last knower all the while.

* * * *
A still rock is a still rock.
A still pond is a still pond.
A still mind is a still mind.

* * * *
Who am I? Well, I am me, the same me as you.
Both of us likely just as attached to our flesh and bone guises,
Just as attached to our vain notions in this garden’s play of nature-nurture.
We are all nothing more than a relatively brief play of differences
Cavorting in the same vast ocean of indivisibility,
Ultimately born of the same source,
The same awareness,
The same unknowable unknown.
Name it, label it, describe it, identify it, classify it,
Sanction it however you will, it is ever the same inexplicable essence.

* * * *
And why not be lazy and apathetic?
The human paradigm is set in flesh and bones.
Nothing will change enough to make it worth the bother.

* * * *
What do you think the mystery used but its own quantum clayness
To create, to witness, to fathom, you and your temporal universe?

* * * *
What is imagination but the neural wind of the mind.
Sometimes still, sometimes breeze, sometimes tempest.

* * * *
It is hard to fathom that rational scientific method does not reign across the board,
That superstition, mythology, make-believe, idolatry, dogma, fanaticism,
Still have such an enduring foothold in the human psyche.

* * * *
The passion of the mob can easily and quickly run strong and deep,
And life and limb come to great harm if/when the swell becomes too muddled.
Staying away, hunkering down, moving elsewhere, can often be among the safer tonics.

* * * *
What would Jesus have been imparting if he had lived well beyond the martyred age of thirty-three?
Would it have been the same as the beyond-the-pale flimflam these last two thousand years,
Or would the tune have changed, morphed, evolved, into something far different?
The things we will never know are indeed-indeed well beyond counting.

* * * *
The quantum mystery will pretend
Whatever meaning and purpose you vainly imagine,
And not even one scintilla of it ultimately real or important all the while.

* * * *
At some point, is there really anything left in the bucket?
Is there anyone you desperately need to see again?
Anything you desperately need to do again?

* * * *
The Way is neither moral nor immoral.
Isness is not bound by any play of mind.

* * * *
Doubt will carry you to whatever falsehood you can abide,
And then on to the next and the next and the next and the next and the next,
Until you finally achieve that eternal moment where there are no more untruths to be had,
That unutterable, timeless realization where you finally, indelibly discern
That you are, and have always been, and will ever be,
The way and the truth and the life.
There is no other,
Playing out every possibility.

* * * *
It is more than a little dubious, more than a little moot,
That anyone bothers speaking out about the way they view reality,
When it so often provokes more conflict, more thistles, in the minds of others.
Far more rational, far wiser, far kinder, to go hang out alone in some anonymous venue,
Some serene garden bench, some understated front porch, imbibing the spaciousness of awareness.
Enjoying in solitude, in tranquility, what relatively little mortal dreamtime is left.

* * * *
You are your own witness, your own muse, born of the world, the universe,
That your many attachments to mind and body inspire you to believe real and true.
It is but a quantum dream, but one you must play out for as long as the mortal faire allows.

* * * *
Spiritual militancy only brews more dogma in an already dogmatized world.
Choosing the path of least resistance, declining to engage in gratuitous conflict,
Is the surest means to giving one’s Self over to the unbearable lightness of being.

* * * *
Attempting to replicate another's awakening is impossible.
You must perceive and witness your own mind,
Your own world, your own universe,
Unutterably alone.

* * * *
This dreamtime offers any educated mind incalculable ways to discern, to filter, this quantum theater.
Historian, scientist, mathematician, philosopher, anthropologist, sociologist, psychologist,
And on and on and on for minds born with the grit and gumption to learn.

* * * *
There is no political or economic or religious solution
To what is happening at the macro level of our two-legged paradigm.
We are acting no differently than bacteria charging towards the edge of a petri dish.
Biology will out no matter how viable, how dexterous, how profound, how bona fide, the technology.
All the babble is, and has ever been, nothing more than meaningless mind gorp.

* * * *
How many zeroes to the right or left of the decimal point are really required
To discern all you really have is one very big, one very tiny,
Null and void coursing through it all.

* * * *
No need to pray for this or that, or that or this.
Just accept what comes, and let go what goes.

* * * *
All the feelings, all the thoughts, in this our human paradigm,
What are they but much ado about ductless glands and viscera.

* * * *
We tag this indelible mystery with so many names,
Shore it up with so many speculations,
All equally meaningless.

* * * *
We are all wandering in our own very unique, very subjective, very alone, version of a universe.
A timeless conundrum, an inexplicable mystery, an immeasurable dream,
From all beginnings to all endings.
None of us have ever seen our own face, and none of us ever will.

* * * *
Those who find themselves beneath the Bodhi Tree,
Or utterly alone for forty days and nights in the desert,
Are neither dull in wit, faint of heart, nor slothful in spirit.

* * * *
T-Shirt Karma,
Coffee Mug Dharma:
What Would Jesus Do?
What Would Lao Tzu Do?
What Would Nietzsche Do?
What Would Siddhartha Do?
What Would Mohammed Do?
What Would Zoroaster Do?
What Would Krishna Do?
What Would Waldo Do?
What Will You Do?

* * * *
Where is the division between consciousness and unconsciousness
For anyone giving the mind and all its movements their full attention.

* * * *
You are, indeed, a quantum jester.
A fool, a wit, a wag, a tool, for the indivisible unknown
To tarry for the briefest of whiles in an imaginary dream of space and time.

* * * *
What need do those who have awakened,
Those who have transcended all doubt,
Those who wander in unburdened awareness,
Have for any questions, or the answers they project.

* * * *
Some answers are far too infinite, some far too infinitesimal, for any question,
And those who query only hear the predictable echoes of their own projections.

* * * *
The mind is a castle keep, and the awareness you truly are its sovereign.
To allow no other to haphazardly trample about the dominion
Is to hold fast against the tempests of consciousness.

* * * *
Would that life were more fair, and suffering not such a mainstay.
In the draw of the genetic lottery, some get a royal flush,
While others cannot even score a high card,
And the remainder muddle in the abyss between.
The winds of nature-nurture carry us where they will.

* * * *
History is so much greater than any culture, any philosophy, any mound of gold.
And the world, the universe, the quantum field, is far greater than anything imaginable,
And the unknowable, the indivisible, the nothingness, prior to all manifestation, is trump to all.

* * * *
It takes a great deal of courage, a great deal of detachment,
To not take life, to not take this world, this dream, personally.

* * * *
Travel time?  Travel space?
How can something that does not exist be traveled?
How can you be anywhere but the here now in which you ever indivisibly reside?
Imagination, the quixotic author of this enigmatic quantum stagecraft,
Is the only time traveler there has ever been, or will ever be.

* * * *
What are you, what is any form, but a derivative of the indivisible totality.
All but infinitesimal widgets thingamajigging within the ever-kaleidoscoping quantum matrix.
Consciousness claiming to be this or that is but the delusion of imagination
Identifying with ever-changing temporal circumstance.

* * * *
The mystery plays out every preposition:
In-on, at-to, before-after, over-under, above-below, up-down, plus-minus, since-until,
inside-outside, with-without, around-through … et cetera,
And none of it all the while.

* * * *
Your original state was absolutely, indivisibly, unconditionally flawless.
The only question is whether that unutterably formless, timeless emptiness,
That immaculate awareness prior to consciousness, prior to all whims of mind,
Can be steadfastly reestablished while immersed in the given day-to-day.
It is a homecoming only the rarest of the rare ever contemplate.

* * * *
All things under every star across the great unknown
Are of the same quantum essence ever churning anew.

* * * *
You are as large as you are small, as short as you are tall.
What is the starry-starry universe but the untouchable you,
And the beaten path, the you upon which you daily tread.

* * * *
Is there thought without vanity, self without arrogance?
Is a question that requires rigorous observation
By each and every witness so-inclined.

* * * *
We are what we have always been: self-absorbed in every which-way imaginable.
There are already far too many of our kind, and daily more and more,
And in spite of our indelible aptitude at inventing every conceivable thingamajig,
It is inevitable that we will ultimately prove incapable of surviving our Frankenstein creation.

* * * *
Life is death and death is life; the two are indivisibly intertwined in this dream of time.
To cling to one or the other is to entirely miss the point that neither truly are or are not.

* * * *
No quarter given, no quarter taken,
The ultimate Darwinian reality in this manifest theater.
Might makes right in every dreamer’s dream.

* * * *
This mystery is too incomprehensible to even try to shroud it with rhyme or reason,
And yet we do again and again and again. each and every mind born afresh,
Striving to comprehend the ever-mystifying nature of the given maze.
Is it any wonder saloons are full and needles litter the streets.

* * * *
Look deadly, be deadly; look deadly, be harmless;
Look harmless, be deadly; look harmless, be harmless.
Survival is as survival does in this indivisible quantum Eden,
This garden of good and evil born of imagination’s egocentric notion.

* * * *
Your illusory cosmos is your teacher, it is your frame of reference.
it is a interminable streaming of faces and places and every variety of form.
It is all the creatures from large to small, it is galaxies beyond what any eye can see.
It is words and numbers and sounds and symbols, and whatever else consciousness aspires.
It is the imaginary mind, it is the imaginary you, it is the imaginary not you.
And through it all, the ubiquitous awareness you truly are,
Ever the indifferent, solitary witness.

* * * *
Ethics is the luxury of a full belly and a safe harbor.
Might makes right, it always has, it likely always will.
The best any can hope for is a benevolent claw and fang.

* * * *
Who-what-where-when-why-how is the boundary between pleasure and pain,
Or are agony and ecstasy, suffering and happiness, anguish and joy,
Nothing more than points along a neurological continuum,
A survival mechanism that evolved long, long ago,
In the nervous system all animals share.

* * * *
All this time, all this effort, all this angst, all this sillines,
Only to finally figure out that it is all nothing more than a touchy-feely dream
Sponsored by an inexplicable quantum feed.
Argh, indeed.

* * * *
What is human history but the ever-predictable monkey-mind,
Rolodexing its muddle of consciousness over and over and over.

* * * *
And to the end of time, to the end of daze,
The scholars and the researchers and the mathematicians
And the academics and the thinkers and the experts and the philosophers
And the authorities and the specialists and the highbrows and the eggheads and the polymaths,
Measured and calculated and gauged and quantified and evaluated to the nth degree
Every this and that clearly obvious to most everyone else from the get-go.

* * * *
You are very much alone, you have always been very much alone,
And despite the hypnotizing sensory play about you,
You will ever be very much alone.
How else could the singularity be single?

* * * *
In every end, it will be as it was in every beginning,
As it was in every meridian and every twinkling in every between,
And as it is in every imaginable before, as it is in every imaginable after, as well.
Any notion that your “youness” is in any way separate from the eternal
Is nothing more than the delusion of the sensory mind-body.

* * * *
Each and every timeless, streaming moment passes the same.
Call it second, call it minute, call it hour, call it day, call it night, call it this year or that,
It is ever the same quantum eternity dancing in its own illumination,
And you, the awareness, its creator and witness.

* * * *
Awareness is the perceiving, awareness is the observing, awareness is the witnessing.
There is no observer, there is no witness; the source is not a thing, it is not consciousness,
It is not at all attached to any who, any what, any where, any when, any why, any how.
It merely is – indivisibly, indescribably, timelessly– free and clear of all attributes.

* * * *
The eternal salvation so many glibly guarantee is up to you to alone discern.
Even if you follow a trusted guide up an arduous, rocky mountain trail,
You are still required to endure each and every step along the way.

* * * *
Time is the streaming of consciousness.
There is no time in the heart of awareness.
Abandon the ticking clock lodged in your mind,
And apperceive the timeless, immeasurable beingness
You truly are, have ever been, will ever be.

* * * *
Do not be ensnared by the temporal mind-body you imagine your Self to be.
It is but ductless glands and viscera, a vehicle of relatively fleeting duration

* * * *
Everyone marches to the beat of one drum or another.
Some are too loud to be heard, others too muted not to be.

* * * *
The indifferent known, the indifferent unknown,
The indifferent universe, the indifferent world, the indifferent space-time,
The indifferent quantum, the indifferent mind-body, the indifferent who-what-where-when-why-how,
The indifferent now, the indifferent awareness, the indifferent truth, the indifferent false,
The indifferent everything, the indifferent nothing, the indifferent whatever,
All the same indifference masked by every indivisible guise.

* * * *
This spinning orb is the universe’s insane asylum, oft times called Hell.
For shards of Soul who believe they are separate from the null and void.

* * * *
This manifest theater, this temporal realm,
Concocts an inexhaustible diversity of bullshit.
So it goes. deal with it, get over it, move on.
Alone and absolute, if you can manage it.

* * * *
Discern the timeless stillness of the awareness prior to consciousness.
Become that peace, that tranquility, that calmness, that that serenity.

* * * *
Everyone would do well to challenge, to confront, their imaginary deities,
Their superstitions, their fallacies, their delusions, and whatever other dreads,
At least once and awhile to find out if anything noteworthy really happens.
Take a scientific approach rather than be some meme-ridden puppet.

* * * *
In any given life there are some good decisions,
Some mediocre decisions, and some really bad decisions.
Regrets are no doubt piled high and cringing in any given mind.
Oh well, so it goes, deal with it, get over it, move on.

* * * *
The incalculable theaters of mind already come and gone in the human paradigm
Ever delineate the future, ever forge the options of new generations,
Ever channel them into unprecedented venues,
From which they cast their progeny into their rendering.

* * * *
What is human existence but an ever-streaming play of consciousness,
An ever-kaleidoscoping play of some given mind attached to some given circumstance,
An ever-emanating play of minds mesmerized by every imaginable difference
That the delusions of sensory illusion can fashion real and true.
Ultimately nothing more than the quantum enigma
Playing a game of light and shadow.

* * * *
The purgatory of consciousness offers only fragmented peace.
Heaven is the motionless oblivion of pure, unfiltered awareness.

* * * *
The time born of mind reigns through the continuity of its many memes, its many patterns.
Consciousness reinforces these repetitive cultural blueprints through conditioning.
Relatively few are inclined to free themselves from their domesticated lot,
To discern the timeless awareness at the cradle of all imagined.

* * * *
Gaia is in the remorseless, fell grip of the monkey-mind.
The fruit of the garden is fated to be its cancerous demise.

* * * *
Quantum awareness, quantum consciousness: omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent.
What more god could you possibly witness? What more god could you possibly be?

* * * *
To see the reality of this awareness clearly, to discern what you truly, undoubtedly, are,
You must have the concentration and fortitude of a tightrope walker crossing a canyon.

* * * *
Self pity, what an odious waste.
Besides which, what is the point of feeling wretched
Given that you are doomed: doomed to suffering, decline, and annihilation,
No matter how you pander your sentiments about it.

* * * *
What is the universe but a quantum creation spun of nothing,
And every existence witness to a unique cosmos of patterned design,
As devised by the senses in their eternal perception of the winds of illusion.

* * * *
We are only joking ourselves if we think anyone,
Much less anyone in the political-economic-religious forum,
Is going to steer a safer course, much less turn our little Titanic around.
We only exist, we only abide, at this absurd level of beyond-the-pale statistical intrigue
Because of oil and our beyond-the-pale tool-making ability, coupled with an insatiable greed for more.
There is no happy ending, no over the rainbow, to the horror story daily unfolding.
Economic and environmental collapse is inevitable;
How and when the only question.

* * * *
Consciousness concocts every imaginable speculation
To grapple with this inexplicable quantum mystery,
But its ultimate reality of is prior any metaphor.

* * * *
What is the dreaming state – the thoughts, the images, the sensations – of sleep,
But the incessant movement of the mind without sensory reference points?
Is there really a division between consciousness and sub-consciousness,
Or is it merely the mind facing or not facing whatever reality is unfolding?

* * * *
The mind is a weaving of attachment to all its imagery.
Everything though and done is founded upon the conditioning
Of space-time since the inception of its first perception.

* * * *
Consciousness is the movement, the vibration, the lightning storm, of the brain.
Mind is fabricated by the attachment to the many emotional and conceptual patterns,
The conditioning, to which it abides for whatever sojourn the dreamtime of quantum ordains.

* * * *
It is a perpetual yellow brick road littered with non sequitur.
So it goes, deal with it, get over it, move on.
Awareness, alone, serene.

* * * *
What is any description, any identification, any categorization, any hypothesis, any stereotype,
But a gray matter pigeonhole in which assumptions can be warehoused,
Taken out, cooked, and served up as needed.

* * * *
It is the nature of reflective, earnest doubt that no lie will long suffice.
Once you embark on this solitary journey to discern the truth of this implacable mystery,
There will be a never-ending array of ever-enticing interruptions and diversions.
Every sort of blind alley, roadblock, dead end, and impasse imaginable.
But there will be no turning back, there will be no stopping.

* * * *
Which came first, the chicken or the egg?
What does it matter, they are both illusion.

* * * *
If you give your self over to Self,
Things just seem take care of themselves
In a way that only you very much alone can witness.
No need to pray to some idol, no need to worship some god,
Just being fully in the ever-kaleidoscoping moment is more than enough.

* * * *
What is a reasonable profit in commerce, and what is usury,
Depends upon who contrives the rules of the game,
And what the market will bear or bull.

* * * *
Achieving the so-called higher states of consciousness
– Detachment, wisdom, harmony, serenity, equanimity, contentment –
Are especially arduous, and take a great deal of practice.

* * * *
So many issues ahead in this, the world our kind has crafted:
Overpopulation, resource depletion, pollution, waste and waste disposal,
Ocean acidification, acid rain, ozone layer depletion, global warming, climate change,
Loss of biodiversity, habitat loss, deforestation, urban sprawl, water scarcity,
Economic mayhem, warfare, terrorism, civil unrest and pestilence.
To name a few.

* * * *
The awareness you are is within all life from the smallest to greatest, all across creation.
So you are every moment being born, you are every moment dying.
Life and death, how are they not the same?

* * * *
Standing for nothing is the only way to avoid the exceedingly common human delusion
That existence has some paramount meaning and purpose, that values are authentic and true,
That morals, that ethics, are more than just vain concoctions of a species that has yet to come to terms
With the fact that they are but temporal consequences of evolutionary happenstance.

* * * *
Always agreeable to have enough coins of the realm to stay more than just afloat,
But too big a pile can wander into the exceedingly bothersome domain of cursedom.

* * * *
Thought has a tendency to get caught up in one little-self fixation after another.
To dwell in the no-self zone requires great detachment from the world,
And all the incalculable universes that emerge and subside
Upon an constantly changing elemental crust,
That basks in the radiance of a relatively temperate star.

* * * *
You are the sacrifice, your life has been chosen,
And you are carrying a cross of your own making.
We are all martyrs of our own imaginary notion.

* * * *
We must all go-through-it-to-see-through-it on so many things.
It is the nature of the beast that we all must all embark anew.

* * * *
What sense can perceive the eternal conundrum of awareness?
What attribute can prove it? What word can define it? What mind can bind it?
Awareness is the sovereignty of all things imperceptible, unprovable, indefinable, unbindable.

* * * *
You are the eternal awareness experiencing manifest form.
To die to the little self is not physical death, but psychic death.
It is awakening, it is being born again, into the Self you truly are.

* * * *
Call it all progress if you will,
But that which is not in harmony with natural law,
Has ever been little more than a long and winding road through perdition.

* * * *
The dormancy of a deep, deep sleep is the recharging of the vitality.
All the activity of personal mythos, all the sensory shimmering in that imaginary center,
All that desire and dread and passion grind down the corporeal mind-body.
It goes home for a little oblivion, interrupted only by dreams.

* * * *
An indifferent universe witness by an indifferent awareness.
Is the notion of caring any less capricious than the wind?

* * * *
Those to whom you are closest,
Those upon whom you can depend,
Manifest reliable affection and respect.
They may or may not be related by genome.

* * * *
Once you discern there is something more than the mundane temporal to this existence,
Once you realize awareness is the source code to this dreamtime, the rest is up to you.

* * * *
No matter how vividly you might remember anything,
It is nothing more than the mind caught in imaginary notion,
Not the sensory perception of the unfolding moment itself.

* * * *
How quickly attitude can turn on its head.
How quickly perspective can morph into some contrary state.
How quickly white can become black, light become shadow, good become evil,
Clear become murky, more become less, hit become miss, right become wrong, love become hate,
Similar become different, have become have not, smile become frown, ecstasy become agony,
Flexible become rigid, pleasure become pain, interest become tedium, full become empty,
Kindness become intolerance, compassion become cruelty, inclusion become isolation,
Moderation become excess, exotic become tedious, eloquence become incoherent,
Positive become negative, respect become disdain, esteem become loathing,
Logic become arbitrary, harmony become discord, benevolence become malice,
Modesty become vain, honor become shame, virtue become vice, refined become coarse,
Yes become no, trust become suspicion, tolerance become prejudice, sensible become absurd,
Soft become hard, unconditional become qualified, sincerity become irony, reason become paradox,
Deep become shallow, hot become cold, happiness become sorrow, respect become contempt,
Freedom become coercion, paradise become dystopia, indivisible become divisible,
Reality becomes illusion, truth become delusion, red pill become blue pill,
And vice versa and hither-thither gray on all of the above, as well.
What is the psyche but a swirling cauldron of passion.

* * * *
Why in any god’s name would anyone ever need to kill anyone else,
Simply because they do not see this unfathomable mystery the same way?
How stupid must stupid be before stupid wakes up to its stupidity?

* * * *
Whether coincidences are anything more or less
Than the mystery creaking silently away in its synergistic fashion,
All speculations aside, is well beyond the pay grade of we playing out the mortal realm.

* * * *
You have always been very much alone.
Your attempts to avoid it have always proven futile.
It is your eternal nature no matter the diversity streaming about.

* * * *
You have often witnessed the absurdity, the inanity, the insanity,
Of those who thoughtlessly, fearfully, abide in one form of ignorance or another.
Seek out those who freely tender sound and compassionate wisdom,
And then only to listen, to learn, and perchance to own.

* * * *
And what is wisdom but seeing the relativity of all things,
And flowing easily, content, between the insights all garner.

* * * *
Somehow the mysterious indivisible quantum glue of the eternal now
Holds together each and every streaming holograph moment one into the next.
It is just all too fucking boggling for consciousness to ever wrap its wee little mind around.

* * * *
You cannot see what you cannot see.
You cannot feel what you cannot feel.
You cannot hear what you cannot hear.
You cannot taste what you cannot taste.
You cannot smell what you cannot smell.
You cannot know what you cannot know.

* * * *
What many call love is not without endless arrays of conditions.
It is worm-ridden with expectations and tradeoffs and manipulations.
Anything less than that which is unconditional is not love, pure and simple.

* * * *
Humanity is only as great as its capacity to synergize itself and the web of life to continuation.
To embrace destruction and death over of guardianship is a sure road to chaos and extinction.

* * * *
Some seem born with a certainty about their destiny,
Some never determine any particular fate calling their name,
And some must wait until late in the game to get their ticket punched.

* * * *
The sins of the universe are erased when the original nature is realized.
The notion of good and evil is nothing more than human vanity
Playing out patterning bred in the jungles of long ago.

* * * *
There will be no end to the human narrative, to human storytelling,
As long as there is imagination to sustain the underlying collusion.

* * * *
In the worship of any god or gods,
What are individuals or groups really doing,
But bowing and scraping to imaginary confabulations?

* * * *
You must be very fearless undo all that has been done to tackle the unknown.
It is a yellow-brick-road journey from which you will not return as you were.

* * * *
Learn to learn for learning’s sake, for its intrinsic meaning.
Do not learn just for grades; do not learn simply to regurgitate.
Do not learn purely for little rectangles of paper framed on a wall.
Do not learn merely for the sake of a few letters following your name.

* * * *
To state this ethereal kaleidoscoping dreamtime is all one, quantum fact that it is,
Is for many little more than some after-the-fact-romantic-lyrical notion.
The timeless awareness is the ever-present, intangible reality,
And consciousness, despite all its skillful wordplay,
Can in reality never do much more than grunt and point.

* * * *
Though it is countless times the greatest of challenges,
You are, in the you-are-the-world view, your world’s keeper,
For there is not one part or particle that is not
As equally quantum as your Self.

* * * *
Feel the creator, feel the preserver, feel the destroyer, you every moment are.
You are immortal:  No nee to argue it, no need to fear it, no need to idolize it.

* * * *
The challenge for each and every one of us two-leggeds is to first and foremost,
Be our own best friend, our favorite companion, our treasured beloved,
And abstain as often as possible from being our own worst enemy.

* * * *
At some point in the hereness, at some point in the nowness,
Some minds, bit by bit, little by little, awaken to the given conditioning.
Awaken to the great doubt, the great question, and in that calamity of consciousness,
Begin a long and winding and solitary journey towards eternal reunion.

* * * *
Enthrallment with any of the assorted forms of occult power,
Whether it be called paranormal, sorcery, mysticism, spirituality, religion, or ad infinitum,
Are nothing more the continuing dance of consciousness with illusion.

* * * *
Tombs preserve nothing but the dread and hope of a fictitious reality.
The mind-body is an ephemeral means, a temporal carousel,
Ultimately nothing more than a prospective repast
For a variety of worms and other critters.

* * * *
You may have hurt and used many; you may have had many enemies.
When you see your responsibility, and abide the lessons learned,
You are freed of the bothersome burden of regret and hatred.

* * * *
Is the intensity awash in the true believer’s eyes
Really anything more than the vanity of consciousness
Embroiled in its own double-double-toil-and-trouble brew?

* * * *
You wander from trend to trend, craze to craze, believing you live meaningfully.
What folly to think pleasure after pleasure will satisfy the ceaseless yearning for more.
The insatiable craving of consciousness for everlasting exhilaration is a barren vine.

* * * *
Those who would explore the expanses of the eternal mind
Will wander through many cycles of limbo, of anguish, of despair.
In the play of consciousness, there are no heights without nadirs between.

* * * *
Yet another walking-talking dittohead meme.
A babbling brook may well make more sense.

* * * *
Every culture across the world, across time,
Has indoctrinated its young to think a certain way.
All are imprisoned in one form of conditioning or another.
Even the greatest doubt must deal with the given mind.

* * * *
Telescopes and microscopes, and all the technologies,
Have conveyed humanity to every conceivable large and small,
But it is ever the same sensory set, the same monkey-mind, filtering it all.
We are both masters and slaves to our tool-making capabilities,
And the imagination to which we so earnestly cling.

* * * *
Any given existence is just one thing after another:
Twinklings of delight punctuated by stretches of misery,
An indivisible dance from whatever beginning to whatever end.

* * * *
No fun being on a cross,
And playing statue in a back yard
Is not really much to write home about, either.

* * * *
Someone may point out this inexplicable, indivisible mystery,
And perhaps offer thoughts and suggestions and cautions and encouragement.
Call them teachers, call them gurus, call them priests, call them mystics, call them what you will.
But there are no followers in the journey, the expedition, the quest, the pursuit, for Self.
There are no disciples, no believers, no devotees, no partisans, no adherents.
Only friends and acquaintances, and perhaps the vexing adversary,
All inquiring, very much alone, into what is real and true.

* * * *
In the innermost voyage of awakening,
Attachment to the given mind-body has less and less footing.
From the ultimate panorama, the corporeal arrangement, the perceptual patterning,
Is nothing more than a temporal, sensory vehicle,
A means, not an end.

* * * *
There are those who journey about the world,
And remain as insular as the day they departed the womb.
And there are world travelers, cosmic dancers,
Who need not step off the front porch.

* * * *
There can really only be one source to this mystery.
The only question is whether it wears a Christian face,
A Muslim face, a Buddhist face, a Taoist face, a Hindu face,
Or any face at all.

* * * *
Life happens.
Death happens.
Nothing happens.

* * * *
There can only be so many geniuses in any given arena of spirited endeavor,
Otherwise any given fourth or so standard deviation would be but a new normal.

* * * *
What is any pattern but an energy system
Interacting seamlessly with other energy systems
In one vast indivisible all-in-one-one-in-all quantum sea.

* * * *
If you don’t say it now, if you don’t do it now, whatever it is won't get done.
Now's the one and only moment, now’s one and only the time, now's the one and only way.
No matter who-what-where-when-why-how says it, no matter who-what-where-when-why-how does it,
If it isn’t said now, if it isn’t done now, how else will time play out its imaginary day?

* * * *
Life and death are intertwined: one is not without the other
In each and every moment of this play of imaginary design.

* * * *
It is attachment to one parochial mindset or another,
Attachment to one narrow-minded, insular vision or another,
That blinds so many to the fact that the same truth is indivisible in all.

* * * *
The gods of the electromagnetic spectrum run the gamut from long waves to short,
From the cosmic rays to the broadcast bands: the gamma rays, the x-rays,
The ultraviolets, the infrareds, the microwaves, the radars, the radios,
And whatever other idolatrous icons indivisibly radiates between and betwixt.

* * * *
You are the quantum program,
You are the quantum programmer,
Creation creating a quantum mirage.

* * * *
The great unknown, a mystery prior to the spontaneity of creation.
No need to fear it, no need to worship it, no need to bow or scrape to it,
No need to name it, no need to dogmatize it, no need to swath it in laurels.
No need to do anything other than to simply be it, as awareness allows.

* * * *
The sea of awareness knows no time,
Knows no space, is bound by no limitation.
What words could ever suffice to expound eternity?

* * * *
All mythologies are mind-made narratives; none abide in the eternal abyss.
They are not foundations to anything more than arbitrary, capricious cultural memes.
Thumb-sucking security blankets for those unable to endure alone the winds of temporal illusion.

* * * *
There is no normal, no ordinary, no typical, no common, no average, no conventional,
Just a world full of bat-crazy two-leggeds who think they are rational,
And band together into memes and dogmatize about it.

* * * *
Jesus ain’t coming back, and you won’t, either.
Each existence is a one-time show courtesy of the given seed,
And the ever-churning matrix into which it is cast.

* * * *
Light is a timeless function of the senses projecting into the mind.
Without their every-moment role as creators of time and space,
What light would be possible, what light would be necessary?

* * * *
Do not be bound by the constraints of this mortal theater.
It is but a play of capacities and limitations.
What is, is without attributes,
And that is the I Am you in reality are.

* * * *
All is indivisibly flawless-faultless-seamless-immaculate.
Only the worldly mind grapples with it as anything less.

* * * *
Free your Self of the concept of original sin,
The dualistic notion decreed by ignorance upon innocence,
That you were involuntarily forced into by being cast into the human epoch.
None are born wicked, none are born offending any god or gods,
None are born transgressing any moral imperative.
There is no sin, no evil, only separation.

* * * *
Identification with any person, any place, any thing, any quality, any action,
Will only confabulate suffering for you and everyone entering your shadow.

* * * *
Why be envious of experiences others are fated to play out?
Are any parts really, truly, more important than your own?
Not even one iota of quantum stardust could be more or less.

* * * *
In the figurative, rhetorical, metaphorical sense, we all commit suicide.
Merely by having been flung into existence by the genetic lottery,
Each seeks out, through many choices, consciously or not,
One manner of tangible decline and fall or another.

* * * *
Discern the nature of any life form
In the awareness peering through their eyes.
There are none who are not cousins of the same puddle.

* * * *
Asceticism is very challenging because sensory pleasures are so tantalizing.
The pain they create is easily overlooked until the cost outweighs the return.

* * * *
You are reminded of your immortality, yet choose the death of separation.
All for a few coins, the vanity of the senses, and an ceaseless variety of illusive dreams.
We are all parts in each other's plays, witnesses to an infinite diversity.
Use your awareness to discover the unicity of it.

* * * *
You may have traveled long, you may have traveled far,
But through all those countless kaleidoscoping undertakings,
When have you not been the timeless-stillness-hereness-nowness?

* * * *
What species is not bound to the capricious nature
Of the niche, of the nooks and crannies, in which they evolved.
Some may be more adaptable to change than others,
But all must abide in one yoke or another.

* * * *
Belief is a spurious brainchild of dualistic notion.
To believe implies that the subject is not connected to the object,
That the beingness is some dynamic force outside you, the observer, the witness.
It is a denial of the unicity of all that is seen, and all that is unseen.

* * * *
You are perchance here to discover the source of your beingness.
If and when that happens is souly up the fate to which you feel called.

* * * *
Everyone and everything is of the same source.
Everyone and everything has full and free access to it,
If they have the wit, the interest, the attentiveness, to discern it.
There is absolutely no point in quarreling over it.

* * * *
What need for belief? What need for creed? What need for faith? What need for prayer?
What insecure beasts we are that such inflated, hollow notions are given more import
Than the timeless awareness offered in each and every kaleidoscoping moment.

* * * *
From whence comes the ever-present voice you are within and without,
Is your portal to the awareness you truly are, have ever been, will ever be.
Make the call, take the plunge, score the deal, play the choiceless, ever now.

* * * *
Declare to your Self what Jesus is rumored to have said:
“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”
Now, discern the undogmatic truth that statement really implies.

* * * *
You many accumulate much gold and many possessions,
But in the final reckoning, it how well you addressed your heart and mind
That will prove to be the greatest treasure, the greatest gift.

* * * *
You purchase, you barter, you gather, you maintain, you consume,
In every way your time and space allows, yet what are you in the reality
Before all beginnings, after all endings, and within every play of light between,
But an indivisible fistful of timeless, inviolable, undying, quantum dust?

* * * *
Anger, annoyance, irritation, indignation, antagonism, bitterness, wrath, rage, fury:
How challenging not to give oneself over to its remorseless, unquenchable passion.

* * * *
Look at all the stress, all the strain, all the worry, compounding daily in your mind.
All because desire and fear are locked in a self-torturing dance.
To what end, Pilgrim, to what end?

* * * *
The weaving of doubt and negation are the magic carpet, the ruby slippers,
That will get you back to the integrity of the eternal mind,
The virtuousness of the eternal life.

* * * *
Where are you in the bell curve,
The rise and fall, of the human paradigm?
Who can say but those at its end?

* * * *
It is the nature of the beast, the Darwinian genome within all of us,
That even the most well-intentioned, the most conscientious, the most diligent,
Run the risk of harming others to some degree at least occasionally.

* * * *
Just because you are unhappy with the powers that be
Does not mean you hand it over to the village idiot.

* * * *
As you skim this thought, everything manifested, everything quantum, is ever shimmering anew.
A wave of life comes into being, another crashes down, and many roil in the between.
Wave after wave after wave, timeless, without beginning, without end.

* * * *
The obvious fact is that every life form
Is a drop of that which is the truth, the life, and the way.
To maintain any lesser vision is delusional, and serves no significant purpose,
Other than to create perpetual, meaningless, divisive struggle.

* * * *
In this ever-changing cause-and-effect reverie, there is no going back, there is no rewind button.
You cannot change what is not changeable, you cannot mend what is not mendable.
You must enjoy in ecstasy or endure in agony whatever consequences
Your ephemeral window of dreamtime has in store.

* * * *
There is much more faith in timelessly abiding in the awareness of the given moment,
Accepting whatever gifts, enduring whatever tortures, the eternal dreamtime manifests,
Than can ever be concocted by any fear-based belief system fabricated of the human mind.

* * * *
Does the dreamtime in your head
Ebb and flow from one extreme to another?
Only you can fathom the many thoughts, the many passions,
To which you so steadfastly, resolutely cling.

* * * *
All belief systems of mortal persuasion are fear-based, greed-laced, and mundanely played.
It takes much more courage to stand alone, absolute and free in the indivisible dreamtime of eternity,
Than it ever will milling about, mindlessly ditto-heading with any time-bound, idolatrous herd.

* * * *
What a curious thing to believe anyone across the world
Is ever thinking about you as relentlessly as you yourself do.
Even the most saintly of mothers moves on at some point.

* * * *
You must investigate existence for your Self.
All the words in the cosmos will not magic-carpet you there.
It is a scientific experiment that must be replicated by all, very much alone.

* * * *
Your mortal stance, when contrasted to the eternity you truly are,
Is really no longer than that of a fruit fly, or even the universe.
What is it that entices you to believe this worldly theater real?

* * * *
You want to hold onto everyone and everything so badly.
No doubt sand falling through fingers feels the same.

* * * *
Every life form is bound to one niche or another,
And can only carry on as long as its adaptability to change allows.
The web of life is interconnected in countless ways, and those who shred it too harshly,
Must eventually face the reality of their own adaptability forever undone.

* * * *
In less than a blink of a blink of blink,
All is undone and done, again and again,
An infinity of times prior to all counting.

* * * *
What an incredible thing to give your dream over to whatever winds blow,
To sail through life, no direction known, tacking to and fro as caprice dictates,
Each and every harbor yet another quest, another exploration, another adventure.
To set aside dread and desire, to leave behind all who would dictate otherwise,
Is a life for which only the rare few have either enthusiasm or audacity.

* * * *
Only in timeless awareness is there anything resembling free will,
And even then the patterned meme filters the dreamtime theater.

* * * *
What is mating between male and female but two half-strands of genomic material,
Evolved from the same double-double-toil-and-trouble puddle of life’s origin,
Coming together into a new universe of sensory-inspired imagination.

* * * *
You are That I Am
Which is born again and again anew
In each and every eternally kaleidoscoping immortal moment.

* * * *
How can the mind that ever longs for certainty,
Ever concede to that which can never be known?

* * * *
The only thing anyone can be sure of, is that no one can be sure of anything.
Even death and taxes are rather dubious in the fathoming of the unfathomable.

* * * *
How everything can be so different, and yet so much the same all the while,
Is the ever-present irony and paradox of this indivisible quantum mystery,
To which all fated to discern must in timeless awareness mindlessly fathom.

* * * *
You peruse these many thoughts,
But how you translate them
Is entirely based on the frame of reference
Through which your time-bound mortal dream timelessly filters.

* * * *
Who Siddhartha or Mohammed or Lao Tzu or Shankara or Moses or Jesus or Nietzsche,
Or any of the many, many others, might have been, does not matter even one iota.
Who are you? Ever the same question, ever the same answer, for one and all.

* * * *
It is only your attachment to the drama of mind that creates all this passion and angst,
That disrupts what otherwise shoulda-coulda-woulda been a relatively peaceful existence.

* * * *
Conditions set by any given mythos are rarely more than superficially endured
By those willing to face the consequences of standing alone against the tide,
Those willing to withstand the inexorable furies of the given groupthink.

* * * *
Everyone and everything in your entire existence, from the first breath to the last,
Be they family, friends, acquaintances, adversaries, or strangers,
Be it Star Wars Legos or a Lamborghini,
Is a footnote in your ever-expanding frame of reference.

* * * *
The fact that you are here in a particular form
Means you must act, you must function, in one way or another.
Until the body-mind is done, until it is food for worms, you will play out the given role.
The way that happens is labeled in many ways: destiny, fate, kismet, karma.
All of absolutely no importance to the witnessing awareness.

* * * *
Much of the world already well knows many times over,
That Malthus's discourses on overpopulation were accurate,
That food technologies cannot kick the can down any road forever.
It is a sign of our likely longevity that we have neither the wit nor the will
To hold back from our hardwired biological urge to procreate,
Either for our progeny's sake, or for our world's.

* * * *
Despite all groupthink to the contrary, you must work out your own eternal salvation.
Believing, hoping, praying, that some other will do it for you misses the reality.
Embracing agnostic oblivion is the true potential offered by awareness.

* * * *
To realize without doubt that you are the indivisible,
That you are not the temporal body or the universe it entails,
Is the supreme benediction, the paramount grace, existence can offer.

* * * *
Real and true peace is an unattainable ideal for the passionate mind.
Only in the stillness of eternal awareness is its true realization attained.

* * * *
Jesus was never called a Christian, Siddhartha a Buddhist, nor Lao Tzu a Taoist.
Neither were any of the many other oracles and seers and mystics and diviners.
Why should the real you ever endure the burden of any meaningless labels?

* * * *
The likely reality is that you neither agree or disagree with anyone all the time.
It is rather the tone and scale that establishes the barometer of many choices.

* * * *
Every human being has their own raison d'être,
Their own meaning, their own purpose, their own rationale.
Their own motivation, ethos, inspiration, philosophy, belief, and hope.
All are equally imagined, so there is no point in judging.
Be and allow, as the given moment allows.

* * * *
A child does not yet comprehend its ever-expanding universe.
Its innocence is transparent, its mind unblemished, its heart untarnished,
By the innumerable agonies and ecstasies the mind-body in consciousness has in store.

* * * *
It is awareness that is the immortal aspect, not consciousness.
Consciousness is but the filament of imagination,
The means to create and play in time.
It can never be real.

* * * *
The real gold of this ephemeral dreamtime existence
Is right relationship with nature, with all life in its myriad forms.
To value that which is but glitter, that which is but greed,
Is to miss entirely the quality of existence itself.

* * * *
One Screen to rule them all.
One Screen to find them,
One Screen to bring them all
And in the absurdity bind them.

* * * *
Quantum is the multi-dimensional veil,
In which the omnipresent-omniscient-omnipotent mystery,
The nothingness of origin, god by any name, the source its Self, witnesses all.

* * * *
To detach completely from everything, from all clung to by body and mind,
From all things, from all concepts, from all sense of self as identity.
All desires, all fears, all passions, all me-myself-and-I,
So as to be nothing but the anonymity of pure consciousness.

* * * *
Regret means that you learned something from the consequences of an action.
Some call it conscience, a.k.a. morality, scruples, ethics, principles, integrity.

* * * *
How much easier, how much simpler it all was,
Before sexuality bloomed into its inevitable genetic spectacle,
We were likely all much better off, much happier,
When innocence was a daily dose.

* * * *
You travel through existence believing it all real and true,
Until in one fated moment of realization, who knows when, kapow!
The cadaver suddenly seems both older and younger than you once thought.
And you spend the rest of your dream watching its bones turn to dust.

* * * *
You must act in order to exist in this manifest dream.
The challenge is not allowing the day-to-day to weigh you down.
To curtail the inherent friction of temporality upon the ever-present mind.

* * * *
In consciousness, desire is an insatiable, unquenchable force,
And fear its excruciating, insufferable, irrational alter-ego.

* * * *
Existence is long no matter how short, and short no matter how long.
Will you die content with all it has been, all that you have done and seen,
Or forlorn, miserable, lonely, bitter, yearning for more, more, more?

* * * *
No, it is not all about you.
Yes, it is all about you.

* * * *
Assume the words Jesus uttered were a personal vision of the greater source.
So are the thoughts of every mystic, every seer, in every time, in every geography.
The quest for union is toll-free to any and all who open themselves to the portal within.
The words cannot help but be different, but the essence has everything in common.

* * * *
Everything thought – everything seen, felt, heard, smelt, tasted – is but projection.
A perpetually kaleidoscoping a priori reverie of remembering and forgetting.
Really nothing more than sensory perception given imaginary significance.

* * * *
All idols were once very much human,
Or concocted by one mortal mind or another.
There is no deity separate from what you really are.

* * * *
Human history is the synergy of the tribal mind evolved in the jungles of long ago.
The mind bent towards one groupthink or another, be it family or community or nation state.
Sometimes the connection is social; other times economic or religious or bloodline.
Whatever the case, every ripple in this time-bound human paradigm
Is linked to the unalterable genetic coding within all.

* * * *
What is consciousness but wave after wave bound to attributes.
Awareness is the nothingness, the unknowable unknown of eternity,
Prior to all dimensions, all imaginary dreams of space and time.

* * * *
Youth, where does it go?
Ask the fading rose.

* * * *
Birth is a moment like this, death is a moment like this,
And the eternal life between is filled with moments like this.

* * * *
In the philosophical-mystical realm, there is no authority
But what any given other discerns in the truth of the words.

* * * *
A greater aloneness each and every day
As family and friends and acquaintances and adversaries,
Finish their races, and you not far behind.

* * * *
Humankind is not the be-all-end-all of this manifest mystery theater.
We have certainly played out a remarkable epoch in our trifling swath of space-time,
One likely not replicated anywhere else across the starry-starry cosmos,
But our egocentric, ethnocentric, geocentric hullabaloo,
From whatever onset to whatever finale,
Has never really been more
Than vanity-vanity-all-is-vanity on steroids.
Really little more than a twitch in the electromagnetic spectrum.

* * * *
True religion requires no dogma.
The true church requires no edifice.

* * * *
It is but vanity that sets will to endure so much.
Better perpetual torture than the feast of worms.

* * * *
The decline of age involves not being near as bright and clever as you once were,
And perhaps finally discerning enough to at-last-long-overdue apprehend
You were never near as bright and clever as you once believed.

* * * *
How can you ever make sense of something so absurdly wacko,
That rationality gave up and is drinking alone in some forsaken bar.

* * * *
Imagine you suddenly came into consciousness in an adult body without any prior experience.
No narration, no knowledge, no conditioning, no language, no attachment, no desire, no fear,
No family, no friends, no enemies, no sense of identity, completely alone, an absolute abyss.
Just pure awareness, observing the sensory feed without it making any sense, whatsoever.
A stranger in a strange land, wandering the ephemeral garden orb, as free as free can be.

* * * *
You are but a momentary portal to that which is unknowable.
An ephemeral window between what is and what is not,
In which the eternal witness has the opportunity
To observe its Self through a worldly dream.

* * * *
You are Quantum: creator-preserver-destroyer of universes beyond counting.
All across this world, in every epoch, you have sung many songs
And left behind many writings, many creations.
You are all that has ever been, you are all that will ever be.
And in your wake, every possible ripple, every imaginable consequence.
All creation emanates within and without the indifference of your timeless awareness.

* * * *
What prosperity is there in preservation?
Destruction and mayhem fatten the Beast.

* * * *
All the pain, all the pleasure, all the agony, all the ecstasy, you have ever experienced,
Have been profound teachings when seen from the vista panorama of pure awareness.

* * * *
The unknowable unknown,
The never-born-never-die quantum reality,
Is immeasurably, indivisibly, timelessly, absolutely anonymous.

* * * *
What if the entire human spectacle, the entire world, the entire universe, the entire creation.
Is merely a means, a scheme, a ruse, a gambit, a ploy, a plan, a tactic, a stratagem,
For the ultimate awareness, the ultimate intelligence, to discern its Self.
What if the definitive speculation is all about you sitting there,
Quietly reading these words, and realizing it true,
And you Soul witness of your version.

* * * *
Why keep investing in anything that can never possibly bear fruit,
Anything doomed to a pattern of self-absorption,
And all the delusions born of it.

* * * *
Consciousness requires attributes to play out its spew of imaginary notions.
Without forms, without concepts, it is caught in the abyss of awareness.

* * * *
What is the main reasons for the study of history,
But fathoming how our kind reached this point in dreamtime.
We do not have to keep repeating our patterns, continuing our collusions,
But the possibility of any meaningful change is right up in there with the flying pigs.

* * * *
In the play of space-time, why would, why should, how could,
Anyone ever live their life according to some translation
Other than the one their sensory dream imagines.

* * * *
If you examine everything through a Darwinian filter,
What makes humankind so potent is that in our evolutionary stampede,
Consciousness has magnified the underlying animal instincts to such a beyond-all-pales degree
That we are well past changing course or slamming on the brakes in any meaningful way.
Ergo, we are exponentially accelerating pedal-to-the-metal in every imaginable venue,
And only a few inches from a very solid, a very certain wall built by natural law.
Yet another petri dish experiment confabulated by an indifferent universe.

* * * *
Memory is a dead thing thought living,
A swirl of energy given meaning, a notion given relevance.
Imagination, nothing more, nothing less.

* * * *
Awareness is a solitary quality of mind, a state of timelessness, of eternal life.
And if you are to awaken to it, you must awaken alone,
For no one can do it for you.

* * * *
Death will arrive in a moment very much like this one,
With consciousness coming to an end, and eternity steadfastly carrying on,
Without the you as you have come to know it in the identification with the mind-body dreamtime.
The one and only real you, that you always are, have always been, will ever be.

* * * *
In this our pride-filled world, there are always those
Who are considered smarter, faster, stronger, lovelier, kinder.
There are always those thought stupider, slower, weaker, uglier, meaner.
We are all wandering somewhere in the statistical dynamic,
Somewhere in the bell curve of our kind.

* * * *
The lazy mind is rarely a receptacle of doubt,
Or certainly of not more than the shallow sort.

* * * *
One of the many curious things in the human drama
Is that half-baked solutions to problems in the ever-here-now,
Always seem to evolve into fully-baked problems
In a continuous then after then.

* * * *
What is the paradigm of human consciousness
But a perpetual, whirling dance of the seven emotions:
Hate … adoration … joy … anxiety … anger … grief … fear …
And occasionally the unwritten eighth: contentment.

* * * *
Any and all idolatry is but the imaginary confabulation of the conceptual mind.
It was not any deity who created us in its image, but we, he-or-she-or-it, in ours.
Give this moment, this instant, no thought, and awareness is the unalterable alter,
The matrix, the hologram, in which you very much alone, in every twinkling, reside.

* * * *
What is an accident but a mutation of sorts,
A new tack from what would otherwise have been.
Embrace it or not, it is a fact in any existence.

* * * *
Through a variety of Darwinian happenchances, humankind evolved
Such that its imagination created the fictional collusion of time.
To accomplish this revolutionary leap from Eden's instinctive rhythm,
Every manner of delusion was incorporated to cultivate and expand its viability,
The sense of identity being the first and foremost thread in its intricate, illusory weaving.

* * * *
It is a curious thing, the dance between male and female,
That men spend the relationship trying to save women, try to make them happy,
And women spend it trying to change men, try to domesticate them,
None of which the genetic coding will likely ever allow.

* * * *
What is any historical notion, whether individual, or tribal to whatever scale,
But consciousness playing out its perpetual vanity-vanity-all-is-vanity cadence.

* * * *
When you unloose them traces after a lifetime of work,
The challenge is recombobulating the scars beneath.

* * * *
Human consciousness is but one lineage,
Of the of the natural-selection quantum mystery of evolution.
The synergy of awareness, brain, brawn, sensory nerve endings, opposable thumbs, larynx,
Two arms, two legs, lung capacity, group dynamics, sexuality, et cetera.
Witness that you are, have ever been, will ever be,
It is all about you, and not all about you all the while.

* * * *
Hearts and minds, boys and girls, hearts and minds,
You do not often or easily win them over with a bludgeon.

* * * *
Try to forget the little self, the fictitious identity, at least once and awhile.
Expand into the indivisible universe, the timeless totality, within and without.
Be the awareness, the big Self, that you truly are, have ever been, and will ever be.

* * * *
To fathom all you are, to fathom all you are not,
To discern the ultimate reality of this enigmatic eternal awareness,
You must examine the given life, the given mind, the given body, both within and without,
Catching and releasing any and every form, any and every thought,
Until only you in still awareness remain.

* * * *
Each and every moment, inhaled and exhaled, examined and released.
The eternal life is not for those who cling to the imaginary concoctions of mind.
The vague memories of all that is ever come and gone, is not real living.
It is the stillness of awareness that is the fountain of existence.

* * * *
The English language is the embrace-all whore of Babbleon.
She will open her legs to any word, any concept, any metaphor, any simile, any idiom,
And will make it her own as willingly as any moneychanger.

* * * *
Never assume anything figurative, metaphorical, symbolic,
Allegorical, rhetorical, abstract, intangible, or otherwise otherorical,
Has any foothold or domain whatsoever in the ultimate reality.

* * * *
In the human paradigm, any successful competition between groups
Requires that individuals embrace the group objective,
And do whatever it takes to win the game.
What is any success, any triumph, any victory,
But the wills of individuals spun into group synergies,
And the victors getting dibs on the songs of conquest and glory.

* * * *
What is real, what is true, what is you, is never knowable
In anything but the most timeless sense awareness allows.

* * * *
Is consciousness higher or lower in this monkey-mind theater,
Or more likely a long and winding continuum of endless complexity:
More or less intelligent, more or less attentive, more or less knowledgeable,
More or less perceptive, more or less creative– all about different things.
How amazing anything exists at all, much less evolved to such a degree
As to expand this mystery to an even greater scale of unfathomable.

* * * *
What are you but a temporal assumption, a mind made known,
The unconditional playing out a self-actuating algorithm,
That the programmed you, constrained by dreamtime, calls self.
The me-and-myself-and-I to which the human collusion vainly subscribes.

* * * *
Eventually the human drama’s candle will go out, and all we have done
Will perchance be discovered and studied by some intelligent alien species
That has somehow survived their own rise to the heights of cooperative effort,
And become technologically proficient enough to travel across
The vast expanses of an all but infinite universe.
Think about it very astutely, how likely is it, seriously?
And why on earth would it, could it, should it, matter in any way?

* * * *
What forges any hell, any purgatory, any heaven, but relationship with others.
Other imaginary selves with whom your imaginary self synergizes in so many ways.
We are all the same monkey-mind, destined to the agonies and ecstasies of every passion.
Only in the relativity of an enduring detachment is there any possibility of a moderate course.

* * * *
Sisyphus need only let the rock roll back down the hill.
Atlas need only shrug his shoulders and set the world down.
So many things to which we cling for so many imaginary notions.

* * * *
Any given existence is born into a time in which it will play out
Whatever part is dictated by the reverie swirling hither-thither.

* * * *
The chatter and imagery of dreams is no different than that of the awake state.
Consciousness and sub-consciousness, and other imaginary conceptions,
Are not at all as distinct as the delineators would have you believe.

* * * *
No matter where we meander, no matter where we rest our weary heads,
Getting through any given instant still boils down to a mindful dollop of detachment.
Not taking it all so seriously, not taking ourselves so seriously, is the first and last challenge.
Conscious of it or not, in one way or another, we are all playing out the Atlas of our conditioning,
And learning to set down our imaginary universe may not be as hard as we choose to believe.

* * * *
Does everything you believe you possess in reality possess you?
Are commitments to anything in reality anything more
Than twists and turns of irony and paradox?

* * * *
History is but smatterings of stories passed down from generation to generation.
Much of it egocentric-ethnocentric-geocentric braidings of imaginary notion,
To which the blameless future often incoherently, irrationally, binds itself.

* * * *
Who-what-where-when-why-how are you?
Who-what-where-when-why-how are you not?

* * * *
You learn a lot about any individual, a lot about any group ,
When you give them a little power, a little fame, a little fortune.
Sometimes you learn a lot more than you might have wanted to know.

* * * *
How can any gaze out into the immeasurable universe
And truly believe some vain, wrathful deity
Born of their feeble imagination
Did all that and more?

* * * *
From the immeasurable mystery of eternal nothingness,
The quantum churning of creation and preservation and destruction,
An ever-emanating juggernaut beyond all reckoning,
The eternal nothingness all the while.

* * * *
Many if not most need some imaginary deity on the outside,
Because they fathom themselves so measurable on the inside.

* * * *
What identify with anything in this manifest dreamtime?
All the mind-body-universe concepts, you are none of them.
Allow the sovereignty of the inherent aloneness reign supreme.

* * * *
What is life, what is death,
But one-moment-you-are-here-the-next-you-are-not,
And will you discern the difference or not,
Ever the ultimate question.

* * * *
What if no one but you really exists?
What if it is all noting more than imagination
Playing out a sensory dream in the void of awareness?

* * * *
No one can rouse those who sleepwalk undoubting through their given reverie.
Awakening is a banquet to which all are invited, but for which few are earnestly ravenous.
The kaleidoscoping dreamtime of light and sound hypnotizes and seduces most.
You alone must strive to awaken in whatever way your mind allows.

* * * *
What is any other but what you,
In the dream of mind, choose to push, choose to carry.
Let the boulder go, Sisyphus, let it go.
Shrug, Atlas, shrug.

* * * *
Once you cease identifying with the mind-body
And all its imaginary-illusory-sensory-temporal creations,
What to do with whatever dreamtime that remains is a daily wander.

* * * *
The clock is just a machine,
The calendar just numbers on paper.
Only you care what time it is.

* * * *
What is male, what is female, but the ways and means
By which the three-dimensional dreamtime of awareness plays on,
But ultimately ever the same essence, ever the same androgynous indivisibility.

* * * *
In the shades of possibility between mind and heart,
There are many ways to give your self over to your Self.

* * * *
Every bell curve goes up, every bell curve comes down.
The promise of the ever-kaleidoscoping zero-sum game.

* * * *
Humankind, the world, the universe, and all its many creations, is doomed to destruction,
Because there is nothing that can be saved or preserved in this quantum hologram.
Attachment to attributes, attachment to illusion, binds you to such concerns.

* * * *
Regarding your fate, you do not know what it is,
But you do have one, every manifest creation does,
In a quantum indivisible sort of way, of course.

* * * *
No need to define your Self by the limitations of the mind-body
And its ceaseless round-and-round-rat-wheel-in-a-cage thinking.

* * * *
When you move on from anywhere,
Best to get in the habit of glancing back
To spot what you might be leaving behind.
Guaranteed, it will save a lot of bother.

* * * *
In the ever-evolving, ever-swirling, ever-unfolding,
Ever-streaming, ever-emanating web of creation and destruction,
What difference between any life form large or small, strong or weak, fast or slow?
Whatever the niche. whatever the taxonomy, whatever the kingdom.

* * * *
Every humanoid since the species evolved in the jungles of long ago,
Each with its own exclusive twist of a monkey-mind,
Plays out a completely different aspect of the same swirling consciousness,
Entirely based on the draw in the genetic lottery, and the winds of time into which the seed is cast.
We are all witnesses to completely unique quantum universes born of imagination.

* * * *
Your true religion is how you choose to live each and every moment.
Whether you create heaven or hell, are angel or demon,
Is played out in every act, in every deed,
And though none can ever see their part unequivocally,
Only you even begin to fathom the whole truth of your imaginary realm.

* * * *
Always carry layers.
Fine to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
No one ever knows which way the wind will blow, for how long, or how hot or cold.
We are temperate beasts, and do not easily transcend the whims of nature.

* * * *
How can this unfathomable mystery not be boggling prior to and beyond all belief?
What need for faith? What need for religion? What need for philosophy?
What need for anything but to meld into the timeless nature,
The eternal awareness pervading all creation.
What need to more than realize the indelible enigma of it,
And to freely blossom into the inexplicable reality that you are it, it is you.

* * * *
To be but timeless awareness,
To be but the source prior to all patterning,
Is a quest all who doubt must undertake very much alone.

* * * *
Despite all the encumbrances about your body and in your mind,
You have never really possessed anything or anyone, and never really will.
You are but a temporal squatter in an erstwhile dream born of quantum playing time.

* * * *
The mind that craves more, more, and still more.
Has everything but eternal life, sometimes called heaven.
Something to do with camels and eyes of needles.

* * * *
The personal mind, the quantum mind, the cosmic mind, the eternal mind, the no-mind,
Are all the same ephemeral awareness, the same witness, the same youness,
Really nothing more than alternating frames of consciousness,
Filtering as the whimsical moment inclines.

* * * *
Unless it personally affects you, especially in some harmful, malicious way,
Why would it ever matter how another lives out their existence?
No one will ever play it the same as anyone else.
Be and allow is the highest law.

* * * *
The Seven Deadly Sins: pride, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, greed, sloth,
Are not easily waylaid, not easily curbed, not easily moderated,
Once even partially unleashed in any given mind-body.
The narcissistic-hedonistic bent of humankind
Is at the root of everything created since our advent.

* * * *
Human beings tend to believe they are the most special concoctions this garden has ever created,
But, despite their self-congratulating, narcissistic claims of innate superiority, they are not.
Might may make right, but it is only the absurdly surreal arrogance of consciousness
That embraces the delusion that some are, in the ultimate reality, more equal than others.

* * * *
History being what it is, the vanities being what they are,
You may as well play it out as anonymously as possible.

* * * *
Whether or not there is consciousness
Anything like it has been manifested in our own garden world,
Whether or not this is a one-of-a-kind, once-upon-a-time, unique moment in all Creation,
Is a question to which mu will ever be the one-and-only answer,
For those who even bother to ask.

* * * *
If you want respect, you give respect.
Otherwise, you may get a lesson,
Perhaps several, if not many.

* * * *
The ever-changing faces and names, are they ever really all that different?
Consciousness weaving its way down neurological trails
Born of the same monkey-mind.

* * * *
Every once and awhile, try completely forgetting who you think you are,
What you think you know, all the things you think you own,
And all the desires that breed all the fears.
Be here now, be all you really are, all you really are not.

* * * *
How can anything be saved when each and every moment
Is completely and unutterably spent as soon as it happens.

* * * *
How many different perceptions, different judgments,
The many others have allotted you in their dreamtime passing.
From archangel to fiend, you are assigned every ecstasy, every agony,
That the rungs of hell and purgatory and paradise might in imagination offer.
Raised on high or condemned, the you, you truly are, is ever immaculate, ever absolute.

* * * *
Who does not begin a journey assuming they will arrive?
Who does not go to sleep assuming they will awaken?
Who does not assume, not believe, not trust, not hope,
Anything will happen just as imagination would have it.
Alas that mortal faire does not subscribe to wishful notion.

* * * *
The road less traveled is less a road than a solitary, interminable, cross-country odyssey,
Through an uncharted, untamed, no-direction-known wilderness
Complete with every distraction imaginable.

* * * *
Natural laws supersede any and all man-made concoctions.
Even the gods cannot waylay the order of quantum chaos.

* * * *
Humankind has been at each other’s throats
Since its puddle origin, long before it ever exited the jungles,
For every imaginable reason ever concocted.

* * * *
What is this magical-mystery dreamtime
But a teensy-weensy sliver of imaginary perception
Sandwiched between the pre-historic and post-historic unknown.

* * * *
Tick, tick, tick … the remorseless clock … tick, tick, tick … counting down …
Tick, tick, tick … the inescapable… tick, tick, tick … sooner, ever sooner …
Tick, tick, tick … just around … tick, tick, tick … one bend or another …

* * * *
You are the result of a long genomic strain
That has roots weaving back to the puddle of origin.
Do not feel the need to be overly bound by it.

* * * *
As it stands in its evolutionary tack, the monkey-mind
Is not even remotely capable of fashioning a casteless culture.
We are as bound by our Darwinian differences as any other creature
That has ever risen into being on this inexplicable garden world.

* * * *
Any government has always been and will ever be,
Of the people, by the people, for the people,
But which of … and which by … and which for …
Are ever the shades of gray between freedom and tyranny.

* * * *
The ultimate you is in every moment in every dimension
Creating and preserving and destroying, incarnating and morphing,
Into any and every form that this inexplicable quantum mystery deigns to devise.
There is no beginning, there is no end, there is only the unknowable.

* * * *
Sometimes you have to take a little pain, and sometimes a lot.
That’s what nerve-endings and beginnings do.
‘Tis mammalian fare.

* * * *
You are this eternal nowness, and this eternal nowness is you.
This is the one and only nowness awareness ever is, has ever been, will ever be.
In some soon-to-be mind-body space-time, you will be “doing” something else in the same nowness.
And still later, it will be the same awareness “doing” something else in the same nowness.
The timeless mind prior to the kaleidoscoping dreamtime is ever the same.
Eternal life is being mindful in an empty-mind sort of way.

* * * *
Nature is the timeless filament of all creation,
The source code by which all things come to pass,
The brush used by the quantum unknown
To paint itself the dream of time.

* * * *
What is the first and foremost vanity but you believing your identity real,
But you being attached to your body, your mind, your world,
None of which has ever really been yours at all.

* * * *
In this spinning god-eat-god Darwinian garden world,
It is not always the fastest or strongest who survive,
But the most adaptable to the ever-changing now.

* * * *
No place to go, nothing to become, yet you,
Ever the same, ever here now, wander this way or that,
For he body cannot be completely still, nor the mind completely silent.

* * * *
Realize it or not, you are in reality born again and again and again, each and every moment.
It is only in the collusion of imagination, the collusion of so-called humankind,
That you believe, that you accept, the seeming continuity real.

* * * *
Can you imagine a buzzard pulling at your entrails?
A worm peering out your left eye socket?
Something else crawly, drifting up your right nostril?
Your bones bleaching into dust beneath a blazing summer sun?
In one way or another, that is your fate etched in the vapors of dreamtime.

* * * *
Perhaps the only true act of free will
Is whether or not you give yourself over
To the choicelessness of awareness.

* * * *
We are all witness, ever alone, ever absolute, in our own unique version of a universe.
We are all right, we are all wrong, each and every one, each and every eternal moment.

* * * *
How pointless all opinion, all reflection, all judgment,
But still the mind born of space and time
Churns on and on and on.

* * * *
We all over time slip into our own level, our own scale, our own rut, of intrigue,
And by that arbitrary paradigm generally gauge the world, judge the world.
Very challenging, perhaps impossible, to wander in non-judgmental mode.

* * * *
Silly old people, with all your aches and pains and discontented thinking,
Moaning and groaning each and every day the same whiney, scratchy recording,
To whoever bothers to listen, most likely others of the same unhappy bent.

* * * *
Painting oneself royal in any of the many fashions
Is nothing more than another shade of illusory delusion,
Played out by pretenders who really believe their shit superior.
Dress up any given pig however you will, it will always be
Just another hog scampering down the same chute.

* * * *
In every age, there are those rare few in any and every imaginable context,
Who awaken to the timeless awareness within all things great and small.
Some fashion what will become dogma; others wander serenely alone.
The mystery in which all equally reside gives its Self freely to any and all.

* * * *
Nothing is divine in the deific-celestial-heavenly sense, really.
Just a no-brag-just-fact-every-moment actuality from the get-go.

* * * *
You are absolute master of your mortal fate,
King of your kingdom, wielder of your club,
Until the shadow of another’s looms larger.

* * * *
One day or night in some long ago, intentionally or not,
Your mother and father merged their seed lines, and voilà, you.
The only question is, do you play out this dream according to their meme,
The established meme of some other groupthink, or your own?

* * * *
Point of reference, frame of reference, box of reference, matrix of reference, hologram of reference,
From small to large, each and every mind fabricates a unique rendering of a universe,
All ultimately nothing more than the endless spinnings of imagination.

* * * *
Whether quantum space-time is the function of the sensory-mind,
Or the sensory-mind the function of quantum space-time,
Or both are indivisible partners in awareness,
The resulting interweaving, the resulting dreamtime,
Is nothing more than a very real-seeming, figment of imagination,
Consciousness hypnotizing its Self into believing its timeless concoction real,
An illusory theater playing out every imaginable manifestation in every imaginable way.

* * * *
Across the planet throughout all time, every human being, every life form,
Playing its little quantum-chemical-biological-cultural patterning real,
To whatever degree awareness through consciousness perceives.

* * * *
The same eternal source in all timelessly witnesses all.
It is the omnipresent-omnipotent-omniscient undying force.
Ageless, changeless, perpetual, unending, interminable, transient,
Immeasurable, inestimable, everlasting, boundless, infinite, immortal.

* * * *
Human history is chock-full at both ends of the bell curve
Of the few both making it up and fucking it up
For the many in the vast between.

* * * *
Call it what you will: pattern, meme, array, form, display, shape,
Design, prototype, plan, model, outline, draft, scheme, blueprint;
It is what you imagine, it is what you pretend, not what you are.

* * * *
Violence, and our kind’s unfailing willingness to use it,
Is written and unwritten in histories across all times and geographies,
And is daily splayed in every media that technology allows.

* * * *
You cannot help the family you get, or the geography in which you land,
But the people you meet, and the life you wander, that’s the story worth telling.

* * * *
What were cave walls, what were clay tablets, what was papyrus,
What was Gutenberg’s printing press, what is the world wide web,
But progressing eruptions in humankind’s big bang of consciousness.
Whether or not there is anything like it out there in the vastness,
Is a question we will more than likely never find answer.

* * * *
Mother Gaia, despite all humankind has done, and will yet do to it, will endure.
It will be a mutation of its Darwinian majesty, scarred and limping, but it will carry on,
Until its star, in its death throes, engulfs whatever is left, and the universe dances on, oblivious.

* * * *
It is in the winds of complete and attentive breathing,
That you will be as alive as the quantum dreamtime allows.

* * * *
Deny your fate, your fortune, your destiny, your kismet, your karma,
As confidently, as boldly, as insolently, as defiantly, as vainly, as you will,
It is emanating, materializing, unfolding, happening, each and every moment.

* * * *
For all we know, Jesus has returned times beyond counting,
But his followers are always so busy following him,
That they can no longer see or hear him.

* * * *
What is eternal life but the ephemeral awareness you truly are,
Paying as much attention as possible to the one-moment-at-a-time universe,
To which the given sensory mind-body dreamtime of temporal consciousness subscribes.

* * * *
Too hot, too cold; too hard, too soft; too this, too that.
Always something for the monkey-mind to whine about.

* * * *
Everything is distraction from reality.
Only the ephemeral is real.
In awareness, be.

* * * *
Whether or not a free mind, an unconditional mind, is even possible,
Is an inquiry you as witness must explore and discern for your Self.

* * * *
What is the cosmos but a massive, indivisible quantum matrix.
Matter patterned into every imaginable organic and inorganic permutation.
Continuously changing, altering, shifting, fluctuating, mingling, consuming, emanating, evolving.
A mechanism so beyond-all-bounds incredible as to be forever boggling.
And however you may or may not partake the truth of it,
You are it, and it is you, there is no other.

* * * *
What is real meditation
But the turning off of time-bound imagination
For a brief wander in eternity.

* * * *
The momentary awareness perceives through the senses
What the mind born of the quantum essence has engineered.
Always something to see, to hear, to touch, to taste, to smell,
Yet ever the eternal nothingness in each and every while.

* * * *
Everything spun of consciousness is nothing more than the wind of imagination.
And there is no need to kowtow to any of its countless fabrications.
Despite what the middlemen would have you believe,
There is no deity that does not include you in its conception,
And bowing and scraping to any idol is but the absurdity of vanity.

* * * *
The closest thing to free will, to self-determination, to freedom of choice,
In this infinitely choiceless universe fashioned of every imaginable patterning,
Is the timeless awareness of the quantum essence from which all things stream forth.

* * * *
The time of physical health, really your only wealth, is daily diminishing,
Sand steadily streaming through the timeless hourglass,
From first to last, every grain the same.

* * * *
Is organized religion really anything more
Than a vain rationale to be absurdly delusional
To whatever nth degree consciousness allows.

* * * *
For humankind to change course in any effective, meaningful way,
Would require a paradigm shift well beyond its genomic patterning.

* * * *
So many things you said, so many things you did not say.
So many things you did, so many things you did not do.
So many ecstasies, so many agonies, in this dream of time.

* * * *
The sensory blend
Every moment weaving a universe in that little old head of yours,
How amazing is that?

* * * *
What is the point, what is the reality, of any story, any chronicle, any history,
Once all trace, all recollection, of it has been lost in the mists of eternity.
Ask the forest tree, fallen and decaying, unwitnessed and unheard.

* * * *
Observe the mind and its many thoughts,
What are they but a muddle of conditioned patterning,
Founded upon whatever perceptions, whatever frame of reference,
Imagination has arbitrarily formulated in the winds
Of the given nature-nurture dreamtime.

* * * *
The world is a relatively large petri dish, the edges of which are being encroached upon daily.
It is anybody’s guess how long it will be before we and our insatiable excesses slam into the wall.

* * * *
Life is harsh; the jungle dark and menacing.
None can long aid those who will not help themselves.
All must learn to crawl, to stand, to walk, to run, very much alone.

* * * *
What is identity but the psychological adaptation to the given nature-nurture circumstance.
The personality you project, the character you portray, is but an imaginary fabrication,
Sculpted by the dreamtime your spirit has from conception every moment endured.

* * * *
What glory is there in a tie,
A draw, a stalemate, an impasse, a deadlock,
A standoff, a logjam, a standstill, a dead heat, a photo finish?

* * * *
The egocentric nature of human consciousness
Has always believed itself and all its fabrications
Far more important that they will ever, can ever be.

* * * *
So much make-work, so much make-play, so much make-whatever,
In this our busy-busy, vanity-vanity, absurdity-absurdity paradigm.

* * * *
Awareness, that which is prior to consciousness,
That which is prior even to the quantum indivisibility,
Is the mysterious potential from whence all things manifest,
The matchless singularity, prior to one, much less two.

* * * *
From pleasure palace to torture chamber, in solitary confinement all the while,
The mind-body’s neural highways play out its dream in ways beyond counting.

* * * *
If you operate under the premise that you are ultimately screwed,
Why not play it out in whatever way or ways call out to you.
Family, friends, axquandances, might take notice,
But rest assured that history will not long remember.

* * * *
What do you think all this is founded on, if not the indivisible primal source,
The quantum matrix of timeless origin, the one-and-only oneness given over to space-time,
Creator and creation in the one-in-all-and-all-in-one grand singularity,
The awareness in which all dreamtimes spring.

* * * *
Religions across the world, across time,
Have all too often been subsidized tools of statecraft
To manipulate the masses into complying with its rhyme and reason.
Far more pragmatic, more Machiavellian, more Orwellian,
Than pious sheeples might ever care to surmise.

* * * *
When scanning any ground or any horizon,
Be sure to look to the right, to the left, above and below,
And also through the many layers before, and the many pales beyond.
Any predator absorbed in its own hunt can easily become unwary prey in another’s.

* * * *
Stepping on the toes of political correctness is always a chuckle.
Imagine if you said or did everything that came to mind.
It would be a padded cell or the guillotine for sure.

* * * *
The world is full of true believers entangled in one conviction or another.
What it is matters less than whether or not it can be colored black or white.

* * * *
To all belief systems that imagine god separate,
Why would you ever cater to such limited concept?
To a notion that does not include you one in the same?

* * * *
More than 99 percent of all species, amounting to over five billion,
That ever existed in Earth’s 4.54 billion years, are estimated to be extinct.
The history of humankind’s ascent is like the history of extinction.
The far greater percentage is long undone, long forgotten,
And for all practical purposes, never happened.

* * * *
Memory of any thing is never the thing itself.
Memory is the architect of time.
Reality is timeless.

* * * *
Yet another generation of youth mindlessly swept up
In the clawing avarice and blinding confines of time.

* * * *
Familiarity, the breeding ground of contempt and aversion.
Much easier to admire and esteem what you do not know.

* * * *
The limits of perception are obvious,
The doors of perception, immeasurable.

* * * *
Yet another millennial whose mother never told him life is not fair,
Another millennial who got too many participant trophies,
Another millennial who got too many inflated grades,
And really-truly believes they mean something.

* * * *
What is history but a perpetual game, to which chess and go and dominos are but artless analogies.
It is an ever-streaming, ever-emanating, ever-graceful, temporal play of consciousness.
Imagination given context in the hologram-matrix of quantum space-time.

* * * *
The other cannot fill the void.
Nothing can.

* * * *
In the ever-swirling flow of human migration,
No individual, no culture, has ever stood long in total isolation.
All must inescapably, like it or not, morph into greater and greater self-reflections.
All must give way to the ever-expanding world, the ever-expanding cosmos,
In which the human paradigm, as self-congratulatory as it wont to be,
Is but an assumption, a contrivance, on a whirling speck of dust.

* * * *
Awareness cannot be possessed.
It is neither yours nor mine nor ours.
We are it and it is us, every moment unreal.

* * * *
The mind ever seeks the security, the certainty, the consistency, that cannot be.
Constant change is the ultimate overriding attribute of this manifest quantum theater,
And it is only the no-mind steadfast in awareness that can wander through it,
Calm, collected, composed, untroubled, unconcerned, harmonious.

* * * *
Conscious breathing, the awareness of every inhale, every exhale,
Is as present as present can be in the matrix hologram born of mind.

* * * *
Everything you have done in your so-called existence
Was set in motion the instant the nothingness
Burst into the creative process.

* * * *
No matter the speculation, no matter the assertion, it always ends up the same inexplicable mystery.
So what is the point of endlessly arguing, much less slaying others who will never see it the same.
Discern the tranquility of an agnostic framelessness of mind, and make that your harbor.

* * * *
What is it we label God by countless names but all things quantum,
Including the timeless awareness you believe your own,
Peering out through the given sensory array.
Duality is illusion; all is singularity.
Thou art That I Am.

* * * *
Die hungry or full, forlorn or content, foolish or wise,
It is discerning doubt that fashions the quality of mind.

* * * *
What is known of the immeasurable reaches where the unknown reigns,
But the shimmering attributes that imagination adjudges real and true.

* * * *
Any given mind succumbs to the perjury of self-deception
As often as needed, to whatever degree delusion requires.

* * * *
Of reverence and irreverence, of wonder, veneration, devotion, adulation, or any antithesis,
What more can be said than it really does not matter whether the glass half empty or half full.

* * * *
The cynic, the skeptic, the doubter – all seekers of truth,
Neither accepting or rejecting without judicious examination.
Scraping away what is false, using negation to discern what is true.

* * * *
You are as free as the mind is empty,
As free as the mind is naught but pure awareness,
As free as consciousness that has set aside any and all concern
For its Pandora’s Box hodgepodge of endless bothers.

* * * *
We are all just temporal recordings of consciousness,
Each and every one of us playing out one little meme or another.
Yet at the essential level, each and every one of us is the same quantum source,
Each and every one of us the same unfathomable awareness.
What’s to argue about, what’s to kill for?

* * * *
And why wouldn’t so-called God be so infinite as to include you in its creative process?
How ridiculous to believe your imaginary self separate in any way, any shape, any form.

* * * *
You may believe you have broken a habit, a pattern, an addiction,
But chances are, you have only exchanged it, morphed it, repackaged it,
Into another variation, another alteration, another mutation, of the same stripe.
A bottle, a needle, a god, any obsession, in what way are they different?

* * * *
Is it space-time that passes,
Or the awareness that travels a dream of time,
Ever steadfast, ever true.

* * * *
Where is the difference?  Where is the attribute?  Where is the transformation?
Where is anything in the mystery of mysteries, that which is eternally indivisible?

* * * *
It is upon the given reader to discern any author’s meaning and intent.
The Dead Poets Society is, after all, a catacomb of phantoms.
It is the living who must reap the gifts tendered.

* * * *
Is it day? Is it night? Is it any time?
Open thine inner eye, thine eye of awareness,
And discern what is real, what is true.

* * * *
How many star-filled universes may have come and gone before the so-called Big Bang
Or Creation or Genesis or Turtles-All-The-Way-Down-All-The-Way-Up,
Or whatever other metaphors mind may have conjured up.
And how many will come and go after this rendering,
And how many are simultaneously happening right now,
And what was and will be before and after any or all of them,
As if there could ever be any before or after any timeless fabrication,
Before or after what may well have never really happened in the first place.
Anything and everything is on the table in the indivisibleness of all things quantum.

* * * *
For every birth, a death.
For every creation, a destruction.
Zero-sum at its finest.

* * * *
Your immortality may reflect in thought and deed in this mortal banquet,
But they are naught but vibrations in the indivisibility of the quantum reality.

* * * *
Illustrate, if you can, where you are in a mind that is still,
Where you are in the timeless quietude of pure awareness?

* * * *
What is the aging process but the mind-body daily getting more and more bothersome.
All that hedonism, all that narcissism, all that vanity-vanity, gradually turning into dust.

* * * *
What is death but the end of time, the end of space,
The return to the eternal indivisibility that all ever are.
Nothing to fear, nothing to doubt, simply the way it truly is.

* * * *
Whether mental or physical, it is only pain,
And you can endure it, as you always have.

* * * *
Babble-babble … babble-babble … babble-babble … babble-babble …
Babble-babble … babble-babble … babble-babble … babble-babble …
Babble-babble … babble-babble … babble-babble … babble-babble …
Babble-babble … babble-babble … babble-babble … babble-babble …

* * * *
Were the so-called seers and mystics and prophets in ancient times and places, early scientists?
Or merely charlatans taking advantage of fearful, gullible flocks for their own ends?
Any answers are but assertions of one unverifiable speculation or another,
But of the muddled, tangled histories played out since, we can be much more sure.

* * * *
Awareness sets in motion the pretense of existence.
The brain is but a fertile recording and processing apparatus,
That the senses permeate with an ever-present universe,
In which the mind plays out its imaginary theater.

* * * *
Using only skillful opposable thumbs
And minds inspired by sumptuous programming,
Great warriors kill countless dragons and build vast empires
Every night in the safety of their bedrooms.

* * * *
You could conceivably play anything out any way you please,
But the given genetic patterning, the given cultural conditioning, the given nature-nurture,
Have shaped your thoughts and actions to such a predictable degree
That any assertion of free will is absurd.

* * * *
If you are the ever-present awareness every given moment offers,
What need for identity, or any other contrivance of consciousness.

* * * *
Great strategies come and go,
But tactics, tactics are where boots hit ground,
Fingers pull triggers, and blood flows.

* * * *
Entitlement has a way of sneaking up on just about everyone under any given sun,
The gift of life, painful thing that it can many daze be, being at the top of every list.

* * * *
Where can “you” ever be but right here, right now,
In whatever sphere, whatever bubble of awareness “you”
In the inexplicable, indivisible quantum hologram-matrix reside.

* * * *
Ebb and flow,
Yield and resist,
Listen and speak,
Receive and impart,
Retreat and attack,
Maneuver and fire,
Block and strike,
Give and take,
Yin and yang.

* * * *
The wily middleman cannot afford to inquire too deeply,
Else he would forfeit everything he has so cunningly usurped.
His talent is parlaying smokescreens to blind all to the truth within.

* * * *
Your ancestors had their slice of dreamtime, you have yours,
And, if you have descendants, they will have theirs.
Do not feel the need to impose all your inanities upon them,
Past what is pragmatic for their fleeting portion of conscious design.

* * * *
What is it little old you discerns in this theater into which you have without choice been cast?
Without all the countless devices we toolmakers have devised to measure our universe,
Without all the sciences, without all the mathematics, without all the technologies,
Without all the things the monkey-mind will do to quantify to the nth degree,
What is it you for your Self alone intuit, you for your Self alone deduct,
What is it you for your Self, without any influence from any other,
Discern real and true in this immeasurable enigma beyond all pales?

* * * *
Awareness is naught but awareness.
Neither near nor far, high nor low, great nor small,
Good nor evil, true nor false, boundless nor bound, real nor unreal.
It is the what is, that ever is, yet has never been.

* * * *
You are not the first; you will not be the last.
You are the first; you are the last.
Irony and paradox rule.

* * * *
Is any organized religion anything more than a parade, a carnival, a pageant, of idolatry?
Whether it be a persona, a boulder, a figurine, a set of writings, or merely a concept,
How is it anything but groupthink absurdity garnished in self-absorption?

* * * *
You are in no way, no shape, no form, separate from the totality of this mystery.
Call it what you will – God, Brahman, Tao, Buddha, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, turtles ad infinitum,
All dualistic notion is founded upon believing the illusions body and mind weave,
Upon believing the ever-kaleidoscoping sensory input real.

* * * *
Let us differentiate between reality and perceptions of reality.
The former ever is, and all the latters are figments of imagination.

* * * *
Just what ‘part’ of the mind-body-spirit do you believe is immortal,
If not the indivisible awareness, that vast totality both within and without,
In which within or without are nothing more than confabulations of imagination.

* * * *
War is the insatiable beast, peace the sublime quietude.
Humans do not tend to for long fare well with either.

* * * *
To be the undying awareness is to wander without attachment to the dream of mind,
To endure, free of time, free of all the agonies and ecstasies imagination musters into notion.
Eternal existence is for the rarest of the rare, those few and far flung who render themselves whole.
One must be absolutely fearless to ascertain the immutable immortality
They are, have ever been, will ever be.

* * * *
Just too fucking annoying sometimes, the price life requires,
The unceasingly heavy toll consciousness so often metes out.

* * * *
The only objectivity resides and abides in the indiscriminant awareness.
All creation is arbitrary from whatever beginning to whatever end.

* * * *
So many worrying about yesterday and tomorrow,
That they miss what is happening right here, right now.

* * * *
The groupthink creates.
The groupthink conducts.
The groupthink influences.
The groupthink manipulates.
The groupthink persuades.
The groupthink controls.
The groupthink harvests.
The groupthink destroys.
The groupthink perseveres.

* * * *
Is it: Death be not proud? or Death, be not proud?
And what rat’s ass would the Grim Reaper give either way,
As if the terminator to existence is even aware of its conclusive role.

* * * *
Life is full of every imaginable pain, every variety of suffering.
Some are long forgotten, but some persist ever-present,
And fold into each other like subprime mortgages
Until they twist into debilitating default.
Ain’t nothing Golden Pond about growing old.

* * * *
Who is the who, who desires? Who is the who, who fears?
Who is the who, who plays out any action, plays out any passion,
But the indivisible awareness cloaked by the attachment of consciousness
To the mind-body presenting itself, pretending itself, colluding itself, real and true.

* * * *
The entire human spectacle, and all it countless histories,
Is nothing more than ever-changing, temporal, imaginary perception.
A make-it-up-as-we-go, spontaneous kind of thing, that really is not any thing at all.
A holographic dream, which all are genetically programmed, culturally conditioned, to play along.
An enigmatic quantum reverie: nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.
Very bemusing to all concerned, indeed, indeed.

* * * *
Yet another anecdote, another footnote, another notch,
In the long list of disappointments in this human debacle.

* * * *
Why do you keep getting out of bed every morning?
Because the conditioning is a strong and aromatic brew, the senses too enticing to withstand,
The theater too filled with agony and ecstasy to avert the busy mind.
To simply be is not near as entertaining.

* * * *
The you, you think is you, the me, I think is me, the s/he, s/he thinks is s/he,
Are they really a different you, a different me, or a different s/he?
Who is born, who dies? Who is reborn, who dies again?
Who abides in heaven, who abides in hell,
But the same awareness in all.

* * * *
Consciousness is the source of all disparity.
In the quantum indivisibility, there are none.

* * * *
Male or female, we are all the same monkey-mind, only the players change.
The faces, the bodies, the names, the languages, the mindsets, the memes,
All the differences are but nature-nurture variations of the same theme.
Cast any anew on an island, they would imbue it very much the same.

* * * *
All notion is nothing more than filtered imagination.
Perception may be all, but it is nothing all the while.

* * * *
It is the rare few who are called to journey outside the boxes of limited thinking,
Where the imaginary vastness of consciousness dances without consequence.
What need for wings of wax when all the suns of the universe abide within.

* * * *
What is the world, the universe, but a baggage train of notions
Slung about by imagination as if it were real and true.
As if it was more than a nebulous collection
Of pluses and minuses streaming about a neuron matrix.
Discern the awareness you are, disentangle from thought, wander unbound.

* * * *
Ponder anything however you will,
Words are but a tonic to the emptiness
Through which they echo to and fro.

* * * *
A good toke of clean, fresh, oxygenated air,
Is far more likely to steady that passionate mind
Than any neural contortion of consciousness.

* * * *
One of the many disturbing discoveries in this vanity-vanity existence
Is that you are likely not as intelligent or powerful or important
As you might have in more youthful moments once believed.

* * * *
Who are you?
What are you?
Where are you?
When are you?
Why are you?
How are you?
… Are you? …

* * * *
The mystery is the mystery is the mystery.
You are but one speck, one light of awareness – no greater, no lesser –
Of the incalculably vast universe of witnesses
To your indelible unknown.

* * * *
No point worrying about death, it is going to happen one way or another.
Whether the means is infection, cancer, blood, endocrine, mental, nervous, circulatory,
Respiratory, digestive, musculoskeletal, genitourinary, perinatal, congenital, or some external cause.
The flesh and bones to which you are so attached is fated to melt back into the indivisibility.
If is useless, and vain hope for something more, nothing but idle speculation.
So it goes, deal with it, get over it, keep moving while you can.

* * * *
No matter how small or huge it might be,
It is every moment just as huge and small.

* * * *
What cannot survive us, perishes; what can survive us, thrives or abides.
In the declaration of Quintus Arrius to the slaves chained to their trireme oars:
You are all condemned men. We keep you alive to serve this ship. So row well, and live.
Some rowers have wings, some fins, some roots, and some four legs or more.

* * * *
Suffer not the vain, puny, frivolous deities concocted by consciousness
Convoluted assumptions and endless absurdities do not for truth make.

* * * *
You see what you are.
You see what you are not.
So it goes, no worries.

* * * *
The electromagnetic spectrum changes. the chemistry changes,
The body changes, the mind changes, the world changes, the universe changes,
But the awareness, that which perceives that which exists only in imagination, is ever the same,
Unborn, undying, each and every indivisible, indelible, enigmatic moment.

* * * *
Everything that happens is beyond all explicability.
There is no reason, there is no purpose, there is no doer,
And the awareness, the witness you are, is the source of it all.

* * * *
You will inevitably hurt others, intentionally or not.
The challenge, if it is your inclination, is to keep it to a minimum.
If you lean toward a harmful bent, of being sociopathic or some label beyond,
Well, there is really nothing that can be done but witness the blaze in your indifferent wake.
We must all face the consequences of whatever principles we incline.

* * * *
And what has all that pride, all that vanity, gotten you, really,
But yet another life, yet another existence, yet another dream of time,
To which only the ever-evaporating vapor of imagination clings.

* * * *
Are you streaming through space-time, or is it timelessly appearing through you?
What is this inexplicable, impenetrable, indelible, incomprehensible,
Indecipherable, inscrutable, inseparable mystery,
But an indivisible emanation of the ephemeral eternity you are.

* * * *
What anyone thinks, what anyone does,
Is absolutely nothing in the ultimate mind’s eye.
All judgment is but human concoction, human absurdity.

* * * *
Granted, little boys may be made of snips and snails and puppy-dogs' tails,
But little girls, despite all fairy tale indoctrination to the contrary,
Are most definitely not sugar and spice and everything nice.
Going overboard on surreal notions is a bumpy road to delusion.

* * * *
You are but an imaginary blend,
A concoction born of the nature-nurture dreamtime
Into which your temporal seed was cast.

* * * *
Lawyers, accountants, bureaucrats, and all their political allies,
Find interminable ways to make any fine print finer and finer.

* * * *
Mastery in the art of war or any other competitive enterprise,
Is doing the unexpected when the expected is expected,
And the expected when unexpected is expected.

* * * *
You have been hypnotized, conditioned, brainwashed, mesmerized, indoctrinated, deceived,
Into imagining you are what you are not, have never been, and will never be.
In the one and only indivisible reality prior to consciousness,
You are timeless, you are without bounds.
Know this and break free of all limits born of mind.

* * * *
But for the currents of consciousness,
It is as quantum indivisible on the inside
As it is quantum indivisible on the outside.

* * * *
How can the parochial mind ever fathom beyond its countless divisions, its countless limitations?
Thoughts of the rare few who discern a greater vision, despite all their good intentions,
Only again and again cause swells to crash hither and thither upon the shores
Of those unable to plumb deeply beneath the vast ocean surface.
The lone sheep dog can do little to protect the flock
From the crafty, resolute pack of charlatans and usurpers.

* * * *
The world is afire with the madness of humankind’s incessant vanity.
What is there to hope for when faced with such insurmountable odds.

* * * *
All creation is nothing more than a subjective reality,
Born of the human mind, born of imaginary conception.
Objectivity can never be more than an unattainable notion.

* * * *
Call it what you will
– Collaboration, collusion, syndicate, conspiracy –
The quantum enigma is in charge.

* * * *
If there is to be any freedom in this relatively brief, corporeal existence,
The key, the fulcrum, the fount, upon which it is founded, is doubt.
And then only if its embers are fanned by the wind of an indomitable spirit.
There is no journey beyond the conditioning, no venture outside the cave, without it.

* * * *
Your temporal existence will weave your sensory mind
In whatever way the reverie of space-time ripples through it.
The final tapestry will be imbued with the integrity you render it.

* * * *
Human beings always want more-more-more in their ephemeral sojourn in space-time.
But more is really nothing more than an itsy-bitsy vibration in the electromagnetic spectrum,
An indivisible, unborn-undying quantum whatever, which has neither beginning nor end,
Nor any size, nor any shape, nor any limit, nor any time, nor any value, whatsoever.

* * * *
Jews claiming they are the chosen people
Is nothing more than yet another ethnocentric absurdity.
It would be analogous to Woody Allen asserting he is God’s favorite thespian.
No offence, Woody, but it just ain’t ever gonna be so.

* * * *
Who-what-where-when-why-how can any dreamer perform their imaginary character,
But through the nature-nurture sculpting assigned by the genetic lottery.
Embrace it or endure it, from all beginning to all endings,
We are all just prisoners here, of our own device.

* * * *
What is any human existence but a tentative, arbitrary collection of memories,
Perceptions of a dream of time forever forgotten with the last wheezing breath.

* * * *
The irony is that this garden world
Has freely provided everything humankind needs
To drive its brief little dream into complete and utter extinction.

* * * *
Who is the I that believes this awareness their own,
But a brief fiction of imagination entirely alone.

* * * *
Who, what, where, when, why, how … am I?
Who, what, where, when, why, how … are you?
Who, what, where, when, why, how …  is anyone?
Who, what, where, when, why, how …….. is anything?
But the same indivisible upwelling permeating everything.
Call it by whatever vibration you choose, it is the same clayness,
The same omniscience, the same omnipotence, the same omnipresence,
The same unborn-undying awareness, ever creating its Self anew.

* * * *
We are only young or middle-aged or old on the outside.
The awareness within is ever the same timeless upwelling.

* * * *
All time, all history, all narration, whether individual or cultural,
Is nothing more than the play of consciousness, a paradigm of imagination.
All illusion, all delusion, all nothing more than the existential collusion of memory cells.
You are, have ever been, will ever be, the ever-present, right-here-right-now of eternal awareness,
The singular observer, the solitary wanderer, in the infinite-infinitesimal
Of nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *
It is pain that forces you to look more closely, to pay attention,
And perhaps even survive, even thrive, yet another day, or more.

* * * *
First Law of the Hoity-Toity: The Hoity-Toity is bona fide.
Second Law of the Hoity-Toity: The Hoity-Toity is indispensable.
Third Law of the Hoity-Toity: The Hoity-Toity is everlasting.

* * * *
The eternal life offered by pure awareness is the one and only true religion.
It has no name, and requires no faith, no scripture, no dogma,
No idols, no symbols, no priesthood, no followers.
Those who believe otherwise muddle in the fog of vanity.

* * * *
The definition of cancer:
The disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.
We are it, and it is us.

* * * *
The something that is nothing is ever the nothing that is something.
Back and forth and forth and back again and again,
The unborn is born and unborn dies.
Oblivion and creation are ever and ever the same.

* * * *
How can anyone ever begin to justify their given existence
In the eyes of someone determined to judge them harshly?

* * * *
Life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.
The fleeting existence is confusing, bemusing, bewildering,
Puzzling, perplexing, muddling, flummoxing, befuddling, nonplussing,
Mystifying, confounding, stumping, dazzling, stunning, overwhelming, bamboozling.
To be sure of anything, how is that even remotely possible, really?

* * * *
Nowhere to go, no one to see, nothing to be;
Bubbles of vanity frothing in a crashing sea.

* * * *
Mother Gaia does not give a rat’s ass whether you live or die,
So pay attention, Pilgrim, if you want to live long and prosper.

* * * *
The curious thing about human history across all times and geographies,
Is that once vanity relegates any fellow humanoid to any so-called lesser kingdom,
Any and every variety of abuse or enslavement or extermination is allowed.

* * * *
Contemplation is about consciousness
Putting your imaginary universe in perspective.
Meditation is about being the awareness you actually are.

* * * *
What difference between provincial and cosmopolitan, really,
But arbitrary variations in the shaping forces of nature and nurture.
After all, imagination is just imagination is just imagination.

* * * *
There are no attributes, no patterns, no systems, no laws, no histories,
No quantifying measurables at all in the immeasurable indivisibility.

* * * *
All patterns are created of illusion.
From the indivisible, all creation arises, all creation subsides.
There is naught but eternal unicity.

* * * *
That list of things you will never experience, projects you will never complete,
Schemes you will never carry out, daily grows longer and deeper and broader.

* * * *
The explorer of consciousness is very much alone
In the maze-like concourses of the eternal fabric,
The imaginary hologram of the passionate mind.

* * * *
History will write what it writes, and time will erase it all.
Who is the who, who cares, is the last question standing.

* * * *
Are you a who, a what, a where, a when, a why, a how, in the all of it?
Or a who-not, a what-not, a where-not, a when-not, a why-not, a how-not?

* * * *
What difference between wafting smoke and solid concrete?
Both change, certainly at different rates by any eye,
But just as absolutely, just as inexorably.
It is a god-eat-god universe,
No matter how any mind might measure it.

* * * *
Baal is Baal, Tao is Tao, Brahman is Brahman, Buddha is Buddha, Allah is Allah, God is God,
No conception devised by consciousness can ever be more than a temporal metaphor.
The unknowable, ineffaceable truth of this mystery is timelessly indivisible.
Infinitely, infinitesimally, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient.

* * * *
You are your own constant companion.
Be as gentle with your Self as mind allows.

* * * *
The indelible mystery you indivisibly are, is neither friend nor enemy.
It is indifferent to all imaginary notions, indifferent to all temporal attributes.
What attachment can that which creates and preserves and destroys,
Without motive, without remorse, have to anything?

* * * *
Any given existence is shaped by so many injuries, so much suffering.
Like the punctuation marks woven into any given narrative –
The periods, the commas, the question mark, the exclamation points,
The colons, the semi-colons, the apostrophes, the hyphens, the quotation mark –
All whittle, all sculpt, all transform, the fates, the destinies, the outcomes, all life must endure.

* * * *
Who can love unconditionally,
But those whose aversion to differences
No longer absorb, no longer seethe, no longer bind.

* * * *
This here-now is what you are, is what you have been all along, is what you will ever be.
The sensory dreamtime is but imagination steeped in illusion,
Is but a mirage cloaked by delusion.

* * * *
However you spend it,
The moment will always come and go the same, guaranteed.
Time is like that.

* * * *
There is no finishing anything; process is without conclusion.
A punctuation point only signifies some sort of inflection within a sentence,
Or the beginning of the next sentence, the next paragraph, the next chapter, the next book.
The end of one narration is but the streaming beginning of another.

* * * *
What it is, is what it is not.
Same thing, same thingless.

* * * *
Being domesticated, being cultivated, being trained, as a human being,
Does not make you any closer to godness than any other life form.
Every single beast has evolved from the same quantum origin.
The only difference between you and any other organism
Is an inexorable egocentricity born entirely of imaginary notion.
The entire human drama is nothing more than a collusion of consciousness,
Made possible by the evolutionary happenstance of an ingenious, group-oriented mind,
Two arms, two legs, a larynx, opposable thumbs, and high-capacity lungs.
All the critters born into this mystery did not stand a chance.
And, being far too clever for our own good,
Neither, ultimately, do we.

* * * *
Intelligence is a quantum program,
Encoded by natural selection,
Witnessed by awareness.

* * * *
All those little aches, all those little pains, gradually magnify
Into debilitating annoyances over which you have little or no control,
Until they all finally disappear in the dust-to-dust of that last wheezing breath.

* * * *
The quantum physics of nature is indivisibly, ttmelessly, irrevocably Darwinian.
Vectors and velocity and mass spin out consequences each and every moment.

* * * *
All the monotonous things you do day after day after day,
Broken down into a never-ending stream of programmed fragments:
Eating, sleeping, working, brushing the teeth, trimming the nails, ad infinitum,
How much longer to get the gist?

* * * *
How could the observer not be the observed
In this indivisible, kaleidoscoping, quantum mystery theater?
Pfft, even the most supreme being humankind can ever imagine knows that.

* * * *
Who is there to prove anything to, really?
Apart from an imaginary vanity-vanity show,
What more is there than the quantum beingness?
What more is there than awareness of the singularity?

* * * *
The human drama is rooted, is steeped, is bound, in vain notion.
It is nothing more than the perpetual confabulation of imagination.
What solution can there ever be to what was never real from the get-go?

* * * *
The boardroom pharaohs, the sun gods of these our modern times,
Are still succumbing to the mindless vanity of their polyhedron tombs.

* * * *
The incessant back and forth, straddling the fence
Between playing this identity real, and knowing it is not,
Can be more than a little wearing, more than a little maddening.

* * * *
All those thoughts, all those desires, all those fears, all those emotions;
What are they really ultimately but the illusory poof of imagination.

* * * *
The inexplicable garden world from which humankind ascended is a timeless analog creation
That our tool-making abilities have fashioned into a linear technological one.
All well and good in its own right, it is an inescapable reality,
An expedition for which there is no rewind.

* * * *
What is a friend but someone who accepts you as you are,
And does not expect more than what you spontaneously offer.

* * * *
Quantum brain, quantum eyes, quantum ears, quantum nose, quantum tongue, quantum skin,
Quantum nerves, quantum ductless glands, quantum viscera, quantum everything.
A quantum matrix, a quantum hologram, by and for its Self to play,
Perchance to perceive, to realize, to comprehend, its inexplicable mystery.

* * * *
“What is time?” he asked rhetorically.
“No idea,” she answered candidly.
“Nothing but,” his koan reply.

* * * *
We have become slaves to nationalistic and corporate and religious branding,
Following hither and thither the gratuitous whimsy of this logo or that.
The unremitting, pervasive identification of the Me-Myself-and-I,
Well beyond the guileless daze of t-shirts and baseball caps.

* * * *
It is all made up, it is all arbitrary.
The only question, the only concern,
Is how seriously you choose to take it.

* * * *
Who-what-where-when-why-how creates this kaleidoscoping theater of dreamtime,
But the eternal awareness neither within nor without the quandaries of imagination.

* * * *
And why would anyone ever believe any one culture in any given time,
Would ever hold the key to truth, or be favored by any one deity?

* * * *
There is only the here-now, there is only eternal life.
All vain notions about it are ultimately meaningless.
Be anonymous within and without, free of all claims.

* * * *
Libraries and bookstores and thrift stores are chock-full of unread tomes
That, but for the keenness of those destined for obscurity,
May as well never have been written.

* * * *
Where is the apex of the human drama?
Where is the point of diminishing returns?
Have we yet to pass over the bell curve’s peak?
Or is it already a memory in the rear-view mirror?

* * * *
All those memories, all those things, all those sensations, all those thoughts,
All those patterns, dreams, habits, relationships, loves, likes, hates, joys, sorrows,
Skills, awards, derisions, pleasures, beliefs, opinions, notions, hopes, fears, ad infinitum,
All those many experiences, no matter how dear, must all eventually be released and forgotten.

* * * *
Within the pool of awareness,
All possible universes, all possible dreams, dwell.
The creative potential of the quantum essence is infinitely choiceless.

* * * *
What you perceive is but a quantum veil that the sensory mind arbitrarily measures.
Of the immeasurable from which all dreams manifest, there is nothing to be known.

* * * *
Who is more foolish, the writer who penned nonsense in some ancient past,
Or the babbling dittoheads who give it true-believer weight in the here now?

* * * *
What is any worldview, any frame of reference, any paradigm,
But an imaginary state to which the mind every moment clings.

* * * *
The mind is founded upon consumption, upon accumulation, upon differences, upon conflict;
Upon the unremitting narcissistic, hedonistic, self-absorption of the me-myself-I;
Upon the insatiable pursuit of pleasure, of power, of fame, of fortune.
There can be little real peace without discernment and surrender to the indivisible.

* * * *
Awareness is not a sensation.
Beingness is not a sensation.
Reality is not a sensation.
You are not a sensation.

* * * *
Every organism under any given star has a completely different translation of the universe.
Which begs the question, is there even a real universe that stands alone and true?
Or are all nothing more than unique, arbitrary quantum creations,
Done and undone and done again times beyond counting.
Light dancing its Self manifest, for whatever forever dreamtime allows.

* * * *
Alas that pain and suffering play such enduring parts in these corporeal creations,
And all the better-living-through-every-sort-of-chemistry remedies
Can only do so much to salve the myriad ways
The neurology ceaselessly finds
To torture the mind-bodies in which they weave their way.

* * * *
Become aware of the mind as a means
– a tool, a device, a utensil, an implement, an instrument –
Rather than an end – a purpose, an aim, a reason, an outcome, a goal – in itself.

* * * *
If there is ever to be any real revolution of consciousness in this human paradigm,
It will have to begin within the plebeian minds of the wayward mob.
Holding your breath may not be the best strategy.

* * * *
To many unanswerable questions in this dreamtime mystery,
Always springing up here and there like zombies in the fields.

* * * *
What can any human being, no matter the time, no matter the geography, ever really experience,
But their own unique egocentric-ethnocentric-geocentric-solarcentric sensory universe.
That which is perceived through their unique nature-nurture frame of reference.
Every part and particle of it born entirely of subjective, self-absorbed, imaginary notion.

* * * *
How ironic.
How paradoxical.
How absurd.

* * * *
The plethora of inventions to which humankind has given over its tool-making abilities,
Is ever bound to the ground of nature from which they were crafted.
There is absolutely nothing that is not of nature,
No matter the process through which they were manifested.
The source of all things is indelibly, indivisibly, unconditionally inescapable.

* * * *
Everything in this touchy-feely-three-dimensional-space-time dream
Is ultimately nothing more than quantum illusion.
Yes, absolutely all of it.

* * * *
How would any of this be if the awareness you truly are were not bound to the mind-body,
If you were not attached to all the notions inspired by the sensory dream.
The universe did not exist before the unborn was born.
It will not exist after the unborn dies.
Die to it now.
Eternal life is yours for the being.

* * * *
What is prior to religion, prior to doctrine, prior to faith, prior to belief,
Prior to all notions of gods and devils and their myriad minions,
And the countless heavens and hells they spawn in time.

* * * *
Exploring the many-faced no-mind is an alonely path
That has been trod in many times, many places,
By who knows how many monkey-minds.

* * * *
To observe your existence with the same indifference as the infinite unknown,
That is the challenge of all who would be free of all claims of the finite known.

* * * *
Pretty rough to straighten things out
When pretty much everything humankind touches
Ripples into some inevitable fuck-up.

* * * *
What a strange thing it is to hear, to see, any word, any concept,
And realize all the antiquity it took for it to evolve to this point in time,
And that it, and all the other words in the sea of metaphors in which it swims,
Shall ever continue to morph for as long as human consciousness manages to survive.

* * * *
You are only where you are “supposed” to be
When you are fully paying attention to the here-now.

* * * *
The mind weaves it own traps, cuts its own grooves, molds its own way,
Its own obstacles, its own fetters, its own miasma, with unceasing regularity.
It is evolved of narrow thinking, and often resides fogbound for the given lifetime.
Relatively few realize the insightful emancipation, the sovereignty of the immeasurable.

* * * *
The future past, as it more and more feverishly rushes by,
Is completely untenable to anyone paying attention,
And far too few ever have, or likely ever will.
Greed has always worked far too well.

* * * *
The same genetic force, the same patterning,
That draws women into their worlds, draws men into theirs.
Ergo, Mars and Venus, and all the many worldviews playing out over and over.

* * * *
Neither one nor two,
Neither single nor double,
Neither solid nor ephemeral,
Neither everything nor nothing,
Neither what is nor what is not,
Neither living nor nonliving,
Neither right nor wrong,
Neither time nor space,
Neither here nor now,
Neither good nor evil,
Neither true nor false,
Neither judge nor jury,
Awareness is.

* * * *
The quantum universe is engaged in a fair number of adventures.
Sometimes you have to stand in line and wait you turn.
Try to remain rational about it, if you can.

* * * *
An indifferent mind is a reflection of the indifferent awareness.
And the eternal mystery from which it all indifferently emanates.

* * * *
There will always be true believers willing to live and die
For whatever cause they have discerned most noble and true.

* * * *
Every moment giving and taking that which is ever emanating anew,
And you only able to distinguish it through the myriad filters
Born of nature-nurture’s inevitable conditioning.

* * * *
Whatever path to glory might be devised by any given mind,
It is ever nothing more than the vanity born of imagination.

* * * *
What is awareness? What is consciousness?
A chemical reaction? An electromagnetic storm? A quantum wind?
The unknown playing known? Nothing playing something?
A stream unto its Self, however mind conceives.

* * * *
The mind’s self-absorbed emotional sorrow is unquenchable,
But through embracing the barren hollow of the null and void.

* * * *
Happiness and contentment are delusional myths born of sorrow and dissatisfaction.
Consciousness ever ebbs and flows through the ductless glands and viscera.
Abiding in the moment, in the awareness prior to all the chatter,
Is the as-good-as-it-gets any given mind can offer.

* * * *
What the body needs and what the sensory-mind craves,
Are all too often at odds in ways not designed for longevity.

* * * *
Why should anyone provide what you will not yourself earn?
The jungle is a forbidding place, and those who do not make their own way
Cannot forever depend on the compassion of those about them.

* * * *
Every generation plays out the window of time
That the reverie of history offers the given geography,
As it plays out in the ripples flowing to and fro across the world.
From all beginnings to all ends, it is very much a choiceless reality for all.

* * * *
Everything you experience,
Everything you see, hear, smell, touch, taste,
Adds to the frame of reference from which it is eternally witnessed.

* * * *
Even the ethereal begins supposedly traversing the Himalayas,
Are fellow primates, fellow two-leggeds, of the same quantum origin.
No need to make them more paranormal than you or any other cockroach.

* * * *
What pattern is not born of conscious design,
And why would the quantum ground, the source of all,
Be bound by any notion, no matter how grand?

* * * *
The powers that be: the estates, the kingdoms, the empires, the heralds, the behemoths,
The balance-of-power-might-makes-right in these our modern times of this so-called civilized world.
The executive, the legislative, the judicial, the corporate, the media, the bureaucratic,
Are what they please, do what they please, take what they please,
As the rule of law stipulates, or arrogance and avarice allow.
The bottom-feeders, well, they endure, they survive, as they always have.
Or pay the consequences, the tribulations, as the law of the club, of claw and fang, allow.

* * * *
You need not discern all the secrets of this indelible mystery
To yield to the essence of the indivisible awareness
Your are, have ever been, will ever be.

* * * *
Outside the last box is that awareness prior to consciousness,
And where can any box abide in that which is indivisible.

* * * *
When the immeasurable is presumed measurable,
Pretense and arrogance take root, and chaos rules.

* * * *
What is it to awaken, to realize, but to become very still, very attentive,
To the eternal awareness you truly are, have ever been, and will ever be.

* * * *
What part of yes means yes,
No means no, and maybe does not mean yes,
Don’t some people understand.

* * * *
We are all just screengrazers here, with our own device.
Smarter phones, dumber people, daily dumbing down.

* * * *
Fascinating how indifferent we can be toward each other and all our fellow earthlings.
That we can be so cruel, so unempathetic, so unwilling to discern all are ultimately one in the same.
The compassion, the benevolence of the Golden Rule, treating others as you would your Self,
Requires a mind free of desire, free of fear, free of conditioning, free of convention,
A mind willing to stand alone against the whimsies of human limitation.

* * * *
Contentment, satisfaction, gratification,
What are they but variations of the vanity-vanity,
The usual suspect steeping in every moment of conscious design.

* * * *
The mystery is prior to all thought, prior to all knowledge, prior to all emotion, prior to all passion,
Prior to all language, all science, all math, all music, all everything ignited by consciousness.
It is the primal awareness from which the unknowable bursts into timeless creation.

* * * *
Awareness cannot even for a moment
Pause to examine its timeless, non-dualistic nature.
After all, how can that which is the origin, that which is the essence,
Do anything but what it does, be anything but what it is.

* * * *
You are the mystery, you are the unknown, you are the known unknown.
You will make of it what you will, you will do with it what you will,
And if you are a rare one, you will perhaps undo what you will.

* * * *
Any philosophy, any religion, any archetype, any paradigm, that loses sight of natural law,
That loses sight of the indivisible relationship between all things,
Is no worldview worth its brine.

* * * *
Eternal peace is merging into the indivisibly, the aloneness, free of attributes.
Giving the world no thought: some call it heaven, some call it madness.
What matter what any other thinks, what any other believes?

* * * *
How many creatures have suffered greatly or died
That faces might be adorned with clownish facades.

* * * *
Hogwash, nonsense, gibberish, garbage, baloney, rot, claptrap,
Gobbledygook, noise, babble, jabber, poppycock, balderdash, tripe,
Hooey, bunkum, hokum, humbug, twaddle, drivel, rubbish, codswallop.
Words that come to mind when talking politics, economics, religion,
And other juggernauting dysfunctions of the human paradigm.

* * * *
This quantum theater is never more real than a dream.
The awareness you are is never not the witness.
The only question is whether or not you are aware of it.
And from all beginnings to all endings, and all endings to all beginnings,
It really does not matter if you wake up to it or not.
It never did, it never will.

* * * *
The so-called scriptures are not really belief systems.
They are histories, archives, field guides, instruction manuals, schemas.
Insights set down by seers across time and space who have discerned the mystery firsthand.
Does the quantum indivisibility need to worship the forms into which it is made,
Some imagined sculptor, or the essence that is its truest nature?
Does it really need to venerate anything at all?
Is not simply being enough?

* * * *
There is the wacko two-legged in the first standard deviation: we call that normal.
The second, we call eccentric; the third, crazy; and beyond that, insane.
Really all just different shades of the same monkey-mind.

* * * *
The discernment of truth in the human mind, in the human paradigm,
Has really always been very much the same across the world throughout time.
But all those who see it are bound by the filters of their conditioning: bound by culture;
Bound by creed; bound by language; bound by ego; bound by the thirst for power, fame, fortune;
Bound by the seven deadly intoxications: pride, envy, gluttony, lust, wrath, greed, sloth;
Bound by the perpetual tango of desire and fear in the quest for security.
Is it any wonder that these modern times are so chaotic,
So confused, so conflicted, so contrary,
That only the rare are willing and able to see past
The incalculable differences entirely created by imagination.

* * * *
Of course there is what many, by one name, by one concept, by one dogma or another, call god.
But the fundamental reality is that it is a timeless, indivisible, unattainable mystery,
That cannot be bound by any form, by any circumstance, by any creed.
It is not some dualistic invention like a Zeus, a Jupiter, a Shiva, or a Santa Claus.
It is not a deity, a goddess, a divine being, a celestial being, a divinity, an immortal, or an avatar.
It is not an idol, a graven image, an icon, a totem, a talisman, a fetish, or a juju.
Of course there is a god, and it includes the essence you truly are.
Do not confuse any fabrications of consciousness
With the reality of awareness.

* * * *
In truth, you have no past, you have no future.
You are but a subjective dream of consciousness, of imagination.
There is only now, there is only awareness, there is only quantum, there is only eternity,
Timelessly witnessing an indivisible, kaleidoscoping, sensory play.

* * * *
Your world, your universe, your dreamtime, is your own imaginary concoction,
Founded upon the sensory input as interpreted by your patterned mind.
However you see anything unfolding, is what it is, always was, and will ever be.
Whatever you think others think, they think; whatever you think others do, they do.
You are perceiver, you are witness, you are observer, you are bystander, you are spectator.
You are the one and only awareness acting out your programmed, conditioned, habituated persona.
Immortally absolute, indelibly sovereign, timelessly unconditional, eternally indivisible,
And unutterably, irrefutably alone in your center stage of consciousness.

* * * *
To discern your true Self, to discern the awareness that is source,
Is to discern all possibilities upon which imagination might draw.

* * * *
Trust your Self.
Trust your own mind.
Trust your own awareness.
Trust your own perception.
Trust your own intuition.
Find your own way,
You, scientist.

* * * *
You are the only one and only observer watching you.
All the deities, all the angels, all the demons, all the avatars,
All the santa clauses, tooth fairies, and other mythological creatures,
Are nothing more than figments of imagination given credence.
You, the singular aloneness, are the one and only witness.

* * * *
What is each and every existence but a brief window of history.
A brief flickering of light and shadow playing out in a dreamtime of mind.
A brief span in which awareness witnesses a timeless creation born of consciousness.
A kaleidoscoping quantum theater playing itself real over and over in every conceivable way.

* * * *
The challenge is to imbibe each fleeting moment
As completely, as purely, as gracefully, as contentedly,
As the sensory mind bound to space and time fitfully allows.

* * * *
You who give the mind over to its inexplicable source,
Will never be appreciated unconditionally by the human paradigm.
Thought and emotion are but evolutionary by-products of ductless glands and viscera.
It is not possible to gain the full acceptance of any meme, any group, any followers, any true believers,
Any brainwashed, conditioned, indoctrinated collusion to which consciousness is so attached,
For the capricious mix is incapable of comprehending that which is cradle to all.
You must, in awareness, stand very much alone, flawlessly absolute.

* * * *
Without the thought, the idea, the notion,
The brainwave, the inspiration, the theory, the belief,
The concept, the opinion, the plan, the conception, the philosophy,
How would the imaginary identity you delude your awareness into pretending
Play out its meme-bound who-what-where-when-why-how collusion?

* * * *
No geography is immune to the money-in-a-wheelbarrow moment
If the one-percenters and their minions play their game too greedy.

* * * *
There appear to be many others of every imaginable variety,
But it is all really truly the awareness you very much alone are,
Translating the sensory play as the ever-present now unfolds.
The singular you, chattering away to your Self, so to speak.

* * * *
There is nothing in this manifest dreamtime to which you can ultimately cling.
You are awash in imaginary notion, and if that gradually dissipates,
Where can you ever be but the given right-here-right-now,
As infinitely, as infinitesimally immeasurable,
As the mystery of awareness ever is.

* * * *
When the mind is still,
When the mind is but awareness,
Who-what-where-when-why-how can you exist?

* * * *
Every mind has its rhyme and reason, its raison d'être,
And whether or not others become interested in the trove of its wanders.
Is a matter only history, in one future past or another, will tell.

* * * *
The entire human spectacle, with all its histories, whether written and unwritten,
Is nothing more than collusion founded upon the capricious spark of imagination.

* * * *
That which you imagine you are is replete with every sort of passion and pain and regret.
That mystery which you truly are, that which is prior to consciousness, is indivisibly immaculate.
The mind is a collection of perceptions to which unmitigated detachment is the only salvation.

* * * *
Whether or not there are other dream worlds,
Other Gaias out in the immensity of the indifferent universe,
We will likely never know because we have not valued our own world enough
To insure our survival for more than a relatively few minutes in the space-time continuum.
The clock is tick-tick-ticking, and we are rushing madly towards extinction,
Or certainly a very harsh, very downsized paradigm shift.

* * * *
There may be nothing new under this sun or any other,
But it is all new to you, so drive on, Brave Knight, drive on.

* * * *
Creation takes time, creation takes space.
There is no “suddenly appeared.”
There is only never-beginning-never-ending process,
A quantum holograph in which humankind is but a smidgeon of a shard.

* * * *
Dreaming itself immortal,
Consciousness is indelibly linked
To the finite creation of quantum design.

* * * *
We are all the same oneness playing out the parts, the same oneness playing out the many.
We are all a kaleidoscoping hologram of inestimable, immeasurable, infinite proportion,
A quantum matrix emanating a dream of time in the timeless indivisibility of eternity.

* * * *
To be vulnerable is the challenge of complete surrender to the moment.
To be totally open without the psychic walls of the me-myself-and-I,
To the ego that is nothing more than a castle built of imagination.

* * * *
We have witnessed history play the same record over and over and over again.
The players change, the technologies change, the universe changes,
But the monkey mind is ever a Shakespearian collage.

* * * *
Pull out that phone, that tablet,
That notebook, that laptop, that screen,
That security blanket of these our modern times.
What will you do if/when the day it is forever gone comes?
Will you be ready when old school rises again?

* * * *
Your imaginary personality is how your awareness adapted
To the winds of the nature-nurture into which you were cast.
It is but a temporary temporal thing; best not get too attached.

* * * *
In this manifest dreamtime world, history has countless times proven that might makes right.
As Vegetius put it in De Re Militari: si vis pacem, para bellum, if you want peace, prepare for war.
Anonymity is the first line of defense, the second is to be a chameleon, to avoid becoming a target.
From then on – care you to abide, care you to survive – whatever level of readiness is required.

* * * *
It is only in imagination that all players are fashioned.
The grand holograph is seamless; there is no other.
The inscrutable indivisible is without partition.
All withouts are within, all withins, without.

* * * *
Complete, unconditional, unadorned vulnerability is the means to nirvana.
To give your self over to Self, to set the body-mind adrift in awareness,
Is the discerning tap of the Ruby Slippers that will get you home.
Eternity is now, there is no other, nothingness is as apparent as it gets.

* * * *
If there is such a thing as a perfect body,
Rest assured, it does not long stay that way.

* * * *
Me and myself and I:
My body, my mind, my sex, my color, my race, my language, my culture,
My family, my friends, my school, my class, my college, my house, my land, my pets,
My workplace, my business, my club, my bar, my coffee shop, my store, my money, my things,
My town, my county, my state, my country, my world, my sun, my universe,
My religion, my church, my god, my heaven, my hell …
Me, me, me, forever and ever me.

* * * *
The roles all life play out in the grand web
Are nothing more than the blueprint,
The patterning of the given seed.
All are the same inexplicable essence.

* * * *
Is it the quantum universe that creates the quantum mind?
Or is it the quantum mind that creates the quantum universe?
Or are they the same quantum creating each other,
This very much the same moment?
Yet another dreamy day,
Same old chicken or egg conundrum.

* * * *
You are really only important to you,
And perhaps a collection of family and friends,
And soon you and they will all be quite dead, quite gone.
And therein rests the salvation to all that egotism:
Don’t worry, be happy; perchance content.

* * * *
There is a space, a stillness, an awareness,
Where entire universes disappear,
And the unknown reigns.

* * * *
​The mind's hunger for more-more-more​ is an insatiable, ever-consuming beast.
Only in the wisdom of age does it only just maybe-perhaps become less a burden.

* * * *
Truth, neither rational nor irrational,
Is as indefinable as the moment,
Because it is the moment,
And the moment is unknown.

* * * *
The ever-motionless awareness of the eternal mind
Is prior to all movement of consciousness,
And the myriad attachments therein.

* * * *
Is there an outside the box that is not yet another box?
And then another and another and another.
Boxes and boxes ad infinitum,
Until all of a sudden, only You remain.

* * * *
Relinquish, surrender, abandon, renounce, resign,
Give up, hand over, bow out, turn down, let go by, let pass,
And be.

* * * *
Why would you want to follow anyone?
Why would you want anyone to follow you?
Both are but the endless narcissism of vain notion,
The imaginary saga of the self-absorbed mind.

* * * *
Any teacher only plays a significant part of any life
Until whatever it is they offer is learned, is owned.

* * * *
Once upon a timeless in some long ago, an ancestor sat on a branch alone,
When another ancestor nearby uttered a sound that s/he thought s/he understood.
Thus fell the metaphorical fruit of knowledge, of good and evil,
And the solitude of the garden dreamscape
Was, for a brief spate of the mind born of time, undone.

* * * *
It is a perfect world, a perfect universe,
But not perfect enough for many if not most.

* * * *
To be caught in the web of time
Is to play out the death born of imagination.
Only in the timelessness of eternal awareness can existence
Be as real as the quantum dreamtime allows.

* * * *
With rare exception, the most avaricious wacko
Has always been the most motivated
To be the king of any hill.

* * * *
The good news is you need not hate or kill another
Just because they will never see it the way you do.

* * * *
In truth, we expatriated ourselves from the garden of origin.
All mythologies regarding this fact are figurative at best.
All are but metaphors inspired by the usual suspects:
The unending self-absorption of vanity and greed.

* * * *
How can there not be more and more suffering
With more and more battling for less and less.
The strong thrive, and the weak endure or die.

* * * *
Stars and planets stream silently about the heavens, oblivious to your vain existence,
And all the passions that play out the ceaseless dramas in your hollow imagination.

* * * *
The moment, the instant, the second, the minute,
The jiffy, the flash, the tick, the twinkling, the trice:
What are they but concept after concept after concept,
Consciousness ever trifling the timelessness of awareness.

* * * *
Of hubris and humility, arrogance and modesty,
When have the gods and demons ever punished anyone,
Who has not first and foremost punished themselves far more?

* * * *
What an isolating thing, the groupthink of any tradition.
All attempts of consciousness to bring together
Only further and further splinter.

* * * *
In any given twinkling, it does not matter how you play out your reverie of time.
It does not matter whether you were good or not, smart or not, happy or not, earnest or not,
Passionate or not. productive or not, powerful or not, wealthy or not, famous or not, beautiful or not.
The timeless awareness does not care one scintilla about you, or anyone or anything else.
We are all but temporal quantum forms in the grand nothingness of eternity.

* * * *
Your ego, your vanity, wants to matter so much​, but in reality it doe​s not, never did, never will.
You are a brief dream of awareness: nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.
Find harbor in the futility, the uselessness, the pointlessness,
The worthlessness, the fruitlessness, of it all.

* * * *
Everything about the dreamtime of human consciousness
Is generated from two primal forces: sustenance and procreation.
All the vanities, all quests for power and fame and fortune
Are marinated in those two interwoven hungers.

* * * *
The good, the bad, the ugly; the sour, the bitter, the sweet;
Taking things as they are mitigates the suffering of existence.

* * * *
It is only imagination that feels happy or sorry or anything else for its imaginary self.
Imagination ever-translating the ever-streaming sensory perceptions
Into endless shades of emotional gratification.
How can the timeless awareness prior to consciousness
Feel anything for the nothingness from which it springs eternal?

* * * *
Caring too much, caring too little, caring just enough;
Too hot, too cold, just right, a Goldilocks balancing act for all.

* * * *
The tug of the group mind is strong in all humankind.
To break away from the herd, to stand alone,
Is to live a life laced with insecurity.

* * * *
Mammon is an insatiable beast, unsatisfied even by gluttony.
Even the moderate path can leave the reins jerking for more.

* * * *
You are nature.
Behave your Self.

* * * *
When you can do anything you want,
But have run out of things you really want to do,
Contemplation, meditation, and suicide are the final antidotes.

* * * *
Every imaginable bread-and-circus interruption and diversion and agitation,
Has made its way into conscious design, and daily more, more, more.
What superficial, pathetic creatures human beings truly are.

* * * *
So much time already passed, so much history already written,
How much more can be left in this dream of human consciousness?

* * * *
Around and around the thought loop you go; again and again,
The same old thoughts sow and sow, go and go, flow and flow.

* * * *
All self-imagery is nothing more than attachment to a body
And the given cultural blend into which it is conditioned.
A fusion of nature-nurture, nothing more, nothing less.

* * * *
There is no arrival because there is no place to arrive.
There is only the beingness of ever-present awareness.

* * * *
How could anyone ever be as infatuated with you as you are yourself?
Even your mother was likely sick and tired of you times beyond counting.

* * * *
The hatred that gives so many lives meaning
Is but a finite mortal dream from beginning to end.
And what is hate but the fear, the dread, of all things different.

* * * *
How long will you recall things that do not matter?
How long will you cling to things that were never important?
How long will you abide the infliction of illusion upon your awareness?
This is your brief dream to live, or not live, as your courage to stand alone allows.

* * * *
Existence is ever a back-and-forth pendulum.
As irrational and vulnerable as you might feel today,
May well full swing to rational and invulnerable tomorrow.
And who knows who-what-where-when-why-how in any given next?

* * * *
When you were very young, there was not a care in the world.
But, now, now nothing but a litany of bothers strewn across it.

* * * *
At what point do you wake up and realize
You are very, very alone, in a very, very large field,
Surrounded by many, many, very, very large piles of bullshit.​

* * * *
Your universe is really nothing more than neurological sensations, electrical-chemical reactions,
And the many perceptions, the voluntary-involuntary responses and reactions,
Filtered by the attachment of consciousness to them.
Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.

* * * *
If those who advocate rationalism are earnestly rational, earnestly scientific, earnestly detached,
They will not approach any investigation with assumption or emotion or arrogance.
In other words, they will not be as irrational, as illogical, as passionate,
As those they so often astutely and smugly and vainly judge.
Otherwise, it is just the same old monkey mind
On yet another rose-colored day.

* * * *
Sometimes angel, sometimes demon, what matter either way, really.
Gods are but the contrivance of the dread of imagination,
And an insistent hope for what can never be.

* * * *
Gumption |ˈɡəmpSH(ə)n| noun … is defined as
Informal shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness.
Grit |ɡrit| noun … is defined as courage and resolve; strength of character.
How will your life play out, what will you accomplish,
If you do not cultivate them?

* * * *
Why would your beingness be any more or less
Than any other beingness, supreme or otherwise?

* * * *
Let go the passion toward all your competitors, your adversaries, your antagonists,
Your opponents, your challengers, your rivals, your foes, your enemies.
They are but distractions that call you back into a cosmos
That otherwise only superficially beckons.

* * * *
Will anyone really miss you when you are dead and gone?
Perhaps a few, but not for long, and when they too have departed, none at all.
You will at last resume the anonymity, the obscurity, the extinction, the oblivion, the nothingness,
All histories, all chronicles, all narratives, all annals, all accounts, all sagas, have in store.

* * * *
You did whatever you did in this brief existence.
Own it, let go of it, find peace, foster contentment.

* * * *
You are the mystery, you are the enigma, you are the unknown,
And there is absolutely, unequivocally, nothing irrational about it.
Nor, for that matter, is there anything at all rational about it, either.

* * * *
Truth is not an idea; it is not tangible.
It is the intrinsic, indivisible, inviolable thread
Within the stillness of each and every timeless moment
Prior to any and every quantum dimension.
And those rare few who discern it
Live life eternal.

​* * * *​
The masses do not fathom their fleeting context in history.
Their prevailing disquiet is the existence they must daily endure.
And thus unfolding events careen misinterpreted to and fro about them.

* * * *
In the ultimate mind, the universal mind, the god mind,
The who, the what, the where, the when, the why, the how; are no longer relevant.
Awareness is all, all is awareness.

* * * *
​​ What a burden, the responsibility of materialism.
Anytime you own something, you must maintain it, clean it, protect it,
Insure it, give it away, lose it, throw it away, break it, repair it, consume it, et cetera ad infinitum.
Whatever the case, in the grand scheme of all things quantum matrix indivisible,
You and it are but dust-to-dust creations intertwined for all time,
And before and after that brief window, as well.

* * * *
Call it Darwinism, call it evolutionary theory, call it whatever,
The life forms that have managed to survive since life’s creation,
Carry in their genetic coding an amalgamation of adaptive qualities,
Which may or may not include intelligence and strength and flexibility.
But what they likely have most in common in their lineage
Is a fair amount of the luck of the happenstance.

* * * *
What to do when neither creation nor preservation nor destruction draw you anymore.
What to do when even the indivisible has lost the verve of point and purpose and meaning.

* * * *
No individual or group changes the course of history.
All merely play out their relatively insignificant part
In its already-written-in the-sands-of-time chronicle.

* * * *
Time is as imaginary, as ethereal, as intangible, as vaporous, as fictional,
As illusory as the given mind from which it like cotton candy springs.

* * * *
You have imagined who.
You have imagined what. You have imagined where.
You have imagined when. You have imagined why. You have imagined how.
You have imagined everything the quantum mirage has allowed.
Now imagine the nothing from which all sally forth.

* * * *
Discern the primordial awareness prior to consciousness.
Stay with that timeless moment, that stillness,
And know the serenity of eternity.

* * * *
How absurd to believe anyone is watching you.
How absurd to believe no one is watching you.

* * * *
Something else and something more, always distracting,
Always agitating, always disordering, always disturbing, always confusing,
Always tugging the mind ever forth in the dream of time.

* * * *
There you go again, rushing madly toward a time
That will arrive and disappear before you know it.

* * * *
Nirvana is just giving your mind
Over to the timeless mystery of awareness;
Dissolving back into the eternal now you ever truly are.

* * * *
All we think we know is but a grain of sand in an infinity of unknowable unknownness,
And in reality all our invention is nothing more than the happenstance
Of our own genetically habituated imagination.
It is all a mystery, nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *
Growing older is about different choices;
Many if not most of them not made by you.

* * * *
Many a label is designated to undermine the power of the thing itself.
It is the grappling of consciousness with its ever-kaleidoscoping,
Ever unyielding wheel of creation-preservation-destruction.

* * * *
Buddha has already played.
So have Jesus and Rumi and Nietzsche.
It is your turn now to whirl your way in dreamtime.
No need to follow or imitate anyone else.

* * * *
Where are within and without
When all barriers are but the illusion
Of the sensory mind-body born of imagination.
The indivisibility of the quantum scale knows no bounds.

* * * *
If you think you can go into any conflict, into any war,
And not destroy and maim innocence – mothers, children, elderly –
You are only kidding yourself in a very, very un-haha way.

* * * *
Who are you or I? Who is he or she? Who is we or they?
So many dualistic distinctions born of consciousness,
And its myriad delusions born of sensory illusion.

* * * *
The you, you imagine your Self to be,
Is but the barest sliver of a sliver of a sliver
Of that which is, and is not, totality.

* * * *
To comprehend reincarnation, re-embodiment, rebirth, re-creation, reawakening,
You must discern what it is, and what it is not, that is born anew.
That the same essence in one permeates all,
And that all are but the one in every guise imaginable.

* * * *
The human paradigm is immersed in the stew of its own self-made knowledge.
The mind’s voracious, insatiable, craving-to-know nature blinds itself.
The screens, the veils, the shrouds, the divisions of knowledge,
No matter how scholarly, no matter how insightful,
Are the source, the creator of all delusion.
The space-time matrix, as tangibly real as it seems,
Is but the invention of an imagination-laced quantum dream.

* * * *
A still mind is a still universe, and a still universe is no universe at all.
And in that essential state, in that awareness, in that nothingness, you are.

* * * *
All creation, all universes, have come and gone in the same everlasting, undying, unending,
Perpetual, endless, ceaseless, timeless, interminable, infinite, immortal,
Never-ending, transient, temporary, eternal instant.

* * * *
You need not allow the world into your eternal sovereignty,
Unless you feel like being mesmerized by the quantum illusion,
And all the habituated conditioning it has in the given mind stirred.

* * * *
Take away your family, your friends, your acquaintances, your adversaries, your enemies,
Your work, your hobbies, your things, your pets, your memories, your reveries.
Take away all the parts and pieces, all the trappings of your existence,
And what remains but an indescribably ephemeral awareness,
To which no thought, no appendage, can ever attach.

* * * *
Call it what you will, the mystery is bound to or by no name,
No matter the subtlety, the dexterity of the namer ’s meaning.

* * * *
Perfection is at the stardust level.
In the mundane zone, not so much.

* * * *
The goal of the one-percenters and their minions
Has been to keep as many littlefolk as possible distracted
With every bread and circus modern technology so astutely offers.
What would Louis and Marie have done with their heads
Had they been so mindful of such Roman insight?

* * * *
Technology has always shaped the human mind: for example, the analog clock.
Did time exist before them hands started spinning all them numbers in our heads?

* * * *
Still searching for meaning and purpose?
Cannot you hear them giggling and twittering
As they scamper through the passages of your mind?

* * * *
The mind is an ever-stirring brew of erstwhile knowing; of knowing this, of knowing that.
But until it truly discerns that it knows nothing but its own imaginary concoctions,
It can never be free of its endless self-delusions, its endless self-deceptions.
It can never rediscover the child mind that perceives the given moment ever anew.

* * * *
What is love but a very agreeable congregation of painkilling endorphins.
The entire human paradigm from its jungle origin on can likely be boiled down
To an every-moment quest for the pleasure they radiate in any given mind.

* * * *
 Cheerleaders for delusion live in a bubble of unreality.
It is completely wacko to think there is any possibility
That there is some sort of happy ending to this fiasco.​

* * * *
No one but you can possibly care as much as you
About your version of the mystery,
And if you don’t …
Well, that’s another story.

* * * *
Like a hamster running madly, getting nowhere in its spinning wheel,
The mind is ever questing security in its dream of temporal persuasion.

* * * *
If not for vision, your sensory universe would seem much, much smaller,
But then, it might seem just as large, just as infinite, just as true,
If you had been blind from birth and knew no different.
Awareness is the great equalizer in all creation.

* * * *
At best you might do something
That might slightly spin history some new direction,
But what is history but imaginary notion
Given credence by the same.

* * * *
You never know what cause will beget what effect
Will beget what cause will beget what effect … et cetera, et cetera …
In the what’s-good-what’s-bad of all things creation.

* * * *
There is history everywhere in this world;
Only a relatively small scratch of it recorded.

* * * *
When it comes to dealing with the aloneness of the ultimate reality,
Those who awaken can run, but they can never hide
From the witness they ever are.

* * * *
What ever-present instant is not of eternity?
Only the countless dualistic notions of consciousness,
With all its delusions born of desire and fear,
Would have you believe otherwise.

* * * *
Is enough really ever enough?
Is too much of a good things really ever too much?
Is the plate really ever too full?
Well, duh, yes.

* * * *
Dualistic notion is but a fabrication of imagination.
All opposites are equally true, equally false,
Equally everything, equally nothing.

* * * *
Is your inner default setting consciousness or awareness?
Are you the imaginary figment, the mortal you?
Or are you the eternal immortal You?

* * * *
What perception has ever been real?
What perception has ever been more than an imaginary notion,
Combining with other notions to make a sizable collage of arbitrary notions in each and every mind;
The synergy of which compounds into a very much unrehearsed human paradigm.
All history is nothing more than the perpetual vanity of consciousness
Playing its make-believe game of space and time real.

* * * *
What is best? What is worst?
What is most? What is least?
Which is more? What is less?
Which is true? What is false?

* * * *
If you are practicing some sort of idolatry, then you, my friend,​ are stuck.
If you have a conclusion founded on some sort of mythology,
Some sort of fairy tale, some sort of fantasy, some sort of mind gorp,​
Then your doubt has stalled, and you are as stuck as imagination can enable.
The only question is whether you can rekindle the skepticism and carry on the quest.

​* * * *​
​Modern psychology considers so many behaviors to be disorders,
That it is a wonder anyone can get past the prescribed self-loathing,
And treat themselves with a reasonable dollop of care and respect.

* * * *
Your ancestors include monkeys and other jungle-born primates.
And before that, worms, and before that, yes, slimy goo.
And let us not forget that it all became possible
Because of the mystery of stardust.

* * * *
Eternal life, eternal awareness is ever-present, undying, unending, timeless process​.
The sage stares at a​ rock, and sees the rock anew each and every eternal moment.​

* * * *
A moment is only wasted
If you fail to give it full attention free of recollection.
History is written by the living dead.
Eternal life is now.

* * * *
So many things you will never know,
So many things known that you will inevitably forget,
The only thing to keep in focus: the awareness, the mystery you truly are.

* * * *
The persona is the harbor of attachment,
Ever-changing throughout the rumored existence,
All obliterated with the last wheezing breath,
Never more than imagination allows.

* * * *
Science and politics are mutually-exclusive dynamics.
To politicize science is an absolute absurdity foisted
By blatant obfuscation of its point and purpose.​

​* * * *​
To empty your mind,
You may well have to first fill it to overflowing,
Perhaps several times.

* * * *
Time rises and falls in every mind,
And is but a biological mutation in the evolution of humankind.
It does not truly exist as anything more than the mind-made, imaginary notion of consciousness.
There is only this now … and now this now … and now this now … and now this now …
An immeasurable quantum matrix, ever-kaleidoscoping, eternally indivisible.

* * * *
Curious how the apostates, the absconders, the true believers,
Always accuse everyone else of that which they are most guilty.

* * * *
As enlightened as any human being may be,
There is always a bowl needs cleaning,
A chamber pot needs dumping.

* * * *
Ultimately, as complex, as intricate as humankind may be,
We two-leggeds are ever nothing more than a genomic configuration
Set in motion in the quantum stardust chemical reactions of the long, long ago.
We are fabricated of nature, and every moment reside in its fold,
No matter how hard we try to disconnect ourselves,
No matter how hard we try to be more.

* * * *
To exist in clear, timeless awareness, is the natural state,
The state of immaculate being available to any and all
Who earnestly pursue that which is absolute within.

* * * *
Dissolve both within and without.
Discern the space that is neither nor.

* * * *
There is no you; there is no me-myself-and-I.
There is only awareness confined in a corporal configuration,
And imagination creating everything under the sun.

* * * *
To believe you can change anything
In the patterning running this merry show
Is absurdly laughable to the nth degree.

* * * *
A frame of reference is an ever-expanding rolodex of any given universe,
From which insight freely draws whenever the busy-busy mind
Drifts into contemplation of any rhyme and reason.

* * * *
You may be brilliant with every sort of meaningless trivia,
But unless you can coherently connect the many dots,
Your intelligence is not consummated in reality.

* * * *
You can bet that a fair share of religious zealots who make it to any given heaven
Will ooh and aah and praise their almighty deity and the horde of angels the first week,
And be complaining and offering suggestions how it could be better by the second.

* * * *
What is any world, any universe,
But an illusory dream constructed by the senses.
Naught but a neural veil, a sensory shroud, a quantum vibration,
Of imagination creating much ado about nothing.

* * * *
Creation and creator,
How can they possibly be separate
But through imagination’s endless confabulation?

* * * *
It is imagination, not awareness, that identifies with the mind-body.
Consciousness creates a world, a cosmos, to which awareness is but witness,
Absolutely detached – separate, apart, disconnected, isolated – in every which way.

* * * *
There are many, many instants in any given existence.
They go both very quickly and very slowly
In mind’s fleeting theater.

* * * *
Here we are, staring into our many screens,
Passively questing every imaginable distraction.
What did paltry Rome know of bread and circuses?

* * * *
Just because you like coffee or alcohol or cigars,
Does not mean you are going to like working
In a coffee shop or saloon or smoke shop.

* * * *
No, you are not going to change the world.
It got along as well before your predestined arrival
As it will after your inescapable departure.

* * * *
Unless you are a major player in the loft regions of the game,
The world spins the same whether you know of it or not.
Spend your existence in a cave, or scurrying about,
It makes absolutely no difference, whatsoever.

* * * *
In every yes, a no; in every no, a yes.
In every truth, a lie; in every lie, a truth.
In every good; a bad; in every bad; a good.
In every vague, an exact; in every exact, a vague.
In every infinite, a finite; in every finite, an infinite.
In every unknown, a known; in every known, an unknown.
In every intangible, a tangible; in every tangible, an intangible.
In every abundance, a shortage; in every shortage, an abundance.
In every superiority, an inferiority; in every inferiority, a superiority.
In every inexplicable, an explicable; in every explicable, an inexplicable.
In every immeasurable, a measurable; in every measurable, an immeasurable.
In every intelligible, an inscrutable; in every inscrutable, an intelligible.
In every open hand, a closed fist; in every closed fist, an open hand.
In every creation, a destruction; in every destruction, a creation.
In every brilliance, a dullness; in every dullness, a brilliance.
In every positive, a negative; in every negative, a positive.
In every logic, an absurdity; in every absurdity, a logic.
In every blessing, a curse; in every curse, a blessing.
In every deep, a shallow; in every shallow, a deep.
In every right, a wrong; in every wrong, a right.
In every large, a small; in every small, a large.
In every whole, a part; in every part, a whole.
In every plus, a minus; in every minus, a plus.
In every savant, a fool; in every fool, a savant.
In every gray, a gray; in every gray, more gray.

* * * *
You are playing the script of space-time's patterning,
But you are not the script, you are not the part,
You are not the body, you are not the mind.
It is all nothing more than a quantum dream.

* * * *
Of awareness it can be said: This is it, this is all there is.
Everything else is imagination born of sensory illusion.

* * * *
How could any man-made concoction
Ever have any ultimate, accurate, truthful answers to anything?
Only in the stillness of awareness is the one and only conclusion discerned, and it is serenity.
And it is the end to all uncertainty, to all speculation, all concern,
Over what is knowable, and what is not.

* * * *
Just because some scientist
Has not figured out a way to measure something
Does not mean it is not real.

* * * *
Science is a meticulous, disciplined means
To examine anything and everything very closely.
It is not a religion, it is not an authority, it is not absolute.

* * * *
Would Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Mohammed,
And all the other mythological religious titans of ancient worlds
Be Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Mohammed, and whoever else enough
For all the tradition-bound ivory towers they have spawned?

​* * * *​
​Without the mind-body and its sensory payload,
Without the world, without the universe,
What can you be but nothingness.
​* * * *​
Gazing out into the schoolyards and parks and malls full of youth,
One wonders at the unfolding world all those innocents,
All those teenagers and children and infants
Will in the not too far distant future
Be forced by their own window of time to endure.

* * * *
​You need not meditate with others for consciousness
To merge back into the awareness which you ever alone are.
The within and without the without and within that are and are not.

* * * *
… Me … Myself … I …
… I am this … I am not this …
… I am that … I am not that …
… I am … I am not …
… am … am not …
… … …

* * * *
The endless attempts by the consciousness born of mind
To mold reality into static concepts will ever soundly fail.

* * * *
Regarding it as only a dream requires the end
Of the who-what-where-when-why-how
Upon which imagination anchors.

* * * *
The sciences have a sizable array of tools to explore the mystery,
But ultimately are only as discerning as the mind
In which the data is pondered.

* * * *
The details, the details;
The nuances, the nuances;
The minutiae, the minutiae;
The particulars, the particulars;
The elements, the elements;
The niceties, the niceties;
The facets, the facets;
The facts, the facts;
The parts, the parts;
The aspects, the aspects;
The specifics, the specifics;
The finer points, the finer points;
The infinity of hells that havoc the mind.

* * * *
Likely the best way to counter a surprise attack
Is to always assume that one might be on its way,
And to have in place a variety of counter surprises
Orchestrated to improvise, to adapt, to overcome.

* * * *
The primate mind, the simian mind,
The ape mind, the lemur mind, the gorilla mind,
The monkey mind, the orangutan mind, the chimpanzee mind,
The whatever-any-might-call-it mind, are but descendants of a different pelt.
The evolutionary permutations of every conceivable happenchance;
Far distant genetic lineages only in the denials of mind.

* * * *
​ Brave New World, indeed, indeed.
Soma everywhere in many forms, in many ways.
Unplug, deny access, at least occasionally, if you are savage enough.

* * * *
“How much more over the top can it get?”
He wondered, and not for the first time that day.

* * * *
All differences, whether cultural, ethnic, gender,
Religious, political, economic, linguistic, and on and on and on,
Belie the indivisible, synchronistic, undying quantum mystery orchestrating all.

* * * *
All histories are ever forgotten or misconstrued or revised,
As they were never more than make-believe from the get-go.

* * * *
Pretending there is precision in words,
​H​ow absurdly wearing.
​​J​ust be.

* * * *
​Eternity, the mystery that  is prior to consciousness, is immaculate, unblemished, spotless,
Unsullied, undefiled, untarnished, perfect, flawless, faultless, pure, pristine,
Impeccable, stainless, pure, virtuous, incorrupt, above reproach.
The so-called Original Sin is really about separation,
About being born into the dream of time,
About being born into mind.
And given that there is no choice in the matter,
Given that no creature has ever had any voice in its being born,
What sin, what wickedness, what offense, what estrangement, can there truly be?
To be timelessly present is to erase all notions that inspire the insipidity of creeds across the world.

* * * *
A little Kafkaesque Q&A
Has a tendency to transport one
To the edginess of no more tomorrows.​
​* * * *​
This incredible, boggling quantum matrix that we call a universe,
Is playing out in indivisible, inviolable, indiscriminate perfection.
​* * * *​
No one wins a fight.
The so-called loser is a lump on the ground,
And the so-called winner has skinned knuckles and achy toes and knees.

* * * *
Who-what-where-when-why-how would you be
If there were no other to tell you different?

* * * *
No doubt all the conclusions, all the judgments about me are true
In a sideways-topsy-turvy-inside-out-convoluted-mangled-sort-of way.

* * * *
Who is the who, who who’s?
What is the what, what what’s?
Where is the where, where where’s?
When is the when, when when’s?
Why is the why, why why’s?
How is the how, how how’s?

* * * *
The timeless awareness of eternity is unconcerned what you do with your dream of time.
Only human vanity – egocentric, ethnocentric, geocentric, solarcentric – believes otherwise.

* * * *
From the upwelling, round many bends,
The river of the human paradigm,
The stream of consciousness,
Is rushing back to the sea of oblivion.

* * * *
How immaculate the moment you are.
Only in imagination are you tainted.

* * * *
Gumption, grit, discipline, initiative, resourcefulness, resolve,
Perseverance, courage, pluck, practicality, common sense, street smarts;
Without these, even the greatest intelligence is all but useless.

* * * *
Ahh, for those beautiful moments
When mind loses all purpose and meaning,
And being is more than enough.

* * * *
Who for art thou?
What for art thou?
Where for art thou?
When for art thou?
Why for art thou?
How for art thou?

* * * *
What need for insatiable consumption once mind’s hunger has subsided,
Once habitual thinking has melted back into the awareness of all origins.

* * * *
Who-what-where-when-why-how: Unending questions
That only madden the mind in the rabbit holes of time.

* * * *
Imagination, from whence all stories arise, into which all stories recede.
A statistical ripple as indivisibly predictable as any other quantum creation.

* * * *
What is, is.
What was, was.
What will be, will be.
Time is illusion.
Now is all.

* * * *
All politics, all economics, all religions, all collective systems,
Are cultural happenstances, mind-made phenomenona,
Haphazard and capricious from any given get go.

* * * *
No game is just a game.
It is all a game.

* * * *
Where are birth and death once all the passions
Born of desire and fear have consumed themselves?

* * * *
Any creature that regularly bleeds and survives, maybe even thrives,
Should be treated with great caution, perchance even a smidgen of respect.

* * * *
Once you have clearly discerned that it is all you,
Who is the giver, who is the taker?  Who is born, who lives, who dies?
Who is the creator, who is the preserver, who is the destroyer?
It is but vain notion that subscribes to all distinctions.

* * * *
A story.
Another story.
And yet another story.
Story after story after story.
Mine, yours, his, hers, theirs, ours.
All equally imaginary from any beginning.

* * * *
Through all that has been, all that will be,
This now, this essential state of awareness,
Is what you have always been, will ever be.

* * * *
Explore every vanity, and all the pleasures of the mind-body,
Until all their shades and flavors become dry and tasteless.

* * * *
That which knows all knows nothing.
That which knows nothing knows all.

* * * *
We each get our own little bubble of time,
An adventure to which each alone is privy.

* * * *
Those who are unborn, those who have died,
Are prior to and beyond the pretense of existence.

* * * *
Mountains erode, oceans evaporate, all things die; everything is ever-changing.
Only the indivisible quantum, and the awareness it permeates, remains the same.

 * * * *
Why on earth would it matter even one iota
Whether or not you are conscious to some other’s satisfaction?
This is your universe to witness however you will.
There is no prescribed format.
There is no other.

* * * *
The mind incessantly seeks the equilibrium,
The comfort zone, to which it is most attached.

* * * *
Forget who you think you are, and all you think you know.
Be the awareness prior to consciousness with all its bothers
About who and what and where and when and why and how,
And all the logical and illogical designs to which mind subscribes.

* * * *
Just because you choose not to do something
Does not mean you do not have the potential.
We are all wired with the same monkey mind.

* * * *
Sure, nothing is new under the sun.
It has all been said and written before.
That is the nature of the truth in all.

* * * *
Partake whatever you will, the hunger for more, more, more,
Remains the insatiable constant of human consciousness.
Satisfaction and serenity are the realm of awareness.

* * * *
Truth cannot be taught, nor can it be unlearned.
It can, however, be soundly ignored, even forgotten.

* * * *
All histories, all stories, all accounts, all chronicles, all parables, all narratives,
All folklores, all legends, all myths, all sagas, all fables, all fairytales,
All tall tales, all fish stories, all jokes, all puns, all yarns,
All anecdotes, all witticisms, all descriptions,
Are imaginary from any get-go.

* * * *
What to create today?
What to preserve today?
What to destroy today?
Hmm …

* * * *
No, you will not be back.
It is a one-time cabaret for each and every player.
Different strands of DNA, all witnessed by the same unborn-undying awareness.
Nothing personal about it, despite all notions to the contrary.

* * * *
Who goest thou?
What goest thou?
Where goest thou?
When goest thou?
Why goest thou?
How goest thou?

* * * *
The indivisibility, the inviolability,
Of creation and preservation and destruction,
Is clearly discerned only through total surrender to awareness.

* * * *
Who-what- where-when-why-how would you be
But for Mother Nature and all here technologies.

* * * *
The day you die will be a day just like today.
You might be sleeping, and have a stroke.
You might be bicycling, and have a heart attack.
You might touch an appliance, and electrocute yourself.
You might be swimming, and a gulp of water cause you to drown.
You might be cruising down a freeway, and a truck crash across the midway.
You might be wandering some downtown, and a mugger pull out a knife.
You might be sitting in a theater, and a shooter enter a side entrance.
You might be immobile in a hospital, and wheeze your last breath.
All beginnings, all endings, all betweens, are ever the same now.

* * * *
Do right and wrong, good and evil, life and death,
Really matter for more than a brief mortal while?

* * * *
It may not have been Charles Darwin who penned,
“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is the most adaptable to change,”
But it is true, nonetheless.

* * * *
The great are not great, nor are they insignificant.
The known is not known, nor is it unknowable.
The wise are not wise, nor are they foolish.
The moment is not real, nor is it unreal.

* * * *
You are not a noun: a person, a place, a thing.
Nor are you a verb: an action, a state, an occurrence.
You are, and you have always been, and you will always be,
The stillness of eternal, immortal, absolute awareness,
Witnessing the ever-kaleidoscoping quantum play.

* * * *
All heavens, all hells, all purgatories between, pass ever the same.
All others are but sensory ghosts of consciousness’s imaginary design.

* * * *
The stillness, the eternal life of the awareness prior to consciousness,
What more could you possibly be than the supreme virtue of the eternal unicity?
Will there come a moment when you never again subscribe to the manifest quantum matrix?
Will there come a moment when the mind born of time no longer calls you?

* * * *
Every instant exactly the same: Neither good nor bad,
Right nor wrong, happy nor sad, bright nor dark,
Fresh nor stale, rain nor shine, war nor peace.

* * * *
You have been brainwashed, hypnotized, conditioned, programmed,
Indoctrinated, molded, convinced, mesmerized, trained, habituated, spellbound, inured, compelled,
Into believing this world and all its creations are real and important.
Think again.

* * * *
The sensory mind-body evolved in DNA’s quest to continue,
To survive the creation, to abide the quantum field.
The vehicle you occupy is the result of that ever-present eternal dance,
And whether or not you continue to pass on that dream-state is a decision only time will tell.

* * * *
Water does not battle the rock.
It does not disobey gravity.
It does not resist the sun.

* * * *
What is any universe but a sensory play
Founded on the traits of the given life form’s patterning
In humans there are the five senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, feeling –
But is your cosmos any more or less tangible than any other creature’s genomic blueprint?

* * * *
The creations of physics and chemistry and biology
Have again and again conspired to shape you, to pattern you,
Into a false identity that you might again and again awaken to your Self.
Is the matrix any more than a ruse to explore the mystery in every way imaginable?

* * * *
The many words, the many concepts of consciousness
Are but passing clouds in the clear sky of awareness.

* * * *
As good as you might feel today
May well be as bad as you feel tomorrow.
Life is a pendulum of extremes for many, if not most.

* * * *
To the very young in playpens and play yards
And classrooms and halls and coffee shop and bars,
The world in which you are now so innocent, so guileless,
Will likely be so very different in future cycles of sun and moon.

* * * *
The past is only reference.
The future, only hope.
Only now is real.

* * * *
The hands of time spin the fate of humankind into an abyss of its own making.
Human consciousness cannot forever maintain the raging pace hat its insatiable nature ordains.
As any cockroach instinctively realizes, existence is a marathon, not a sprint.

* * * *
To pretend an identity does not mean you are forced to believe it.
You are the creator of your dreamtime world, your psychic prison,
And only reside there because desire and fear anchor your mind,
And draw you back again and again into the clutches of illusion.

* * * *
So it goes.
So it went.
So it will go.

* * * *
Call it God, call it Jehovah, call Yahweh, call it Allah, call it Buddha, call it Tao, call it Brahmin,
Call it whatever resonating sound your nimble mind and lucid tongue might concoct,
When were you and yours, and absolutely everyone and everything else,
Not this most-assuredly-exactly-the-same-across-the-board
Whodunit, whatdunit, wheredunit, whendunit, whydunit, howdunit?

* * * *
The mind is a morass, a pit of quicksand,
Which will pull you again and again into ceaseless bother
If your blade of discernment is not well-honed.

* * * *
Is there really just one enlightening moment, or thousands beyond counting?
Is liberation anything more than the fleeting aftershocks of the first earthquake?

* * * *
Though in appearance many masks and many minds,
Those who discern truth are all harbor to the one mind.

* * * *
A koan is a question, a riddle, a puzzle, an enigma,
A conundrum, a quandary, a brainteaser, a challenge,
With no definitive answer, or paradoxes beyond counting,
Depending on the state, the quality, of the awakening no-mind.

* * * *
The three vanities – power, fame, fortune – all boil down to an insatiable greed for more.
And how we do crave to bask in the presence of those who have achieved them.
Envy is the sidekick, the shadow, the minion, of all things covetous.

* * * *
Awareness of the awareness cannot be taught,
Nor can it be persuaded nor forced in any way or shape or form.
There is nothing to learn, everything to forget, and few hear the call, much less respond.

* * * *
Of lonely people who talk to their dogs and cats,
What can be said, what can be done?
Wacko is as wacko does.

* * * *
More, more, more … more power … more fame … more fortune …
More food … more sex … more castles … more things … more everything …
Enough is never enough for the many whose consciousness ever shines its light outward.

* * * *
Humankind is the only species across all space-time
To have caused so much insufferable havoc
Across this world’s crusty exterior.
Truly Darwin unleashed.

* * * *
Why would death be anything more to fear than falling asleep?
The only difference is no more dreaming and never again waking up.

* * * *
If humankind and other mammalian life forms do manage to survive,
It will be in a far different world from which these thoughts were written.

* * * *
Moderation …
Moderation … moderation …
Moderation … moderation … moderation …
Moderation … moderation … moderation … moderation …
Moderation … moderation … moderation … moderation … moderation …
Moderation … moderation … moderation … moderation … moderation … moderation …
Moderation … moderation … moderation … moderation … moderation …
Moderation … moderation … moderation … moderation …
Moderation … moderation … moderation …
Moderation … moderation …
Moderation …

* * * *
What is any world, any universe, any hologram, any matrix,
But a kaleidoscoping dream inspired by a sensory quantum feed.
A light and sound show vibrating away in the given mind’s neural trail.

* * * *
In the no-mind, there is no history, there is no buddha, there is no you.
There is merely the eternal awareness, the ever-present, indivisible now.

* * * *
The flames of its own creation
Are lapping at the feet of the human paradigm.
It will not be long now before falling dominos turn into a bonfire.

* * * *
What is there to do once the mind is no longer hungry for its world, its universe?
Breath in, breath out, bask in the sun, rest in the hammock,
Fill the given time however you will.

* * * *
Extinction is an inherent, intractable fact of life.
Most of what you once remembered is long-forgotten.
Granted, it may still be locked somewhere in the neuron trail,
But for all practical purpose, access denied is the same as forgotten.
It was never more than vague, imaginary perception anyway,
So, oh well, so it goes, deal with it, get over it, move on.

* * * *
So many women wonder why men no longer pursue them as they age,
But what do they do with the withered flowers on their dining room table?

* * * *
Boredom inspires inordinate hungers
That only fatten mind and body and spirit.
Moderation is the path to keenness and leanness.

* * * *
What is sorrow but the mind’s longing for it all to be real.
For it to be more than a kaleidoscoping, ungraspable dream;
A dream that it is, that it has ever been, that it will ever be.

* * * *
Is your mortal vessel your companion?  Is your mortal vessel your nemesis?
Is it to be embraced, or is it to be cast off, and will you feel the same tomorrow?

* * * *
Peace is a noteworthy gift to your existence.
All you need to do is stop torturing your Self.

* * * *
The quantum divide is but the separation of the sensory mind,
Deluding itself, imagining that it is the indivisibility that is unreal.
Nothing more than the neuron trail asserting it alone reigns supreme.

* * * *
To think critically is to accept nothing at face value.
It is a scientific mindset that examines anything and everything
To whatever degree insight and aptitude and technology and nuance allow.

* * * *
Regarding the every-moment consumption
Of the space-time continuum playing out in your head,
Best to discern and moderate your hungers.

* * * *
Each and every seed has its own epic journey, a one-time play in the space-time matrix.
A concoction of heaven and hell in an imaginary backdrop, real and unreal all the while.

* * * *
A discerner of truth can impart a thousands of talks,
And say essentially the same thing thousands of ways.

* * * *
Does a dog have Buddha nature? Is a dog any less Brahman than you?
Maybe dogs are born awakened, and are abiding patiently for us to figure it out.
Is the bouncy, tail-wagging, barky little puppy gazing happily up at you
Really just wondering when the fuck you’re going to zen up?

* * * *
It is the existence lead after so-called enlightenment
That daily proves the realization, the awakening, was the easy part,
And liberation well prior and beyond all assertions.

* * * *
Without the mind-body,
What is hot, what is cold?
What is sweet, what is bitter?
What is pleasure, what is pain?

* * * *
Nothing to be. Nothing to do.
Nothing to see, to hear, to taste, to smell, to feel.
And yet being, doing, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, all the while.
Such is the awareness, the cosmos of the quantum mind.
Nothing at all, all-ing all over.

* * * *
There is no who.
There is no what.
There is no where.
There is no when.
There is no why.
There is no how.

* * * *
You are not the body-mind identity.
You are not consciousness.
You are not the world.
You are not the universe.
You are not the quantum stardust.
You are that which is prior to all creation.
You are the awareness, you are the indivisible unicity.
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *
Yet another anthropological event, a meme,
To be gotten through, to be enjoyed or endured,
As is every other indivisibly timeless moment.

* * * *
There is no need to dread what you do not believe, what you do not distinguish real and true.
Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and monsters in dark forests, are but cultural memes for children,
As is everything rendered for adults adrift in the muddle of uncritical, gullible, credulous minds.

* * * *
Going through things, experiencing them, embracing them fully, hands on, full throttle,
Is the most definitive way to grasp their truth, to clearly see though them.
No black box stands long against the eye of the discerning.

* * * *
Who-what-where-when-why-how is That I Am?
Who-what-where-when-why-how is that which we who forever quest,
Are ever seeking within, are ever seeking without; sailors wandering an ocean without shore.
Why is that which is everything and nothing, that which is nothing and everything,
So challenging for the vapor of consciousness to both embrace and resist?

* * * *
The body issues forth from the indelible quantum mystery;
From the merger of the seeds of male and female.
The brain gradually interprets the senses to engineer the mind of self.
The mind that is molded, sculpted, conditioned; the mind that ever bends to its given nurture,
To its environment, to its window of time, all fostered by the play of imagination.
An ever-expanding cosmos of consciousness burst into being;
Indelible quantum mystery all the while.

* * * *
So much more knowledge with each and every passing moment.
To let go, to forget, is the challenge of the mind that would be eternal.

* * * *
To quantify the quantum mystery as infinite or infinitesimal is all but absurd,
Once it is without doubt realized that the enigma of awareness is immeasurable.

* * * *
Death is the outcome of every existence.
No need for hope nor faith nor any creed.

* * * *
The ceaseless quest for knowledge will continue to multiply in every possible way
In accelerating exponential fashion, until its zenith is one day reached.
Until Incarus and his wings of wax soar too near the sun,
And the inevitable dystopian reality comes to pass.
And much that was, will be forever lost, forever forgotten.

* * * *
The mirror-mirror-on-the-wall belies the fountain of youth within.
What choices are there but to either be the fool or play the gray?

* * * *
The body is but a part, a fraction.
You are whole, you are one,
You are all and none.

* * * *
We are all just actors here; players, thespians,
Automatically, spontaneously, extemporaneously,
Playing out the perceived, imaginary, temporal roles
Nature-nurture has patterned us to believe real and true,
But really no more real and true than any man in the moon.

* * * *
Beginning becomes end; end becomes beginning.
Wax becomes wane, wane becomes wax.
Rise becomes fall; fall become rise.
Flow becomes ebb; ebb becomes flow.
Cause becomes effect, effect becomes cause.
The dream of time is the play of waves ever roiling.

* * * *
​ The Fates: Clotho (Spinner), Lachesis (Allotter), and Atropos (Inflexible),
Will transport you wherever, however, whenever they will,
No matter your fruitless efforts otherwise.

* * * *
The rational man, the irrational man,
The brilliant man, the obtuse man,
The kind man, the unkind man,
The wise man, the daft man,
The good man, the bad man,
The strong man, the weak man
The flexible man, the stubborn man,
All end up in the same dusty graveyard.
No one matters near as much as they think,
And if you must think, must ponder, think well.

* * * *
Are you here now? Are you there now?
Or are you everywhere and nowhere now?

* * * *
Perfection in consciousness is but an ideal.
There are pluses and minuses to practically everything,
Unless you are Mary Poppins or some other imaginary fabrication.
Only in the indivisible nothingness of eternal awareness can perfection be realized.

* * * *
Through the part, the whole is discerned.
Through the whole, all possibilities are known.

* * * *
It is the body-mind’s instinctual patterning to always seek the illusion of security,
That gradually morphs it into so many variations of fear and loathing.
To stand aloof from the herd, to stand free and clear of all,
  Is not a state, a quality of mind easily attained.

* * * *
There is life, there is no-life.
Consciousness on, consciousness off.
It is nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *
This timeless moment, equally free to all who give it attention,
Cannot be bought or sold, nor owned in any way, whatsoever.

* * * *
One Jesus was enough.
One Buddha was enough.
One Mohammed was enough.
One Shankara was enough.
One Lao Tzu was enough.
One you is enough, too.

* * * *
Consciousness is a function of awareness,
But it is up to you to discern the implication
Of that far-reaching, life-changing realization.

* * * *
The mind-body is about the consumption of its quantum dreamtime in every way imaginable:
Food, drink, sex, power, fame, fortune, spirituality, materialism, et cetera, et cetera.
A unremitting quagmire, and ultimately all much ado about nothing.
As William Shakespeare puts it in Macbeth’s soliloquy:

To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury
Signifying nothing.

* * * *
No looking backward, no looking forward.
Only now, each and every moment indivisibly emanating.
How fucking amazing is that? And the essential you its inexplicable source.

* * * *
Every human culture across time, across space,
Requires a great assumption, a great lie, at its foundation.
From that center, every tribe renders all decisions.

* * * *
To be born into manifest existence
Is to live in the realm of agony and ecstasy,
From which the only exit is death.

* * * *
The danger with any weapon, any arsenal, is the temptation, the longing to use it.
Rattle that saber long enough, and sooner or later someone’s going to pull theirs out.

* * * *
Anger – annoyance, irritation, antagonism, resentment, rage – eats away at the mind-body
In ways that make liberation from its passion more and more unlikely.
Forgiveness, challenging as it is, is the healing,
The grace that leads to the unbearable lightness of being.

* * * *
The mind-body dream to which you are so attached
Is nothing more than a from-the-get-go fabrication.

* * * *
You are as well or ill
As you allow yourself to be.
Attitude is all.

* * * *
Abandon the mind and all its thoughts of identity and personality and character.
All the histories, all the narrations, all the time-bound concoctions you imagine real.
Be the awareness, the stillness,  the emptiness, the nothingness, you timelessly are.

* * * *
With its inexorable capacity for tool-making,
The human paradigm draws ever closer to its demise.
Ask not for who the bell tolls, for it tolls for we.

* * * *
Why would truth ever require meaning and purpose,
When it already is and is not, has ever and never been, will ever and never be,
All the meaning and purpose consciousness might ever prescribe.

* * * *
Feigning interest when you are not at all interested:
Ugh, the things we do for the politics of acquaintanceship.

* * * *
The confines of the mind can grow very small or very large,
Depending upon the awareness, and the consciousness it inspires.

* * * *
Wealth is not the only realm of the one-percenters.
Every medium has its winners and losers, its rulers and subjects,
And only the most steadfast, only the most determined,
Are allowed entry into the given fraternity.

* * * *
In the struggle between consciousness and awareness,
Is there a victor, or simply the serenity of cessation?

* * * *
What use does a woman have for a man who does not yield to all her persuasions?
What use does a man have for a woman when his dick no longer rules his mind?

* * * *
In every blink of any given eye,
One universe destroyed, a new one created.
How many blinks to create a god?

* * * *
Why should you, would you, ever blindly believe what you cannot discern for your Self?
Why accept another’s assertion if no convincing, tangible evidence is available?
You, scientist, have the right, the obligation, to explore any hypothesis,
Without unwarranted pressure from any individual or group.

* * * *
In conflict, there are no winners. only process,
In which the king of the hill is ever-changing.

* * * *
And why is all that knowledge, so much of it meaningless trivia, so important?
What makes it so much more valued than a mind that runs silent, runs deep?

* * * *
The exciting moment, the monotonous moment;
The pleasurable moment, the painful moment;
All witnessed by the same timeless awareness.

* * * *
The mind devours through the eyes, the ears, the tongue, the nose, the flesh.
What is it but imagination’s craving for a permanence it can never attain,
For it is but an intangible dream of the indivisible quantum hologram.

* * * *
What is the first thing the mind does many a morning
But run a check for yesterday’s chronic afflictions.

* * * *
You are that which is totality.
Why venerate any deities, any idols, any middlemen?
Why kowtow to your Self?

* * * *
Human beings across the world, across time, spend much of  their existence
Filling their conditioned minds with this and that, and that and this.
Ultimately, any story of awakening is about letting it all go.

* * * *
The awareness is without face, without body, without mind, without identity,
Without family, without tribe, without country, without world, without universe.
It is timelessly alone, sovereign and true, no allegiance known, all in one, one in all.

* * * *
No matter what happens,
The script goes on and on and on
In a seems-almost-like-forever kind of way.

* * * *
What you feed today will likely be back for more tomorrow.
What you feed today may well breed in one tomorrow or another.
The children of those you feed today may or may not expect the same.

* * * *
Nobody does anything well without practice,
And practice takes motivation and discipline, gumption and grit.
Without these qualities, nothing is accomplished.

* * * *
No, you are not going to change the ever-changing world,
This garden orb will spin on and on the same as it always has.
Your brief window of time will be just another vain, hollow flurry
In a seemingly endless emanation of vain, hollow flurries.
Our vain, hollow drama is not near as critical as we,
For whatever reason, always seem to believe.

* * * *
How challenging when you are young and vibrant,
To imagine the mortal frame someday old and feeble.

* * * *
It is only flesh and bones with a long tube running though it,
A tube that is slowly converting food and drink into shit and piss.
Essentially the same alimentary canal that runs through any worm,
Which is, by the way, is a distant cousin only a bit further back
Than the ape returning your stare at some nearby zoo.

​* * * *​
​There can only be one source,
It is a indelible mystery unto its Self,
And you are it, and it is you.

* * * *
Your personality, all you imagine yourself to be and not be, is born of desire and fear.
To be free, to abide vulnerably in awareness, you must still all thought,
And merge back into the timelessness of eternity.
To do so is to be born again into the indelible indivisibility,
Into the absoluteness, into the mystery that is prior to consciousness.

* * * *
Self imagery is nothing more than imagination’s rainbow,
A panorama of every conceivable color, or every shade of gray.
It is the awareness in which you are every moment truly born anew.

* * * *
No, there is nowhere else to be.
Here and now, in the eye of the beholder,
Is all there is, and there ain’t no more.

* * * *
The awareness, the stillness, the nothingness, the absoluteness,
The aloneness that you truly are, is as close to reality as you can get.
Residing in the timelessness of now, you are free of the senses,
Free of the swirling of mass, of vectors, of velocity,
Free of the light cavorting about darkness,
Free of the identity you are not,
That you have never been, will never be.

* * * *
Everyone’s gotta be from somewhere.
Everyone’s gotta live and die somewhere.
All just different aspects of the same mystery.

* * * *
You are this.
You are not this.

* * * *
Waking up from the dream of mind is a rare feat.
One that is not without many trips and falls,
And every variety of distracting detour.

* * * *
Existence is about adaption.
In the face of the five elements: earth, water, fire, wind, and void,
Rigidity is not an enduring strategy.

* * * *
You cannot long placate the pitiless.
Stand too close to a flame,
You will be burned.

* * * *
What is time but the assumption, the illusion, the delusion of memory,
Nothing more than the evolutionary happenstance of the neuron trail.

* * * *
The emotionally needy have a unfailing tendency
To suffocate all who attempt to placate their anguish.

* * * *
The conditioning is strong.
There is no way you can be free of it
But through becoming very still, very present,
Free and clear of all imaginary traces.

* * * *
You play but a finite form in a finite field
You only get to see, to hear, to taste, to smell, to feel,
A smidgeon of a teensy-weensy scratch of the electromagnetic spectrum,
And that in its Self is nothing of the totality you truly are.

* * * *
What is this very human need to identity with this or that?
What a thing to imagine your make-believe persona real and true.

* * * *
The real youness is prior to consciousness,
Prior to all conditioning, prior to all imaginary perceptions.
To realize the unconditional requires an abeyance
Only full attention to now can give.

* * * *
You were born again many, many times
Before imagination did a gradual sunrise in your mind,
And the rest is a history only you can know.
And everyone else the same.

* * * *
It is through scrutiny, through inference,
Through deduction, through induction, through intuition,
That you can even begin to grasp the subtlety of  the mystery you most truly are.
And in all that you discern, there is nothing to which you can cling.
You are but one gaze of the awareness witnessing all:
Omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent.

* * * *
What is any personality, any character, any ego, but the response, the reply, the answer,
The retort, the rejoinder, the comeback, the reaction, the survival mechanism,
That the winds of time in mind shaped your imagination to play out;
To enjoy, to endure, the agonies and ecstasies of existence.

* * * *
The mundane, temporal world is chock-full of mundane, temporal trials.
Meet them directly – unswervingly, openly, exactly, immediately –
And the sword of discernment will grow sharper and sharper.

* * * *
You are the timeless awareness.
Still the imaginary mind.
Be here, be now.

* * * *
Make-believe can never be real.
It is all make-believe.

* * * *
There is no saving anyone or anything in the this temporal quantum theater.
There is only awakening or not awakening to the mystery,
And living out whatever fate is in store.

* * * *
Happiness, serenity, delight, harmony, bliss, joy, ecstasy, call it what you will,
Require that you first and foremost rest easy in your own company.
That the awareness you truly are abides well in its aloneness.

* * * *
Take as little notice of what others think of you as possible,
For none of it truly matters in any ultimate way, whatsoever.

* * * *
Me, my Self, and I.
You, your Self, and you.
We are the very much the same.
There is no other.

* * * *
Truth beckons those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.
Let the true believer believe all the lies his blindness allows.

* * * *
Without the herd, without the other, you would not have the opportunity to stand quietly aloof;
To observe, to watch, to view, to scrutinize, to monitor, to study, to examine, to survey,
To witness a dream of consciousness, an imaginary theater, as only you can.

* * * *
What is popular may not be correct.
What is correct may not be popular.

* * * *
Mu is a concept of negation used in Zen Buddhism,
But explored in a variety of other traditions prior to that.
It is a term defined as "no", "not", "nothing", or "without,”
As nothing, not, nothingness, un-, is not, has not, not any.

[1] Nonexistence; nonbeing; not having; a lack of, without.
[2] A negative.
[3] Caused to be nonexistent.
[4] Impossible; lacking reason or cause.
[5] Pure human awareness, prior to experience or knowledge.
[6] The 'original nonbeing' from which being is produced.

* * * *
There is no yoke to truth.
It is the conditioning of consciousness, of imagination,
That fabricates all encumbrance.

* * * *
What is the relationship between the awareness and the quantum indivisibility?
Are they one in the same, or is awareness prior to all creation, all preservation, all destruction?
What relationship can there possibly be between the nothing and the everything?
Between the awareness observing and the energy field manifesting?
Once you discern you are not the manifestation,
What is there left to be, to do,
But whatever needs being, needs doing.

* * * *
It does not matter what you say or do,
Believe or do not believe, know or do not know,
The timeless awareness ever emanates exactly the same.

* * * *
Most human beings are quite unattractive; even unapproachably ugly.
Without clothing and accessories, and a inordinate amount of self-absorbed delusion,
We likely would have never made it out of the jungles of Africa,
Much less overpopulate the entire planet.

* * * *
​It does not matter how you are.​
​It does not matter why you are​.​
It does not matter who you are​.
​It does not matter what you are.​
​It does not matter when you are.​
It does not matter where you are.​
You are all the same consciousness.
You are all the same awareness.
You are all the same dream.
You are all the same now.
You are all the same me.
You are all the same you.
You are all the same quantum.​
Call it God, call it Buddha, call it Tao,
Call it Allah, call it Brahman, call it whatever,
You are all the same prior-to-consciousness mystery.
​If truth does not bring you the harmony of peace, nothing will.

* * * *​
​We are but a whim​ of the quantum matrix,
Players in a universe of differences
That are but vibratory illusion.

​* * * *​
History is matrix woven of ecstasies and agonies, glories and horrors,
To which the indivisible, timeless awareness has always been witness.

* * * *
The world turns and turns and turns.
The cosmos glimmers and glimmers and glimmers.
And you, unmoving witness through all eternity, through all eyes.
Naught but awareness: indivisible, immortal, immaculate.

* * * *
What an human-born absurdity to strive to be a historical footnote.
Even more so to be the title to a chapter, a book, a movie, or a college course.
And wackiest-beyond-the-pale of any and all is to be the source-point
To some obnoxious, overbearing, sanctimonious religion.

* * * *
The other cannot bring you happiness.
The other cannot bring you contentment.
You must discern them in the stillness within.

* * * *
Creation, Intelligent Design, Turtles All the Way Down, Big Bang,
Or whatever, whatever, whatever, et cetera, et cetera …
Here you are, faking whatever the best you can.

* * * *
On to the next moment: On Rudolf, on Dasher, on Dancer,
On Prancer, on Vixen, on Comet, on Cupid, on Donner, on Blitzen,
Charge on and on and on, always on into the blizzard of history’s unfolding.

* * * *
In creation, be first your own audience.
If others appreciate it, applaud it, great; if not, why care?
Draw what you want to see, play what you want to hear. write what you want to read.
Bring into manifest reality whatever it is you feel called to experience,
Whatever summons the light of your attention.
Create for your Self.

* * * *
In every mind across the manifest board,
The ethereal winds of imagination huff and puff helter-skelter
In their own little singular double-double-toil-and-trouble bubbles of space and time.
The world, the cosmos, the unicity, is ever eternally unmoved, indifferent,
To all the self-absorbed dramas of the human paradigm.

* * * *
Slime and worms and monkeys, to which we are likely cousins in one form or another.
Slimes and worms and monkeys, through which quantum stardust
Ever so inexorably evolved into you.

* * * *
What will be said and done after your departure from the theater is not for you to know,
And what is knowing, anyway, but vague perception given credence one way or another.

* * * *
It is impossible to go back into Plato's Cave and see it the same.
Downsize as you might, there is always a larger cosmos in mind.

* * * *
Your body?
Your body!?
Your body!!?
Your body!!!?
Your body!!!!?
Your body!!!!!?

* * * *
Cannot say whether or not God is dead,
But Jesus most definitely is, and whoever he was, or was not,
He was not in this mind’s eye any more or less that which is God than any you or I,
Or any other land or water or air critter, great or medium or small.
We are all equally born of the same quantum mystery.
Only the vanities pretend otherwise.

* * * *
Chicken or the egg, which came first?
Or was it some sort of  simultaneous combustion
Of a mitosis mutation in a slimy puddle of the ancient long ago?

* * * *
But for the mind caught in its own snare, its own vice, its own egocentric notion,
There is no sure, no clear, no particular way anyone or anything must be.
The indelibly indivisible quantum mystery this all is, this all is not,
Is without any principle or meaning or purpose, whatsoever.

* * * *
If you have turned to hope to solve a problem,
Then it is likely already well beyond too late.

* * * *
The many branches of science, whether natural or social,
Are all founded on the study of the nothingness of stardust.

* * * *
There are consequences to everything under any given sun,
And we have all likely done so many things, so may ways.
And payback, well, she’s a raving-mad bitch on steroids.

* * * *
The moment is ever-fresh, ever-anew,
But are you clear enough, attentive enough,
To imbibe fully the eternal upwelling?

* * * *​
How shallow and meaningless it is to crave the attention of others.
What is the point of fame, of notoriety, if you do not know your Self?

* * * *
The mortal persona that you imagine you are
Is in the all-seeing awareness of totality gazing out
Through the quantum senses into a quantum hologram.

* * * *
​Rationality decries and derides irrationality,
But what of the unknown prior to consciousness,
Where all rhetoric becomes absolutely meaningless.

* * * *
To die to the world, to die to the garden of temptation,
Is the most arduous challenge you can ever un-imagine.

* * * *
What would this garden world become if humankind could just throw out all the memes:
Political, economic, religious, philosophical, cultural, and start all over again.
Can anyone even begin to envision what that mindset would be?
Would we, could we, truly create anything different?
Is it not obvious the monkey mind
Is too entrenched in all its emotional passions,
All it imaginary impulses, to ever evolve from its jungle of origin.
The fate of our kind, of the world, of the universe, is etched in the sands of quantum.

* * * *
How meaningless all speculation.
“Tis but chatter of a busy mind.

* * * *
Food, alcohol, drugs, and other substances,
Are the oft times wayward partners to alternative states of mind.
Sometimes happier, sometimes sadder, sometimes just distracted for a few gobbets of time.

* * * *​
There is only one source, one creation, one soul, one quantum.
Only consciousness imagines its countless splinterings real.

* * * *
No matter how aware any you in any human form might be,
We are all caught up in every variety of habituated thought and action.
When dealing with minds going round and round in dysfunctional circular loops,
Well-intentioned advise and support are generally futile and exhausting.
How many times any well-meaning Samaritan gives it a go,
Is always dependent on the level of sainthood
To which s/he feels committed.

* * * *
Even the most enlightened, the most liberated, the most blissfully nirvanic,
Must endure the capacities and limitations of the given genome,
And the time and circumstance into which it is cast.

* * * *
Humankind has always been about making into its own image, into its own imagination,
That which has no image, that which is eternally faceless, that which is eternally nameless.

* * * *
Pretend each and every moment is your last.
In a very subtle way, it most definitely is.

* * * *
Very challenging to participate in the world, and not get drawn in believing it all real.
The conditioning, the habituation, is strong, and the mind weak and easily distracted.

* * * *
Cause and effect: What difference, really,
When each is every moment becoming the other.

* * * *
Are you required to contemplate the world, to reflect upon the human paradigm?
Or is it merely the repetitive groove, the arduous furrow, of an educated, cultivated,
Indoctrinated, habituated, programmed, conditioned, brainwashed frame of reference?

* * * *
When as a child someone asked you
What you wanted to do when you grew older,
Did they by any chance ask what you did not want to do?

* * * *
You have never seen your own eye, nor any body part out of its view.
You are the mystery peering out from the unknowable unknown.

* * * *
Everything has its little slice of now,
Which it must enjoy or endure,
Or perish in the attempt.

* * * *
All creatures from great to small have the same awareness as you.
It is only consciousness that endlessly fabricates the notion of duality.
It is only consciousness that continually divides youness into me and them.
It is only consciousness that deludes itself separate from the indivisible.

* * * *
Without all those memories, without all that knowledge,
Without the collusion of all the myriad others around you,
Who-what-where-when-why-how would you have ever been?
The quantum feast is an indivisible creation of intelligent design.

* * * *
The newborn knows nothing of space and time, knows nothing of any other,
And it is the longing to rediscover the timeless birthright, the no-mind of awareness,
That calls cosmic seekers few and far between to quest without and within,
Until they are reborn into the stillness of eternity’s quantum womb.

* * * *
Why be a true believer in anything or anyone?
Why allow the slaves of ignorance access to your mind or body?
Why trust any mass movement to take you anywhere you cannot get on your own?
Let the one-percenters and their minions wage their own wars.
Let the corporate empires fall on their own swords.
Let the creeds play out their dogmas.

* * * *
Everything you think you are, everything you believe the cosmos to be,
Is nothing more than a subjective, haphazard collection of vague perceptions
Imprinted throughout the brain: a neural transmitter of evolutionary confabulation;
Organic fiber bundles firing this way and that; a lightning storm blazing away inside a skull.
You are nothing more than a figment of imagination perpetuating a delusion.

* * * *
Yes, there is a god, and, no, there is not a god,
And it is, and is not, what you or anyone else thinks.

* * * *
Is it any wonder so many across the board of human existence
Mitigate their mundane existence utilizing whatever escape is available?
Whether it be religion or sports or politics or drugs or soap operas or any whatever,
The suffering of consciousness, of sickness and injury and aging and dying,
Is a burden all humans equally shares, no matter the given lot.

* * * *
It is the awareness of the light within that shines out upon the world, upon the universe,
But it is consciousness that invents your version, your account, your interpretation,
Your translation, your rendition, your exploration, your understanding, your conclusion,
Of all the myriad experiences that come and go within the sensory perception of the given vessel.

* * * *
Wealth is a state of mind: What is too much? What is too little?
You never know, you might well be the richest soul in all creation.

* * * *
When the Humpty-Dumpty of humankind falls,
What will be born of whatever pieces remain?

* * * *
Population contraception, either female or male versions, will never happen on a large scale,
Because the one-percenters and their minions always require new slaves to work the mines.

* * * *
Digital warriors fight glorious crusades in the wee dark hours,
But only rarely know one end of the hammer from the other
During the bright of day to which they only midday wake.

* * * *
Eternal awareness is the state
Of those who have shed name and identity,
Of the rare few who bear no memory of that needing none.

* * * *
Many if not most likely estimate themselves brighter-greater-higher than they truly are
In the many caste systems in which all play out their brief flames of mind,
And it is only the insight of wisdom that tempers the vanity.

* * * *
Many others might say and do many things regarding the awakening within,
But there is no authority; it is you who must alone discern the authorship.

* * * *
That’s done, that’s done, and that’s done, too.
When nothing is done, ​nothing is ever left undone.
In the watermelon sugar of time’s imaginary notions.

* * * *
Delve into the aloneness you truly are,
Have always been, will ever be,
In the prior to time.

* * * *
You know because you agree to know.
You esteem knowledge because your conditioning
Has disciplined you to commit to memory minutiae unending.
It is the underpinning of all identity, and commotion and spectacle unending.
The human paradigm in a nutshell.

* * * *
All the faces, all the bodies,
All the shapes and sizes and seasons,
All the myriad difference of every genetic roll,
All the same essence, all the same origin.

* * * *
Fresh from the given womb, a filament of consciousness is cast into a windy dream of time,
Where sickness and injury and aging and demise are but a relatively few breaths down the road.
What is there to do but to live it out, to enjoy, to endure, as best as the kaleidoscoping moment allows.

* * * *
The sons and daughters of man and woman,
Are but the progeny of slimy microbes and scampering critters
In the oceans and geographies of long, long ago.

* * * *
Victory and defeat, success and failure,
Right and wrong, good and bad,
Same thing, different daze.

* * * *
What will come of minds raised by software born of mind?
What will come of minds immersed in digital algorithms,
In which nature is little more than a few lines of code?

* * * *
The entire human paradigm
Is but a bare scratch of earth’s history,
And far, far less in the cosmic genesis before that,
And who can ever know how many more creations before that.
Turtles all the way down does not even remotely grasp
The depthless depths of this boggling mystery.

* * * *
Paying close attention to the cosmos without
Leads to an equally sharper vision
Of the awareness within.

* * * *
What is yours, what is not yours?
Is it your light that shines upon the world, or is it one light discerning all.
And where does the light go when the curtain of darkness falls?

* * * *
The quest for truth, the quest for eternal nature,
May be less about discovering something else,
May be less about experiencing some higher state,
Than it is simply unchaining from everything imaginable.

* * * *
You need not believe in anything, you need not believe in anyone.
The human drama is bursting with a ceaseless array of empty assumptions,
Steeped in endless cravings for, and endless fears of, all things known and unknowable.
There is no respite, there is no serenity, for the willy-nilly, unbridled mind.

* * * *
While some prance about one great stage or another,
The fate of most seers is to reign alone, quietly unknown.

* * * *
The quest for the eternal journeys a long and winding Yellow Brick Road,
In which there nothing is to be had, in which there is nothing is to be un-had.

* * * *
Detachment does not require effort.
It is simply letting go of what no longer matters.
Of merging back into the timeless now.

* * * *
You are the absolute nothingness of totality playing out an imaginary fabrication,
A random, subjective, arbitrary, dreamy, touchy-feely, three-dimensional, dreamtime reality.
Boggling beyond all horizons, all conceivable pales, yes, but that is just the way it is.

* * * *
Truth is not exclusive to the human paradigm,
But being human offers an opportunity to perceive it
In a way no other creature, to the best of our knowledge, can.
But it is a mighty humungous cosmos, so the jury will be out for awhile.

* * * *
Trust your Self, trust your intelligence, trust your intuition, trust your story.
Project confidence into whatever you say, into whatever you do,
Even if you do not know what the hell you are saying,
Or what the god-damned hell you are doing.
Fake it all the very best you can.
Everyone else is, too.

​* * * *​
​It is a world of causes, it is a world of effects,
​It is a ​world of ever-streaming ​consequences,
And free will definitely a debatable assumption.

​* * * *
The mind seeks solutions, clarifications, explanations, remedies, resolutions, results, antidotes, cures;
And many if not most minds will create one answer or another if one is not easily available.
Hence the proclivity toward assumption, superstition, prejudice, stereotyping,
And all the other numerous varieties of delusional cogitation.
To be rational is to stand alone, aloof from the resolute cloud of ignorance.

* * * *
You have got down all the right-sounding wordplay,
But is it just a good memory, or have you really got it?

* * * *
Thought is but the puff of quantum,
Which the awareness you are need not give weight
If you cultivate the wit to pay attention.

* * * *
Beg forgiveness to who?
And for what?  And why?
For being born?  For enduring?
For playing out the given moment as best you could?
Why crucify yourself for something you did not ask for in the first place?

* * * *
What is aging but a list of possibilities growing daily longer,
And the bag of capacities, the bag of tricks, daily shorter.

* * * *
A mind slathered in superstition is a mind born of groundless, irrational, illogical dread.
The scientific mind is a courageous mind bent on rational investigation
As far as the theater of quantum mind and body allow.

* * * *
History tends to forget all but the most key players,
But in every story ever written, in every story never written,
However grand a part, however trifling a part, each and every one
Has been center stage in their own version of the play.

​* * * *
If you were completely on your own,
Would it have ever occurred to you to imagine some deity?
If you had no other mythological influence, no other source other than your own eye,
Would it have occurred to you that you were in any way separate
From the here now​ playing out all about you?

* * * *
No one sees the world, the universe, the same,
For there are as many worlds, there are as many universes,
As there are senses to glean, and minds to discern.

* * * *
What does the human paradigm demonstrate again and again,
But that nothing is as truly important as imagination ever seeks to deem it.
Even the so-called spiritual quest is ultimately an à la mode absurdity.

* * * *
Truth is not an emotional heart state, nor is it a intellectual mind state.
The indivisible is indivisible, and the human paradigm
Is not its rhyme and reason.

* * * *
Every hero endures a sunset.
And who a hero?
And who is not a hero?
Need we ask anyone to tell us these things?

* * * *
As enlightened, as liberated, as nirvanic, as you may or may not be,
Tomorrow you will wake up from sleep's oblivion,
And begin anew all over again.

* * * *
There are advocates and skeptics and fence-straddlers in every choice.
What proposition could ever even begin to remotely please every mind?

* * * *
The dreamscape of the dreamtime is constantly changing.
What cannot adapt, what cannot abide, diminishes or perishes.

* * * *
The human species is but one of an inestimable array of life forms,
Neither greater or lesser but in its own vain confabulations.
Might may make right, but it does not refute equal.

* * * *
Are you streaming through a dream?
Or is a dream streaming through you?
Or is it neither-nor-both-one-in-the-same?

* * * *
What need to justify, to defend, your existence when you had no choice, no say, in the matter?
Why should you ever have to bother having to rationalize the inexplicableness you ever are?

* * * *
All the views involving mind and heart are the tripe of busy minds.
Only in awareness will the observer discern the truth of all things.

* * * *
Hoping makes nothing so.
One must get down and dirty in the muck of time
For the H-word to glean any reality.

* * * *
Does anything created of the human mind
Matter anywhere near as much as so many vainly believe?
How can truth be attached to anything confabulated
By the imaginary notions of consciousness?

* * * *
The splintery fence between awareness and consciousness is not easily straddled.
Sometimes you are awake, sometimes you are asleep, sometimes you are just a tad drowsy.
So in the end of all beginnings, it all boils down to: Oh well, so it goes, deal with it, get over it, move on.

* * * *
These many thoughts mean to me whatever they mean to you.
All translation is filtered through the conditioning of the beholder.

* * * *
Who is there to become?
What is there to realize?
Where is there to arrive?
When is it going to happen?
Why is there no end to questions?
How will you ever be free?

* * * *
Hate is a mind-consuming, mind absorbing, mind​-numbing, time-embracing distraction.
But, then again, isn’t everything?

* * * *
Notions, notions, notions, so many notions.
Questions, questions, questions, so many questions.
The pitter-patter-chitter-chatter of the busy mind is unending.

* * * *
Bright or dim, every living creature is center stage
To a very different, very unique universe born of its genetic coding,
Through which the same omniscient-omnipresent-omnipotent awareness in all peers out.

* * * *
How will  you ever be free if you cannot still your mind?
How will you ever be free if you cannot attend the moment fully?

* * * *
You can take the monkey out of the jungle
But you can't take the jungle out of the monkey.

* * * *
There is only the ever-present moment,
There is only the timeless awareness prior to consciousness,
And there is no need to habitually encumber it with every variety of imaginary notion
Of what was, what is, and what might or might not be.

* * * *
Making beauty ugly, and ugly uglier,
One stroke of herd at a time
On the fleshy canvas.

* * * *
What is history but a collection of ambiguous perceptions,
Superimposed as reality, oftentimes for ulterior purpose.

* * * *
There are plenty of thinkers of every sort across the world, across time,
But no matter how much they rationalize and moralize, how much they whine and moan,
The one-percenters and their minions have always held the reins.
Might makes right; always has, always will.

* * * *
Consciousness is the game awareness is forced to play
In order to survive and endure in this manifest dreamtime.
It serves no other rhyme or reason in the ultimate sense.

* * * *
How much of your life do you spend trying t​o justify your existence
To one imaginary other or another wafting about in your neuron trail?

* * * *
What is time but vague perceptions of memory cells
Projected day-in-day-out into every conceivable imaginary whatever.
That, coupled with vocal chords, opposable thumbs, two legs, and a flair for tool-making,
And, voila, a never-ending, dreamtime collusion of human scale.

* * * *
The world is chock-full of cruelty and greed.
Perhaps you will find it in your Self
To be kind and generous.

* * * *
There will never be political, economic, or social resolution to the human condition.
Consciousness itself would need to evolve into making the paradigm shift,
And that is about as likely as flying pigs or raining cats and dogs.

* * * *
Life is much easier to abide
If you adapt to the given circumstances,
Rather than always expecting them to adjust to you.

* * * *
You have seen and done and thought many things; you have worn many hats.
And none of it would have happened without the corporeal mind-body.
None of it would have happened without the vehicle of creation,
But you are not the vehicle; you are not the medium.
You are the awareness; you are the witness.
You are the source of all creation
In your temporal speck of a universe.

* * * *
The world is whatever you think it is.
The world is not whatever you think it is.

* * * *
Most human beings are mindlessly happy, mindlessly content,
With the given conditioning, the given frame of reference, the given idolatry.
To be a seer, doubt is required, and disbelief, skepticism, cynicism, are scarce commodities.
No point in trying to debate, to persuade, to convert any true believer.
All must ultimately discern truth alone in their own way.
In other words, mind your own awareness.

* * * *
Abandon all regrets, all sorrows, all doubts, all frustrations,
All qualms, all misgivings, all hesitation, all shame,
All guilt, all grief, all distress, all burdens,
They are but imagination’s torment.

* * * *
The seer’s life is straddling the blade of mind or no-mind,
Whichever happens to be casting the most binding spell.

* * * *
Wisdom is the distillation of experience,
And critical thinking, doubt, skepticism, cynicism, are the ingredients
That unveil and unbridle the discerning brew.

* * * *
Every life form has a story: some long, some short; some interesting, some mundane.
But all happening in the same timeless awareness in which all narratives are written.

* * * *
It is the same babble all across the world.
The same desires, the same fears, the same passions,
The same relationships between people and activities and things:
Male and female, families, lovers, friends, acquaintances, strangers, enemies,
Home, food, work, politics, education, theater, art, sports, hobbies, et cetera ad infinitum.
There is only one monkey in the world; one monkey, with many faces.

* * * *
Holding together your universe
Really takes no effort, whatsoever.
Whether you give it attention or not,
Whether you participate or not,
The sensory play happens.
Why so serious?

* * * *
Look left, look right, look up, look down, look all around.
Everything perceived is mind-eye’s projection: arbitrary, capricious, whimsical,
Random, chance, unpredictable; casual, wanton, unmotivated, motiveless, unreasoned, unsupported, Irrational, illogical, groundless, unjustified, personal, discretionary, subjective.
The you that you in so many indivisible moments believe you are,
Is nothing more than an imaginary creation.

* * * *
In every mind,
A different world,
A different universe.

* * * *
You may well be the richest soul in all creation
If you have the state of mind real wealth implies.

* * * *
In every mind,
A different world,
A different universe,
All very much the same.

* * * *
It is challenging enough waylaying your own arbitrary dogma,
Without being trodden upon daily by some groupthink version.

* * * *
What is the truth but the ever-present, ethereal, timeless moment,
To which memory is but a figment of imagination
Carrying on as if it were real.

* * * *
What is existence but an ever-kaleidoscoping array of colors, sounds, smells, tastes, and sensations.
A touchy-feely, three-dimensional streaming of physical and mental gymnastics
In a corporeal collection of bones, flesh, and slime,
To which the given mind
Become attached in every way imaginable.

* * * *
Speaking the truth is generally much easier to remember
Than the slew of confabulation brewed with any deception.

* * * *
In every mind, a different world, a different universe.
Every one created of the same timeless essence.
Every one the same undying indivisibility.
All alone, together, there is no other.

* * * *
It is imagination that is born.
It is imagination that exists, that enjoys and endures.
It is imagination that attaches; imagination that ascribes and fastens to this and that.
It is imagination that dies.

* * * *
A window of mind.
A window of space and time.
A window of eternity.

* * * *
What ‘Me, Myself and I’ can there possibly be,
When the ever-present, ever-churning quantum,
Stills for no creature, no form, under any sun.

* * * *
To not value learning is to miss out on the dreamtime about you.
A sturdy, profound education – robust, strong, determined –
Is the key to discerning the truth, the reality of all things,
And how they make their way in the mystery of time and space.

* * * *
Nothing new under the sun.
Nothing old, either.

* * * *
You are that awareness, that space, that emptiness, that void,
That mystery of nothingness through which quantum wanders.

* * * *
In every mind,
A different world,
A different universe.
Every one self-evident.
Every one imagined.
All alone, together.

* * * *
The tourist tours through airports, hotels, restaurants, theaters, and other idle cosmopolitan fare,
Shopping, shopping, shopping, searching for pleasure, for distraction, for completion,
Where there is naught but the hollowness of never-ending consumption.
The solitary traveler wanders with much less intention, much less hullabaloo.

* * * *
The more you want, the less you have.
The less you want, the more you have.
A simple existence is the higher road.

* * * *
Ultimately, everything is simultaneously happening at the indivisible quantum level.
Chemistry and biology are but the means by which the manifest illusion
Plays out every possible illusion, every possible delusion.

* * * *
​You may well be able to do just about anything with that finite cadaver,
But you cannot do anything to any great degree all the time,
Without the bite of some inevitable consequence,
And more than likely quite a few.
What fate, what destiny, are you crafting?

* * * *
The quantum mystery creates you, and you in return perceive it,
In whatever way the conditioning of your consciousness ordains.

* * * *
In every mind, a different reality,
A different world, a different universe.
Every one imagined real and true.
All indivisibly alone, together.

* * * *
Humankind has been playing out its pattern of dualistic self-absorption for thousands of years.
And through most, it was possible, with relatively little consequence, to pillage the world in every way.
But those daze are long over; consequences are daily becoming more apparent, more amplified.
Clean air, clean water, clean ground, seemingly limitless resources, are all plumbed out.
There is a looming wall fast-approaching: tick, tick, tick, time is running out.

* * * *
In every mind, a different reality,
A different world, a different universe.
Every one completely real, completely true.
Every one a fabrication of imagination.
Every one entirely alone, together.

* * * *
A different world,
A different universe,
A different everything,
All stitched of imagination.
All alone, together.

* * * *
You can teach regurgitation,
But you cannot convey critical thinking.
You can teach knowledge, but you cannot transmit wisdom.​
Skepticism is the rarest of commodities; it cannot be acquired by pick or shovel.
Far more precious than oil or gold or diamonds,
Its worth is priceless.

​* * * *​​
What does a rock perceive, what does it do,
And how in quantum is it different from you?

* * * *
The indivisible matrix will not even chirp a warble
When the last hominoid one day dissolves
Back into the quantum mist.

* * * *
Has any beast ever been near as wearing as our own kind?
Has any beast ever been near as repulsive as our own kind?
Has any beast ever been near as frightening as our own kind?
Has any beast ever been near as wretched as our own kind?

* * * *
The god mind is the empty mind, the no-mind of awareness.
As simple as it gets, the finale of all quixotic misadventure.

* * * *
How can you perceive Self
When there is no Self to apprehend?
The only evidence you have that you even exist
Is provided by the same imagination collecting the data.
Awareness is all there is, and even it is more than a little equivocal.

* * * *
Eating out of boredom is rarely a good idea.
Far better to take a walk, or better yet, a nap.
Perhaps you will awaken a tad more galvanized.
And if not, still no excuse to plunder the fridge.

* * * *
Fractured by imaginary notions of every possible hue.
Heal thy Self if you've will and wit enough
To see it through and through.

* * * *
Dying to time, dying to memory, dying to identity, as simple as it is,
Is not an easy thing for the ever-moving, ever consuming mind to do.

* * * *
What is complete and utter detachment
But a mind given over entirely to its natural state,
Given over to the awareness, the stillness prior to consciousness.

* * * *
Those frequently asked questions:
What is the meaning of life?
What hours are you open?
Et cetera, et alii, ad infinitum.
Dialing zero will get you nowhere.
Please excuse me while I put you on hold.

* * * *
Those who fathom eternal life abide artlessly in the ever-present moment.
To embrace the duality of space-time and all the assumptions of identification,
Is but the living death fashioned by the usurpation of awareness by consciousness.

* * * *
If you were a train engine running down the timeless track,
How many cars worth of memories would you be pulling?

* * * *
What is the best word to describe the passing of time?
Moving? Fleeting? Marching? Happening? Unfolding? Streaming?
Emanating? Projecting? Reflecting? Kaleidoscoping? Matrixing? Holographing?
The mystery that defies any and all description would likely guffaw long and hard, had it a voice.
The indivisible, ephemeral now is all there is; time is but the creation of imagination.

* * * *
The limited mind, the parochial mind, the generic mind,
Is oblivious to the truth-and-nothing-but-the-truth,
Indelibly obvious to the transcendent mind.

* * * *
The awareness you – and all that is dualistically perceived as otherness – timelessly are,
That which is prior to consciousness, that which is prior to the indivisibility,
Is without attributes, without blemish, and permeates all as one.

* * * *
What an ephemeral thing this me, this my Self, this I,
This awareness that has no bounds, no limits,
But those concocted by imagination.

* * * *
It consciousness that imagines all divisions, all boundaries, all classes, all conflict.
The singularity, the awareness, from which all things emerge, is without attributes.

* * * *
Behind every set of eyes, an unfathomable emptiness.
Peer out from that emptiness, the emptiness you truly are.

* * * *
What you truly ever are, and are not, is prior to all assumptions,
Prior to all assertions "I am this" or "I am that,"
Prior even to the most austere conscious declaration: "I Am."
The prior that is the immaculate, indivisible awareness permeating all creation.

* * * *
What if this incredible mystery, what if all of creation,
Was for nothing more than to have a variety of others to talk to
And see, hear, taste, smell, and feel a few interesting things along the way.
After all, the oblivion of nothingness is a tad monotonous.

* * * *
Every mind born anew
To wander the yellow brick road
Offered by the sensory quantum holograph
Timelessly emanating from the mystery of imagination.

* * * *
The human mind evolved to survive the savagery and hardship of its jungle origin.
To solve problems, to design tools, to fashion weapons, to politic with others in its domain.
And when it does not have families to raise, widgets to fabricate, fields to harvest, or battles to win.
There can be a tendency by drama-queen sorts to summon insoluble difficulties out of thin air.
Ergo, an overpopulated world overrun by monkey-consciousness in near-constant flux,
Much of it, inordinately, indisputably, undeniably, beyond-the-pale pointless.

* * * *
Discern it in the flurry of the world,
Discern it in the solitude of a hermitage,
Which is the greater challenge?
Does it matter, really?

* * * *
The awareness you are observes the body breathing in, breathing out.
The awareness you are observes the mind thinking this, thinking that.
The awareness you are, call it what you will: observer, watcher, witness;
Always ever-present, always motionless, always changeless, always ageless.
An eternal mystery traveling dreams of time in mortal patterns of every hue.

* * * *
We must surely be of the same source,
Else the duality, the plurality, the intangibility,
Would schism as beyond all reckoning
As it is before all reckoning.

* * * *
Quantum is the building block, the source code,
And awareness, through consciousness, the designer,
Gradually awakening through eons of creative evolution
To the insoluble mystery of its inexplicable source.

* * * *
The awareness you truly are is not bound to any form or identity.
The inexplicable mystery which is indivisibly, irrevocably, undeniably, irrefutably, indelibly alone,
Gazes out through two eyes, listens through two ears, smells through two nostrils,
Tastes with one tongue, and feels through a maze of nerve endings.
The you that you pretend to be in this quantum play,
Is but a temporal sensory universe,
A dream born of imagination.
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *
Most hunger in the affluent geographies of the human paradigm
Are about the tongue and the mind’s gluttony for more.
The eyes, the ears, the nose, the flesh, follow suit,
But have far less clout on the ever-expanding waistline.

* * * *
The chronicles of human history have as much chance of surviving as we do.
Do not assume the aliens will bother with writings and ruins
Once the protein source has disappeared.

* * * *
The religions and cults of this or any other garden world,
Are fashioned of the mind’s ceaseless yearning for more and still more,
And are but inconsequential variations of that which is so much more, so much less,
Than anything but pure awareness of the awareness can ever attain.

* * * *
It is through one Self-absorption or another that all things indivisible are discerned.
There is no other way that the boundless can be fathomed but through limitation.

* * * *
​Are you a body? Are you a mind? Are you a soul?
A face? A brain? A heart? A lung? An arm? A leg? A foot?
Are you all of these? Are you any of these?

* * * *
Eternal life is awareness of the awareness.
Enlightenment is awakening to the awareness.
Liberation is wandering the awareness.
Nirvana is being the awareness.

* * * *
For every up there is a down; for every down, an up.
The passionate mind is a many-faced, intemperate beast,
In comparison which, the weather can seem somewhat tame.

* * * *
What is the body-mind but a tool evolved to survive, to endure.
Happiness is an occasional abundance of pain-relieving endorphins,
Between the pitiless waves of pain and suffering on the road to extinction.

* * * *
Always best to look any gift horse in the mouth.
You never know what bother might be lying in wait.

* * * *
How can there be karma if you are nothing more than the eternal moment?
Karma is nothing more than yet another imaginary notion
Playing in the smoke of the given mind.​

​* * * ​*
What is the soul?  What is not the soul?  Is there a soul?
And, if there is, is it anything that can ever be grasped?

* * * *
That which is real, that which is true, at first calls in many ways from without,
But for those singular few who have eyes to see and ears to hear,
Eventually makes Self timelessly apparent within.

* * * *
Like water that follows the call of gravity,
Supply will always seek a way to meet demand.

* * * *
You are the same timeless mystery that was before creation
As you will be after it timelessly dissolves back into
What you have and have not ever been.

* * * *
Here you are right now.
This is where you breathe in and breathe out.
This is where you sit, walk, run, eat, piss, shit, sleep; observing all the while.
Why are you thinking about yesterday, about tomorrow?
They are not here now; they do not exist.

* * * *
Divining the divine, discerning the mystery of all mysteries,
Can be a long and winding journey, replete with every agony, every ecstasy,
In which those few who earnestly quest it eventually become it.
Some call it god by many names; mine is quantum.
That which has no name, endures all.

* * * *
Creation is the awareness, through quantum stardust, evolving from atoms into molecules,
Mutating into genes, into cells, into life forms, playing out consciousness
In whatever way the patterning of the mystery allows.
And the one and only you, the real you, always the witness.

* * * *
Soul |sōl| noun … is defined as the spiritual or immaterial part
Of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.
Part? What part? How can it be a part?
Let us not confuse that which is indivisibly, immortally eternal
With the imaginary personality, the trite character born of time-bound consciousness.
Let us not fall into the egocentric trap that its ephemeral nature
Is anything that is in any way exclusionary.

* * * *
To be that which is prior to consciousness,
To be that which is but unending awareness,
To be that which is nada-nil-zilch nothingness,
To be that is to be the eternal unicity in all:
Omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent.

* * * *
Conscience, scruples, principles, standards, values,
Ethics, ideals, virtues, integrity, morality, right and wrong;
Pillars of civilization for those who have a full belly and a safe harbor.

* * * *
What if you knew today is your last,
But have no idea where or when or why or how it will happen.
How will you live it? Where will you go? What will you do? Who will you see? What will you say?

* * * *
Where would time be without stars and sun and moon?
Without the tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock of clocks on walls?
Without ever-changing digital numbers scribing silent screens?
What is time but a mind-made collusion pretending eternity is real?

* * * *
Never an easy task to re-condition, re-habituate, re-acclimate, re-orient,
Re-train an old dog, whether of the four-legged variety, or a mere two.

* * * *
Humankind is the alien species on this spinning world,
Acting out as terrifying a Twilight Zone screenplay
As any science fiction writer could ever conceive.
Pity all the beasts who have suffered our rise.

* * * *
When you were young, time did not exist because there was no history
Against which to ruminate, to evaluate, to estimate, to duplicate, to reflect,
You were free of the weight of mind, of ego, and all the bother of self-imagery.
To discern that state of rejuvenation, to throw off the yoke of time, is the challenge.

* * * *
The unbearable lightness of being is, well, unbearable, in a topsy-turvy-
Inside-out-backwards-upside-down-right-side-up-convoluted sort of way.

* * * *
What to do when you quickly or slowly realize that none of it really matters.
Albert Camus stated: There is but one truly serious philosophical problem and that is suicide.
Jiddu Krishnamurti’s answer was a little less ominous: Do whatever amuses you.

* * * *
Meld, mix, merge, blend, fuse, combine, amalgamate,
Melt, mingle, disappear, dissolve, fade, vanish, evaporate, disappear, dissipate,
Mend, set, bond, join, restore, integrate, unite, heal,
Into the oneness you truly are.

* * * *
Be grateful to all the one-percenters and their minions for working so hard,
Building their castles, climbing their mountains, fighting their wars, counting their gold,
So that you can wander about their busy-busy world in a state of mind as infinite as awareness allows,
Far more often than they in all their mansions and jets and yachts and limousines.

* * * *
The tipping point of the human epoch is long past,
And all born here on must endure the ride ahead
In whatever way the wagging winds of time blow.

* * * *
… awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness …
… awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness …
… awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness …
… awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness …
… awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness …
… awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness …
… awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness … awareness …

… Ad infinitum …

* * * *
In the tale “The Emperor's New Clothes,” a tale of a vain king swept up by a deceitful notion,
The young child, too young to understand the desirability of keeping up the pretense,
Cries out the truth no one else dared: "But he isn't wearing anything at all!"
And if you step back a bit, you will clearly see the human paradigm
Is based entirely on the vanity-vanity-all-is-vanity trickery of consciousness,
An imaginary dreamtime reality to which eternal truth has no allegiance, whatsoever.

* * * *
Born of an intangible, indelible, ineffable, indivisible mystery,
Over which we have little or no say, little or no control, little or no anything.
We are all alone, together, playing out our whimsical little fates
Which ultimately have no meaning, whatsoever.

* * * *
Most prefer one lie or another,
So the question for anyone who would lead
Is whether to feed them falsehoods they willingly follow,
Or the truths they will without hesitation ignore.

* * * *
Why identify with anything or anyone?  Why belong to any group?
Wander empty, wander anonymous, wander absolute, wander free.

* * * *
What makes anyone follow?  What make anyone lead?
Is anyone really worth following?  Is anyone really worth leading?
Where is there to follow?  Where is there to lead?

* * * *
Whether it is a rock, a statue, a painting, a concept, or flesh and blood;
Whether it is Persian, Greek, Roman, Taoist, Hindu, Buddhist, Celtic, Aztec, or any other;
Idolatry is idolatry is idolatry.
Just because it is your cultural construct,
Does not make it any less narrow or false or absurd.

* * * *
How can anyone look out at this overdone once-upon-a-garden world,
And think it progressing simply because there are daily more human beings,
Daily more buildings and roads and technologies and unending clutter?

* * * *
Is there really a universe, a cosmos jam-packed with galaxies?
Or simply an indivisible matrix, an awareness,
Timelessly dreaming a universe?

* * * *
Every Rome will fall one day or another; lucky if it’s not on you.
And if it does, oh-well-so-it-goes-deal-with-it-get-over-it-move-on.

* * * *
If you can imagine anything, without having to act everything out,
You will have an interesting, stimulating, easy-going existence,
With far fewer consequences to play out in the long run.

* * * *
The stream of consciousness is everything
From shallow and wide to deep and narrow,
From slow and tranquil to swift and untamable,
And meanders every variety of course across all time.

* * * *
To give your self completely over to the awareness,
Is to be free of conditioning, witness to the dream.

* * * *
What is the point? What is not the point? And why does there even need to be a point?
But for the obsessively driven genetic predisposition of the human mind,
There would never have even been the meaningless conception,
That in all of creation there was such a vain beast.

* * * *
We are all the same inexplicable, indivisible, immortal quantum essence.
It is consciousness that conceives every imaginable difference.
There is, has never been, will never be, any other.

* * * *
So many regrets, so many things you would do differently, or likely not at all.
Would that there were more of a rewind button than mere imagination.
But, then again, what regrets would there be but for imagination?

* * * *
Is the time born of consciousness
Anything more than the creation of desire and fear,
Indelibly imprinted in the genetic code?

* * * *
Melding with truth cannot be forced.
Effortlessness is the way to the way.

* * * *
You are awareness: nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.
Everything else is but the endless confabulation of imagination.

* * * *
In the wrestling match between nature and human consciousness,
It is not all that arduous to predict which will inevitably triumph.
Malthus was only off by a relatively few cycles of the given star.

* * * *
What a beast, deoxyribonucleic acid, in its mindless quest for immortality,
That it would relentlessly persist in propagating consciousness
Into so many hazardous, torturous circumstances:
Ailments, illnesses, infections, viruses, syndromes, diseases,
Maladies, disorders, accidents, disasters, misfortunes, catastrophes,
Mishaps, malaise, mayhem, turmoil, havoc, bedlam, anarchy, pandemonium,
Calamites, conflicts, and every other sort of indescribably painful whatever ad infinitum.

* * * *
And the moral of the story of the human epoch,
And its imaginary stream of consciousness
Through all its myriad mortal filters,

* * * *
The predator’s fang and claw, the prey’s swiftness,
And the untamed, brutish, Darwinian wild between.

* * * *
You might become excruciatingly aware of your conditioning,
Your indoctrination, your habituation, your domestication,
Your brainwashing, your programming, your encoding,
But whether or not you can fundamentally change it,
Is an experiment you must investigate very much alone.

* * * *
What is normal?
What is not normal?

* * * *
You think there is point to all this absurdity?
Well, no, there is not, there never was, there never will be.
It is simply an emanating, kaleidoscoping, hologram of pointlessness,
Seemingly destined to play out until there is absolutely nothing left to play out.

* * * *
If not today, maybe tomorrow.
If not tomorrow, maybe the next day.
If not the next day, maybe the next, or the one after, or the one after that,
Or maybe never.

* * * *
The senses created the illusion of time,
And time created the mind.
A quantum circle.

* * * *
What is desire, what is fear,
But the projection of possibility into time,
Given the weight of passion.

* * * *
Love and compassion, animosity and indifference, or some conduit between,
Or perhaps what equally, indifferently permeates them all:
The equanimity of pure awareness.

* * * *
The nowness that you perceive, the nowness to which you cling,
The nowness that you every moment spin into your dream of time,
Is already nothing more than the ephemeral ash of imagination.

* * * *
Always curious how humans rationalize any given scenario differently,
Depending on whether or not it is their tribe, their team, their view, their anything.
Yet another monkey thing playing out the given egocentric-ethnocentric-geocentric-solarcentric;
The me-myself-and-I around which the entire human paradigm ceaselessly orbits.

* * * *
Purpose and meaning and all the passions of vanity are overrated.
Only in unmitigated detachment is there any resolution to the human absurdity.
Stop knowing, stop caring, stand alone, wander alone, absolute and free.

* * * *
Except for their physical presence,
Those who have died are as much with you
As they were when they were alive.
It is all the play of mind.

* * * *
Where are you in the ever-present moment,
But the neural theater of consciousness, of imagination.
That play of mind that you believe, that you assume, real and true.

* * * *
Science can never measure more than the kaleidoscoping veil of the electromagnetic spectrum.
The immeasurable is immeasurable, no matter how intricate the veneer technology might weave.

* * * *
Wear a “kick me” sign, give others a button to push,
Guaranteed more than a few will get great joy
Launching a firm kick as they push it.

* * * *
You are as short as you are tall, as tall as you are short.
You are as small as you are large, as large as you are small.
You are as weak as you are strong, as strong as you are weak.
You are as ugly as you are beautiful, as beautiful as you are ugly.
You are as stupid as you are smart, as smart as you are stupid.
You are as foolish as you are wise, as wise as you are foolish.
You are as unreal as you are real, as real as you are unreal.

* * * *
How can you prepare for death
But by living every moment as fully as possible.
Death is in the living.

* * * *
Scientists are explorers of the mysterious unknown, of the perpetual enigma,
Using ever-evolving technology to fathom beyond the limits of the sensory panorama,
Yet restricted all the while, by the conditioned mind through which they perceive,
Through which they futilely measure but a veil of that which is immeasurable.

* * * *
How far is far? How close is close? How large is large? How small is small?
The elephant asked the mouse, who answered, “Even God does not know.”

* * * *
All speculation shall hereby cease and desist,
And all well-meaning witnesses shall from here on refrain,
From any further mentioning, any further hinting, any further pretending,
About anything of the esoteric that they do not, cannot, know.
They shall be silent and keep counsel to themselves,
That the thistles of the world might declaw,
And the age of humankind carry on
In a more agreeable manner.
Pfft, yeah, right, sure.

* * * *
Unify within and without until within and without dissolve into a stillness
In which the boundaries, the movement of imagination, disappear.
And the harmony of the manifest becomes Self apparent.

* * * *
Another day of the blissful nirvana
Of shopping-shopping-and-still-more-shopping,
For more of what likely was never ever needed in the first place.

* * * *
Awareness peers out from the empty stillness through the filters of consciousness,
Which tailor the world, the universe, to its own conditioned, self-absorbed design.

* * * *
In consciousness, you are a human becoming.
In awareness, you are a human being.

* * * *
What is death but one day not waking up,
And the ripples of corporeal existence ceasing to emanate
Into whatever portion of the universe your given dreamtime played out.
Whether or not you had great or little impact thereon out is not for you to ever perceive.
Only the omniscient-omnipresent-omnipotent quantum unicity witnesses all,
In the awareness, the nothingness, the oblivion, that is and is not.

* * * *
Another moment transforming into yet another vague memory
In the baggage train of mind and all its vain perceptions
Of your so-called life and the human collusion.

* * * *
To put behind you all paradigms consciousness might concoct,
Is to expand into a state of sovereignty no finite mind can grasp.

* * * *
Eternity whisks away every footstep without thought, without remorse.
Only the sensory mind bound to the dream of time imagines any of it real.

* * * *
Wisdom is the distillation of all the ecstasies and agonies
That have brought you to this point in the eternity of time.

* * * *
We all have many things that draw us, many interests that lead us down our long and winding road.
It could be family or friends or community or work or politics or religion or business or ivory tower
Or creativity or nature or travel or cooking or shopping or sports or current events or heroic causes
Or sex or gambling or drugs or lying or cheating or stealing or wreaking or blathering incoherently,
Or merely perching day after day in front of a television or computer, or in taverns and coffee shops.
The scroll is as long as imagination allows – we experience many things in our given windows of time.
But as our dream streams on, as we grow older, our diversions, our amusements, slowly whittle down,
And whatever it is in the end that drums most loudly in our mind’s eye will be the capstone of our fate.

* * * *
Challenging as it may be to detach
From the many pleasures and pains body and mind tender,
The ultimate reality is that nothing ever actually touches the immortal you that you truly are.
Imagination has always believed itself more real than it can ever be.

* * * *
When it comes down to the nuts and bolts of this whodunit,
It is what it is, nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.
Nothing that anyone believes about it truly matters.
It is all the same grist; it is all the same mill.

* * * *
Quibbling over evolution, quibbling over chromosomes, quibbling over anything,
Does not change the most essential, the most indelible, the most indivisible truth,
That it is all connected, and that its origin and means will forever be a mystery.

* * * *
All things are equally the creation of the entirety; none are more or less.
Even discerning it does not give any more quantum standing.
To lay any claims is naught but hollow prattle.

* * * *
There is me, and there is Me.
There is the you that is separate, that is different,
And there is the You that is the same as Me.
One imaginary, the other real and true.

* * * *
The passions can be a heady mix of emotions, often impetuous, barely controllable.
From Wikipedia, a list of the A-to-W ways it can play out in any of us: affection, anger,
Angst, anguish, annoyance, anticipation, anxiety, apathy, arousal, awe, boredom, confidence,
Contempt, contentment, courage, curiosity, depression, desire, despair, disappointment, disgust,
Distrust, ecstasy, embarrassment, empathy, envy, euphoria, fear, frustration, gratitude, grief,
Guilt, happiness, hatred, hope, horror, hostility, humiliation, interest, jealousy, joy,
Loneliness, love, lust, outrage, panic, passion, pity, pleasure, pride, rage, regret,
Remorse, resentment, sadness, saudade, schadenfreude, self-confidence,
Shame, shock, shyness, sorrow, suffering, surprise, trust, wonder,
Worry, and who knows how many honorable mentions
In the hard-wiring of the jungles of long ago.
We are the Planet of the Apes, indeed.

* * * *
… Breathe in nothingness … breathe out nothingness …
… Breathe in nothingness … breathe out nothingness …
… Breathe in nothingness … breathe out nothingness …
… Breathe in nothingness … breathe out nothingness …

* * * *
Is the human paradigm really any different than any petri dish lab experiment?
Any different than any microorganism overrunning its given geography
As it instinctively propagates toward its inexorable extinction.
The biological imperative will out and out, again and again, forever again.

* * * *
Awareness is the baseline of all consciousness,
No matter the manifestation, no matter the dimension.
Prior to that eternal stillness, that timeless now, naught but mystery.

* * * *
A world of causes ever-emanating into effects, and​ effects ever-emanating into causes.
A world of ever-emanating consequences, and free will ever a debatable assumption.

* * * *
It is what it is.
You get what you get.
You can only do so much with it.

* * * *
How real, how alive, can the quantum of the electromagnetic spectrum ever be,
But through the streaming mix 'n match of the given sensory theater,
And whatever delusions of imagination it orchestrates.

* * * *
Eternity does not at all careen or lurch.
It does not sputter, it does not shake.
It does not jerk, it does not​ strain.
It does not stick, it does not slip.
It does not tick, it does not​ tock.
​It does not do anything but be exactly what it is,
Which is to stream, to emanate, smoother​ than silk in every way imaginable.

* * * *
Same witness in every concoction,
Each one brilliant, each one ignorant,
In their own unique and predictable way.

* * * *
How convenient to get yourself martyred at such a brash, insolent, marketable young age.
What a foolish pretender to wander into Jerusalem thinking anyone really cared
What you had to say or do if it threatened their world in any way.
Power and fame and fortune need not be surrendered to cold, dead hands.

* * * *
What need for faith in anything?
What is faith but a form of intellectual laziness,
A lack of discerning exactness, a lack of discipline for critical inquiry
To discover the truth of this mystery for one Self.

* * * *
You think imagination reigns?
Think again, Pilgrim, think again.
It will soon be as if you were never born.

* * * *
The sense of Self exists only for as long as the corporeal mind-body is able to function
In the manner its nature-nurture conditioning has  concocted.
Its inevitable death annihilates all.
All attachment to the temporal is pointless.

* * * *
Politics, economics, religion, sports, movies, et cetera, et cetera,
Are nothing more than the yabber of minds bent on distraction.

* * * *
Death happens.
Whether in a few minutes, a few hours, a few weeks, a few months, or thousands of years,
All living creatures endure one mortal clock, one mortal conclusion or another,
And everything now living will someday find its way the graveyard.
Only the genomes, the blueprints that shape existence,
Can lay claim to nominal immortality
In the Darwinian selective breeding program.
And even then, the most hardy will inevitably face extinction.

* * * *
Do not confuse the brain that is creating this timeless manifest dream,
With the time-bound mind that is through imagination interpreting it.

* * * *
To know that which is godness, that which is absolute,
You must engage in the ever-present moment to such a degree,
As to completely forget whatever temporal role
You imagine the awareness to be.

* * * *
Eternal life is not something remembered, not something born of the mind in time.
It is merely being the timeless awareness, the timeless nowness, the timeless emptiness, you truly are.
There is nothing to become, nothing to prove, nothing to maintain, nothing to pretend.
To be in that state of timeless quietude is to be all there is to be.

* * * *
The conditioning, the habituation, the programming, the indoctrination, the brainwashing,
Is hypnotizing, mesmerizing, absorbing, enthralling, spellbinding, captivating, convincing, blinding,
How much more challenging it is to be what you really, truly are, than what you pretend to be.

* * * *
Why would anything ever have to be done in any certain way?
To be locked into any particular view is to miss the fact
That the way is forever boundless and unaligned.

* * * *
If you are a hardcore religious wingnut, a true believer of the dittohead persuasion,
What would you do if you actually met your messiah, your prophet, your guru,
And didn’t adore him, didn’t believe him, wished you’d never even heard of him?
Would it annoy you, would it wake you up, or would you just start looking for another?

* * * *
No belief, no faith, no dogma, is required.
Let go of consciousness, of thought, of imagination.
Simply be the awareness you truly are.
Simply be the given here now.

* * * *
What are the nerves – eyes and ears and nose and tongue and flesh in the human paradigm –
But the mortal tendrils to all heavens, to all hells, and all the purgatories between.
Each and every organism an entirely matchless universe unto its Self.

* * * *
Most people across the world only wake up long enough
To swallow another blue pill and push the snooze button.

* * * *
You have never existed as more than a thought.
How can the ephemeral ever-present,  the timeless instant,
The indivisible quantum, ever be alive, but through imaginary notion.

* * * *
How can a collection of self-replicating molecules –
Chemical reactions, organized matter – be called life?

* * * *
This singular instant is all it is.
There is nothing more, nothing less, for it to be.
Discern the immeasurable expanse between becoming and being.

* * * *
See it, hear it, taste it, smell it, feel it, as awareness alone, uncarved,
Without the imaginary self-perception and all its a priori attachments.

* * * *
The only law in a Darwinian world is the ability to adapt to change.
It may not be the strongest or the most intelligent that continue,
But by enabling weakness, by fostering political correctness,
Civilization assures its decline and eventual destruction.

* * * *
These writings are for the rare few inclined to fully examine the underlying form of existence.
Best stop quickly if you lack the doubt, the skepticism, the cynicism, required.
Elsewise, you might find yourself down an infinite rabbit hole
For which you have neither hunger nor aptitude.

* * * *
Vanity, vanity, all is vanity; there is no way out.
The delusion that you even think you exist is vanity.

* * * *
You are awareness, as infinitesimally small as you are infinitely large.
You are awareness, neither infinitesimally small nor infinitely large.
You are the awareness that is neither infinitesimal nor infinite at all.

* * * *
The burden of time,
The burden of history,
The burden of tradition,
Are the burden of mind.

* * * *
Does the descending spiral of revenge have any end
Without some sort of letting go, some form of detachment,
Whether through forgiveness, or simply a shrug of the shoulders?

* * * *
The absolute is absolutely indifferent
To the variable winds of agony and ecstasy
That transpire in the consciousness born of mind.

* * * *
You did not ask to be born, so why not play your existence in whatever way suits you?
To be bound by any other’s expectations, is to miss out exploring your own potential.

* * * *
Hell is in the details, and those little wonders of bother
Tend to multiply exponentially, and in accelerating fashion.

* * * *
Do not even for a moment expect others to worship your indivisible realization.
More than a few would be only too willing to slit your throat,
Or fling you into a deep-dark-dank leper’s den.
You are on your so-it-goes-deal-with-it-get-over-it-move-on own.

* * * *
Conflict is rarely spawned by just one factor, one issue, one difference,
And any win-win solution, if that is the goal in any negotiation,
Requires all parties to tether their pride to some degree.
Wrong assumptions, taking things personally, is a sure road to war.

* * * *
What need for the sanction of any other
Once you discern the mystery you truly are.

* * * *
You have played out every conceivable mythological role:
God, Allah, Brahmin, Tao, Buddha, Christ, and on and on ad infinitum.
None of them are anything more than collusions born of the idolatrous monkey mind.
Let them all go, give Self over to the eternal awareness prior to all naming, prior to all imagination.
There absolutely is no need to be, to pretend anything more than the timeless stillness,
The quantum indivisibility you are, have ever been, and will ever be.

* * * *
No, that new technology is not going to save us;
Only further postpone the Malthusian inevitability.

* * * *
Does the tiger think itself a tiger? The whale, a whale?
The shark, a shark? The crow, a crow? The snake, a snake? The frog, a frog?
The ant, an ant? The spider, a spider? The worm, a worm? The weed, a weed? A microbe, a microbe?
Or do they all merely act out the given instinctual patterns
That all this mystery’s creatures great to small
Play out in harmonized fashion; a ballet that knows no bounds.
And is humankind, despite all the pretenses of consciousness, really doing any different?

* * * *
The quantum matrix is a timeless, spaceless, immeasurable fact.
Measure it, appraise it,  in every way imaginable until kingdom come,
All you will ever calculate, all you will ever speculate, is but the veil of illusion.

* * * *
Contentment is the final challenge of existence,
And gratitude the vehicle to that ethereal conclusion.

* * * *
It took all of creation for humankind to reach its first billion,
And only a little over two hundred years to hive up toward eight billion.
No matter how we crunch the numbers, there is no happy ending to this story

* * * *
Most every human being has at least one group, one tribe with which they repeatedly identify.
It is a monkey thing for which we were hard-wired in the canopied jungles of long ago.
To stand alone, entirely free of any identification, may well be almost impossible
For all but the rarest of the rarest of the rare, and even then very unlikely.

* * * *
How insipidly tedious and stagnant so many lives are forced to become
To offset the grinding debt modern lifestyles far too often attain.
How enviable the unadorned existence of our ancestors
In their hunter-gatherer shelters and caves.
Not easy, of course, but less bother
Than striving to keep up with the Joneses.

* * * *
Despite its innumerable strengths in the quest for ultimate truths,
The scientific mind is ever-hampered by its own mortal limitations.

* * * *
The pittering-pattering of every mind,
Every moment further muddies up the world,
Inexorably caught up in the destiny of consciousness.

* * * *
Once the sensory universe convinces the mind to take its awareness seriously,
It is condemned to play an imaginary, impromptu role until death does it part.

* * * *
Physical pain and discomfort have a tendency to put a damper on attitude,
And along with watching this garden orb spiral into every sort of horror and absurdity,
Can be a substantial challenge to any Sisyphus daily rolling the boulder up the hill,
Any Atlas bothering to carry the weight of heaven and earth upon his shoulders.

* * * *
Who-what-where-when-why-how is not a teacher in this manifest play?
Family, lovers, friends, acquaintances, strangers, enemies,
All the places, all the things, all the many creatures great to small,
All the stars, all the worlds, all the moons, all the particles, speeding on high,
Do they not all give you pause to ponder on, to wonder about, anything and everything?

* * * *
The source for one is the source for all,
Which means in the ever-changing quantum theater,
All things great to small are ever consuming, ever being consumed.
It is an eternal, indivisible, kaleidoscoping, one-in-all-all-in-one, god-eat-god reality.

* * * *
Awareness, the source of all creation, knows nothing.
Self knowledge is but the imaginary fabrication of consciousness.
Without the matrix of quantum indivisibility, without the dream of otherness,
There would be no reflection, there would be no inquiry into the mystery of all mysteries.
And even in that reflection, as expansive or focused as it might be,
The inexplicable remains forever inexplicable.

* * * *
* * * *
* * * *


(Transferred to fill out the diminished ten-page blocks during
the very gradual edit underway since September 2015)

The Return to Wonder
Field Notes from the Unknown

Dedicated to all those fated to ponder the mystery
From which all things great and small
Are equally created.

The Return to Wonder
Field Notes from the Unknown
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009

World Rights Reserved


Here you are, a drop of the grand mystery,
Weighing in as best you can with what tools you have,
Still unable to fathom any who-what-where-when-why-how to it.
What can you do but be here, be now, temporal witness to the dream of time.

* * * *
If it is your calling, your fortune, your kismet, your fate, your destiny,
You will discern the me within you, the you within me, the same me,
The same awareness within and between all things great to small.

* * * *
Other than the endlessly wearing reality
That two-legged existence is politics from the get-go,
Why would it matter even one iota what any other thinks of you?
Forever alone, you must daily pretend you are not.

* * * *
Light gets in your eye; sound, in your ear; taste, in your mouth;
Touch, in your flesh; smell in your nose; a universe in your mind.

* * * *
Informal communities are a little more relaxed, a little more cordial,
A little more civil, a little less disheveled, than the more organized ones.

* * * *
How can you think
You have accomplished anything
If you have not yet discovered the unconditioned?

* * * *
The universe has been spontaneously, ingeniously crafted
That you might penetrate this point in time,
Conscious witness to the play.
The price of the ticket: ecstasy, agony, death.

* * * *
The world, the universe, the hologram, the matrix, the quantum, call it what you will,
Is in a relentless state of consumption, a constant state of fluctuation,
Unscathed, unchanged, uncaring, all the while.

* * * *
To all who caste themselves upon high, who herald themselves greater,
Know well there are many who reside on the level playing field
Who do not and will never subscribe to hollow pretense.
Might may make right, but it does not make true.

* * * *
Duality is temporal illusion.
There truly is no other.
Nor was there ever a second.
The real you has always been, ever is,
And will ever be, number one.

* * * *
Identity is but an imprisoning, painful habit,
A play of light of temporal reality,
A fabrication to which mind desperately clings.
It requires the greatest courage of spirit to journey beyond it.

* * * *
At some point playing a prescribed identity
And participating in the collusion
Becomes so insufferable
Seeking release is not a choice.

* * * *
Wander with an empty cup,
Always an apprentice, always a beginner.
Eventually, perhaps you will even do away with the cup.

* * * *
You may use a variety of drugs
To understand the relativity of consciousness,
But remember they are but tools to be consumed in moderation,
That it is the essential nature, not the medicine,
Which is being explored.

* * * *
Remember always that you are the creator of this playful illusion.
When you surrender and journey timelessly prior and beyond birth and death,
There is a growing awareness of the absolute's infinite power within.
A time to be even more wary of Maya's enticing games.

* * * *
You know only what has been agreed upon within the given cultural blend.
Beyond the echoing collusion of any mythological set,
You can really know nothing.

* * * *
Until one sees it as an illusory, kaleidoscoping theater of light,
Pleasure and pain, the vexation that consciousness is,
Will continue, oblivious to the timeless at hand.

* * * *
So what is the point?
The point is, here you are, it is all you,
Breathe it in, breathe it out.

* * * *
You know only what has been agreed upon within the given cultural blend.
Beyond the echoing collusion of any mythological set,
You can really know nothing.

* * * *
Consume whatever you will,
But always, keep a firm reign of moderation
As you ride the mad bull through all its potential consequences.

* * * *
Man and woman merge in the throws of sexual ecstasy.
In the quiet tempest of goo, two fertile eggs unite.
In the mystery of the woman’s dark womb,
In the eternal stillness before time,
The seed grows, forms into life.
Out comes an organism
Wired for a fate yet unknown
Into a universe of its own conception.

* * * *
You cannot expect, or even hope,
That many will even begin to comprehend
This inward journey you are compelled to wander.
It is a lifetime sojourn into the utter aloneness of true nature.
It is a many-are-called-few-are-chosen-fewer-still-volunteer kind of thing.

* * * *
Neither resistance nor acceptance will connect you to the ultimate state of awareness.
You must be, allow, embrace, every aspect of consciousness as a whole,
If you are to rediscover the unbound state of the newborn.

* * * *
The other creates opportunity for reflection,
Something to which many throughout time and space
Have given their lives over, most often willingly, sometime not.
It is a creative enterprise, the pleasure of which sustains beyond measure.


That little gratification, that little pleasure,
That little satisfaction, that little amusement, that little enjoyment,
That little hedonistic longing, that little decadent inclination, that little narcissistic notion,
How much do you really need it?  How important is it, really?

* * * *
Double-speakers calling the circle, square, and the square, circle.
And weary octagons forever on their own, ever out on limbs too far.

* * * *
Every moment springing simultaneously anew within the indivisible quantum matrix.
All its concoctions, all its innumerable forms, ever the same source,
Ever the same awareness, ever the same you-ness,
Ever the same boggling mystery.
How astounding this indelible Song of Godness,
This eternal eye gazing out the masks and veils of manifestation.

* * * *
Awareness is the “awakeness” of all living creations,
Of the indivisible quantum matrix, the stardust, come to “life.”
It is the eternal eye of the unknown prior to all manifestation ever-changing,
And whatever dreams they in spontaneous combustion may inspire.

* * * *
You have been filled to the brim with countless vain distractions
That are ultimately nothing more than deceptions formed of sensory illusion.
Attributes spun of random, arbitrary evolutionary happenstance,
Nothing more than nothingness playing its Self real.

* * * *
In all destinies there is an executioner, an assassin, a slayer,
Ever formed of the earth-air-water-fire of all things here-now ether.
There is no escape for the awareness you are, only an abiding endurance.
Spurn the Fates, they cannot touch you once the shadow of karma loses its hold.

* * * *
Call it what you will – soul, self, cosmos, god, whatever –
You are the awareness, not a dream of consciousness.

* * * *
At some point the fevered monopoly game runs out of new ground,
And the worn and torn infrastructure turns to gravity for resolution.

* * * *
Identity is the mistaken belief that the awareness you really are
Is at all attached to the sundry attributes of the  food-body,
Or the world of appearances through which it renders.


The universe exists because the oneness cannot do it all but through the many.
Truth is, who would ever want to revel in every ecstasy,
Much less endure every agony?

* * * *
Can you take all the pain upon which you dwell,
And cast it away in one mighty knock-down toss?

* * * *
Water flows, plants grow, birds fly, universes bang, universes crunch.
Only the mind you imagine you are daily struggles to be more or less.

* * * *
All seeds merely inherited genetic blueprints
Dutifully playing out their design.
No brag, just fact.

* * * *
If you are still looking for something, try turning your mind inside out.
Look to nothing, see what it is, see what it is not,
And that it is the just reward.

* * * *
Best deal with the fact that relatively very, very few
Really give a rat’s ass about your existence
At any relatively meaningful level.

* * * *
When the ebbing and flowing of the essence, the quantum fever, subsides,
When foreword is no longer forward, when backward is no longer backward,
When the singular awareness transcends the ever-moving tides of thought,
Where is the me-myself-and-I that believed its imaginary realm so real?

* * * *
Erase all boundaries, burn all flags, discern the common ground of awareness,
And wander your universe unburdened by the differences born of imagination.

* * * *
For consciousness to examine itself, for awareness to become aware of itself,
For the mystery to gaze into the indivisible depths of its mystery,
Is not this the ultimate raison d'être for all creation?

* * * *
How ridiculous it is to believe anyone individual can save anything or anyone,
When in the reality of this kaleidoscoping dream, there is nothing to save.
And even if there were, it would be the matrix-level synergy doing it,
Not some illusory persona wrapped in inflated self-absorption.

* * * *
What is the Bible but a poorly organized history book, laced with smatterings of wisdom,
Certainly no greater than any other so-called scripture written across this temporal orb.

* * * *
You are entirely a dream in everyone else’s awareness, and they in yours.
We are all alone together, from this shore to the farthest reaches and beyond.

* * * *
Through all creation, all preservation, all destruction,
The indivisible nothingness of totality reigns absolute.


The senses daily pull you into believing the dream real.
To greet every moment as nothing is, indeed, a challenge.

* * * *
Move beyond being merely a corporeal, temporal entity.
You are not a human being, you are not bound by any form.

* * * *
All there is to remember … Oy vey!
What a load in that head of yours.

* * * *
Earth, wind, water, fire, quantum ether.
That is all that all of this grand mystery truly is.
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *
Forget everything.
Be everything.
Be nothing.

* * * *
Awareness is a very nothing-but-youness.
What is there to think about, really?

* * * *
How many dimensions might there be?
How many ways can you cut any pie?

* * * *
Perhaps rather than calling it a redistribution of wealth,
It should be called a redistribution of compassion.

* * * *
To see what cannot be seen,
Hear what cannot be heard,
Taste what cannot be tasted,
Smell what cannot be smelled,
Touch what cannot be touched,
Now there’s the rub.

* * * *
Whether intentional or not, those who have, those who can,
Often enslave those who do not have, those who cannot.

* * * *
At some point there is really no need to even assert “I Am.”
Just being – breathing in, breathing out – is more than enough.

* * * *
It can indeed be a long and winding and oft times lonely road
Until you discern the matrix through which all time-bound linear notions wander,
Is, has ever been, will ever be, eternal aloneness unto thy Self.


How is it that you ever imagined
That your origin was ever any different
Than anyone or anything else’s?

* * * *
Filling the day with another round of nothing?
Or filling another nothing with a round of day?

* * * *
It is what it is, and nothing anyone thinks or does
Has ever mattered even one iota of diddley-squat.

* * * *
History is whatever each of us thinks it is, and much of it absurd hogwash.
Time always boils down to be here now, and enjoy or endure it as best ye may.

* * * *
What is the universe?
And what makes you believe it has ever existed
In any which-way the senses have deceived your mind into daily believing?

* * * *
The Seven Deadlies: Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath, Greed, Sloth.
The cornerstone for any narcissistic, hedonistic, Sybarite.
The perdition of any of monk-ish design.

* * * *
The one mind discerns the one in all, the one mind discerns there is no other.
What point anything but compassion, even for the most abominable.
We are all just visitors here, prisoners here, of our own device.

* * * *
The now streams indivisibly each and every moment into the next,
While the sensory mind consumes it, metabolizes it, weaves it,
Into a perception of time, which only imagination knows.

* * * *
Nobody really knows what is going on around any given corner;
How could they possibly know is happening across the universe?
Or who-what-where-when-why-how it all started in the first place?


Through the endless suffering caused by extremes,
The moderation of the middle path is discerned.

* * * *
Stop pretending to know.
You do not, never did, never will,
And no one else does, did, nor will, either.
Agnostic is the only frank assertion under any sun.

* * * *
What attachment can awareness have to anything?
Only the winds of consciousness fabricates attributes
Of every form, of every hue, of every shade of gray.

* * * *
Light is only discerned through awareness,
And awareness only possible through manifestation
In one form, one dimension, or another.
The possibilities are infinite,
But there is but one source to all.

* * * *
Is there anything not made stronger
When fashioned by a certain amount of challenge,
A certain amount of adversity, a certain amount of pain and suffering.
Of the qualities needed for survival in this manifest world,
Amorphous is likely only rarely included.


From nothingness to nothingness,
The manifest journey between naught but imagination,
And death before dying the only release.

* * * *
Best never to presume you know another’s mind,
Without figuring out what is going on in yours first.

* * * *
Evaporate the wind-blown clouds of consciousness
That swirl through the awareness you truly are.

* * * *
What have you really given your child if it does not include
Discipline, fortitude, resourcefulness, gumption, and grit?

* * * *
If you know pain, you likely know fear, and what weaves pain
But the conditioned mind that clings to its imaginary universe.


Through awareness of the other comes awareness of the no other.

* * * *
You cannot erase pain unless you deal with its cause,
And that may or may not be well beyond possible.

* * * *
At some point, it there really anything that you have to do ever again?
Seriously, how many times do you have to brush your teeth to get the gist?

* * * *
What we call knowledge is no less imaginary than any fairy tale.
Both are equal products, equal conscripts, of the time born of mind.


You are but another life form, another creature, another universe,
Ultimately as anonymous as any other Mother Gaia has ever created.

* * * *
Do you seriously believe any supreme being
Would not be bored to tears with human absurdity by now?
Likely less the absentee landlord than the gone-fishing project manager.

* * * *
It is less about what any other thinks about you,
Than it is what you think they think about you.

* * * *
Whatever bearing you take on this inexplicable mystery,
Whether the all-knowing many-faced version,
Or that all knowledge is fabricated,
Where are you left with the vision offered?

* * * *
What to do when the world and all its vanities no longer moves you,
When thought subsides and the mind is content to reside in awareness.

* * * *
How much time have you dwelled on all the inanities of the human drama?
What do you need to prove, what can you prove, to any other anymore, really?

* * * *
Always examine, always question, anything and everything closely for your Self.
To blindly accept another’s outlook as truth without a critical eye,
Is a dark and wayward road down which the mob
Has traveled times beyond counting.


What was the face of God before you were born, what will it be after you die,
But the same faceless, still awareness it has always been
In every timeless here now
Since long before the advent of stardust.

* * * *
We two-leggeds embrace a good story.
Weave a mundane shopping list into a tale,
And it risks becoming a coast-to-coast best seller.

* * * *
The cause becomes the effect becomes the cause becomes the effect becomes …
In the streamlessness-causelessness-effectlessness of it all.

* * * *
Once you own any thought, any concept, any impression,
Once any perception is added to the dynamic of your frame of reference,
The insights it reveals, mix-and-match-new-and-unique,
Double-double-toil-and-trouble meld,
Into the witch’s brew of your paradigm stew.

* * * *
None are islands in this finite, temporal, mortal dream of time.
Only in eternal awareness are all worlds, all universes, undone.

* * * *
This one and only timeless moment, are you giving it your full attention?

* * * *
You can think about this grand mystery in whatever way you wish,
Or not at all, for all that it matters.


Some get born into pondering such as these, some are found and hijacked into them,
But most of those who investigate the indelible unknown of their own accord
Must discover the way with their own blend of doubt and gumption,
And the many serendipities of the given Yellow Brick Road.

* * * *
Awareness is the only god,
The only dogma, the only shrine, the only idol, the only symbol,
The only truth anyone really needs.

* * * *
What is any story but the chaff surrounding a message, a moral,
The fruit that draws a creature to consume the kernel and convey it to new ground,
The means to draw a reader, a listener, to a conclusion, to an insight,
That may flourish, and perchance ripple further still.

* * * *
You are here now because your genetic line,
Since existence kicked off in the swampy puddle of origin,
Somehow survived, somehow thrived, at least long enough to procreate.
The consecration of patterned happenstance; nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *
Windows of agreeable health and vibrant energy are but fleeting reprieves
From the calamitous endgame that is as sure and true as sure and true can be.

* * * *
Pain is best met with a certain amount of detachment
If it is to be endured without morphing into the suffering
The human mind so effortlessly, so readily, entertains.

* * * *
You cannot force someone to like you, to give of themselves willingly.
That is of a resonation inspired by an inexplicable dynamic,
A mix of commonalities of mind, body, spirit,
That may even include vibrations at a molecular level.

* * * *
What is any word but a stagnant thing
Without the dynamic of the eternal moment
Beneath the wave upon which it surfs.

* * * *
What does any patterning great or small do
But waft through its tiny slice of matrix
For as long as its shelf life pertains.

* * * *
All these inventions we tool-makers have conceived and manifested into the day-to-day,
And many if not most feverishly straining to keep up with the beast it has wrought,
Often competing with the myriad creations as if we ourselves were machines,
But really only ending up more and more inane, more and more insane.
What are we and this dream world but victims of our own insatiable vanity.


The writings of any seers should be called just that: writings, notes, works, books.
Not scriptures, because the definition often implies some sort of authority,
And in when it comes to the unknowable, there is no such thing.
All are inquiring into the same mystery to which all have equal access.
And for anyone to claim any expertise, or some greater connection, is absurd.

* * * *
We are molecular beings inhabiting a molecular universe.
The drug-induced possibilities offered by Eden are many and varied.
How they came to be is ever a question without answer,
Other than to say, “Yay, Team Quantum.”

* * * *
Release the world in your mind,
And where are you, when are you,
But the only now that has ever been.

* * * *
Challenging to let go of vanity when the mind-body duality so inspires it
With the countless delusions that desire and fear fuel in this dream of time.

* * * *
Imagine existing in this world when it was perfectly untamed,
And you with neither claw nor fang, only mind and opposable thumb,
And an abiding, pitiless will to survive, and perchance thrive.
You are a direct descendant, the genomic outcome,
Of those who somehow persevered
From the puddle of origin to this here now.

* * * *
No one is even near as notable or essential
As so many spend their lives vainly believing.
The countless delusions of the human paradigm
Must certainly be the laughingstock of the universe,
Assuming, of course, that the universe is even watching.

* * * *
Breathe in you.
Breathe out you.

* * * *
It was perhaps when our kind began to communicate,
When we discerned that we all perceive our worlds differently,
That we began to harbor resentments and merge together as mindsets,
And in doing so, truly set in motion the dystopian endgame
In which we the descendants now find ourselves.

* * * *
To just completely, absolutely be,
At such a level as to neither assume nor judge,
Is a yogic feat of the highest order.

* * * *
The potential of concept is that the essence of many things can be clearly discerned
Without ever having to experience them in the first person
Once the frame of reference
Has the depth and breadth of an abundant life.

* * * *
The mortal coil comes into being, grows bright, dims, and expires,
Ever the same quantum essence witnessing its inexplicable nature.

* * * *
There is only one quantum dimension, one quantum matrix, one quantum soul.
Neither within nor without, neither known nor unknown,
Neither here nor there, you are.

* * * *
What will endure, what will emerge, what will reign,
After mammalian life can no longer survive this spinning garden orb
That humankind has through the twists and turns of consciousness forever desecrated?
What great kingdom would you not readily yield for a time machine
To witness Eden play out it magical mystery.

* * * *
Curiosity is one of those things that generally lessens over time.
It is the tool of the young in the sponge-time of  their lives,
The time when they are exploring, finding their way.
To daily view the universe with fresh eyes is a rare feat.

* * * *
To give attention to the ephemeral eternal moment
Is a busy-busy, measuring-measuring mind’s most arduous task.
The imaginary past and its countless projected futures stoke far too much passion
For the quietude of eternity to be allotted its true autonomy.

* * * *
The nothing and everything from which all creation does and does not emanate.
The ethereal nada’s kaleidoscoping lightshow playing out its ever-present enigma.

* * * *
The nothing special.
The nothing, special.

* * * *
Awareness has no ego, no attributes, no boundaries, whatsoever.
The imagination of consciousness, in all its dualistic notions,
Is sole source, soul proprietor, to that whimsical state.

* * * *
You know …  you know not …
You know …  you know not …
You know …  you know not …
You know …  you know not …

* * * *
How many lives, how many dreamtimes, is anyone, whether for good or ill, yay or nay,
Of any real consequence to, is a question to which no one can have answer.
Consciousness ripples, but how far, how strong, how long,
Who can even more than begin to guess?

* * * *
Sacks of shit and piss and bones and goo,
Yup, that is all we are in our inflated game, our vain diversion,
Just the electromagnetic spectrum daily playing out its impromptu theater real and true.

* * * *
What is evolution but the unknowable,
The creation, the preservation, the destruction,
The selecting, the pruning, the thinning, the harvesting,
The ever-changing nature of matter and motion, energy and force,
In the dance, the play, the lila, of eternal space and time.
An indivisible, boundless, quantum billiard table,
With neither beginning nor end nor middle,
Witnessed each and every moment,
In every imaginable way,
By the awareness you truly are.

* * * *
All the words in the world have never even once saved anyone.
All are doomed from the get-go in this terrible-swift mortal fray.


Some call it this, some call it that.
Words, words, words; sounds given conceptual overlays.
The nothingness given meaning, given purpose; identity it neither needs nor requires.
The busy-busy cacophony of the human mind’s unceasing obsession
With re-hashing everything in its own muddle.

* * * *
Black and white are but fringes of consciousness,
With everything between every shade of gray.

* * * *
Where is the demarcation between the awareness within
And the universe without, but a wall built of imagination.

* * * *
Only in the stillness of eternal life,
Of the awareness prior to all things imagined,
Is there freedom from the myriad vanities of consciousness.

* * * *
The linear mind is no match for the ever-accelerating,
Ever-morphing exponential of these our modern times.

* * * *
Challenging, indeed, for the mind to just be, given its conditioning,
And the life force at whose helm it navigate the shoals of existence.

* * * *
Of the crimes committed,
A don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy is advised.
The secret no one knows is the secret no one tells.

* * * *
Here you are now ...
Here you are now ...
Here you are now ...
Here you are now ...
Here you are ...

* * * *
The awareness is a formless sea behind the eyes.
The senses inspire consciousness to imagine a vast universe,
But it is no more than a brief dream to which mind every moment yields.

* * * *
Playing a little part in a little play is but a little smidgeon of imagination
Given over to vain notion based on a nature-nurture fiction of quantum design.

* * * *
Are you something that is something, something that is nothing,
Nothing that is something, nothing that is nothing.
Or all of the above in a sea of relativity.

* * * *
The universe is a pulsating-vibrating-kaleidoscoping-hologram-matrix-quantum theater
In which you are witness within and without the within and without
That is not, was not, and will never be.

* * * *
What a hungry thing the mind is, consciousness is, the indivisible essence is.
What is all experience but the insatiable consuming itself every moment.

* * * *
The stillness of awareness
Witnesses the clouds of consciousness come and go.
You only think you are the wind.

* * * *
You are it, have been all along,
And will be in every future-past hence,
In the forever-after-genre-milieu whatever.

* * * *
Dirtier water, dirtier air, dirtier ground.
Less food, less space, less accord.
The dystopian now unfurls.

* * * *
Desire, fear, the myriad passions of the monkey-mind in general,
Are nothing more than predicable habits, patterns born of nature-nurture,
Of genetics and the incessant winds of time playing out the vanities of consciousness.

* * * *
None of it is real, none of it was ever real, none of it will ever be real.
None of it ever more than a kaleidoscoping dream of stardust,
The quantum essence come unto the pretense of life.

* * * *
You are screwed anyway; the Reaper always hovering naught a breath away.
May as well enjoy your Self, die in the saddle, in so-to-speak cowboy parlance.

* * * *
There are those rare who dwell in the momentary awareness,
Those who dwell in discernment, those who dwell in the eternal mind,
Insight is its own law, neither bowing to authority, nor subscribing to dogma.

* * * *
Is the atheist any less determined not to believe, than the believer is to believe?
So much assertion, so much struggle, so much dwelling on so many this’s and that’s,
For nothing more than vain notion, hollow whimsy, over that which can never be known.


Just about everything you have ever seen, heard or done
May well be happening somewhere in your world in particular,
Or your imaginary quantum universe in general.
Who knows, who cares?

* * * *
A multi-dimensional tapestry,
Too inexplicable for any but god-minds
To but vaguely comprehend.

* * * *
And when you do find it,
When you do give your Self over to it,
What then, Grasshopper?

* * * *
If something is true, it can be verified by many eyes.
Subjective assertions are not the harbor of science.

* * * *
Good and evil are human concoctions.
If you believe they existed before we unleashed upon the world,
You are caught in the mire of delusion.

* * * *
Look where pretending to know
What can never be known
Has brought us,
And is taking us further still.

* * * *
What is any hell but a veil between awareness
And that which is not, never was, will never be.

* * * *
Every day another level, another tweak, of degradation.
How much longer will our little mishap in time carry on?

* * * *
Hang out in the left brain
When it is all about monkey chatter,
And the right side when stillness has the notion.

* * * *
The only difference between a big mind and a little mind
Is in the little mind's ceaseless absorption in attributes.

* * * *
What does it truly mean to be one with the oneness?
Completely free, completely alone, completely eternal.

* * * *
This universe is merely a temporary theater,
But the you that you really are is real,
Immortal, and free for all eternity.

* * * *
There is no solution
But the inevitable consequences
Of all things approached by imbalanced minds.

* * * *
Consciousness is riddled with every sort of desire,
And desire is the most worthy opponent
Of those who would be freedom
In this world or any other.

* * * *
Desire is like a hydra.
You must eradicate the beast,
Else its many heads will flower ever anew.

* * * *
Just because you are godness,
Does not mean you can break the speed limit
And always get away with it.

* * * *
Earth, air, water, fire
Are but ephemeral players,
And anything ephemeral
Is but a cloak to truth.

* * * *
No matter
Where you are,
Whenever you are,
It is really all the same,
Has always been the same,
Will ever be the same.

* * * *
Male and female in every species are wired with different mindsets.
Their interests may intersect at varying points, but never completely.


That which in the prime of youth,
You knew so well,
Is in the many years passed
So challenging to more than vaguely recall.
So many lifetimes in just this one.

* * * *
Have you ever really made anything happen?
Or is that merely the murky delusion
Of imagination’s ego?

* * * *
Just not interested
In any more dog and pony shows,
Carny acts of the manifest kind, if you get the drift.

* * * *
Consciousness will play out
As consciousness will play out.
That I Am is unconcerned.

* * * *
Challenging to play your self and your Self, too.
To eat your cake, or not to eat your cake,
That is, indeed, the question.

* * * *
What is all this accumulation, anyway?
This incessant gorging of the mind
With every sort of trivial pursuit.

* * * *
Somewhere along the line, all learn to fear.
The challenge is to somehow transcend it.

* * * *
That which in the prime of youth,
You knew so well,
Is in the many years passed
So challenging to more than vaguely recall.
So many lifetimes in just this one.

* * * *
Have you ever really made anything happen?
Or is that merely the delusion of imagination’s ego?

* * * *
Just not interested
In any more dog and pony shows,
Carny acts of the manifest kind, if you get the drift.

* * * *
What is this world, this universe, this grand mystery,
But a quantum theater born of senses and mind.
Like cotton candy spun of sugary nothingness.

* * * *
Consciousness requires your presence
To meander willy-nilly as it will,
But you, source of all,
Require nothing.

* * * *
So much gibberish.
Be done with it.

* * * *
Every life form has a unique vision
For the universe, into which they are,
From the formlessness, made manifest.

* * * *
The next game show: Name That Meme.
And a t-shirt to match: What’s Your Meme?

* * * *
Real strength, real power, is an inner confidence
That does not require effort or show,
A sword rarely drawn.

* * * *
There is ultimately nothing for which you need be forgiven.
You did not ask to be here; there is no need to pray for more.

* * * *
The unknown pervades all.
You are the mystery; the mystery is you.
That which is known is but a bubble of imaginary notion,
A dreamtime play of consciousness, nothing more, nothing less, nothing but.

* * * *
However any life form great or small may sense it,
It is ever the same quantum matrix playing its magic.

* * * *
True religion is much more than regurgitating some historic dogmatic notion,
That is really no more real and true now than it was in the way-back-when.

* * * *
Duality is a fabrication of consciousness.
In reality, there  can be only oneness:
All-pervading, all-knowing, ever-present.
The all-in-one-one-in-all quantum awareness.


The hologram born of imagination is discerned complete
When the awareness you believe a separate you
Fully realizes that its true, ultimate nature
Is the infinite, eternal oneness.

* * * *
Futility is beating your head on the wall,
Believing you can change anything
Without changing into your Self.

* * * *
To the bitter end?
Or some quick, self-determined conclusion?
Aren’t they all of the sword
By which we live?

* * * *
Yet another dogmatic, idolatrous, cultish hoax played out as religion.
Why waste any eternal breath attempting to convince others
Of that which is obvious to those who are not blind?

* * * *
You have pretended it all matters long enough.
Feel free to take a long vacation,
An eternal holiday,
From this theater of the absurd.

* * * *
What need or concern would the clayness ever have
For light or sound, form or being, thought or memory?

* * * *
Unless you win a lucky spin in some lottery, or happen upon a pot of gold,
You are not likely to get much of anything out of something
Into which you put piecemeal or no effort.

* * * *
The passions draw you out into this imaginary world.
Without their hot and cold, you are nothing more
Than the infinite stillness of pure awareness.

* * * *
What a mystery this holographic matrix,
A mirage of space and time,
An imaginary sandbox,
In which all play,
But none truly exist.

* * * *
If you wander about thinking and behaving
You are somehow superior to a wide slice of the pie,
You are more than likely in for a relatively rude awakening.

* * * *
Everybody and everything is not going to wake up,
And what does it matter, really?
If you are awake,
There is really no other needing to awaken.

* * * *
Seriously, folks,
At the fundamental level,
How can anyone really be all that different
From any other life form?
Come on,
Think about it.

* * * *
Totally, completely, absolutely, indivisibly, undeniably,
The You, you really are, have ever been, will ever be.


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